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Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures | Joining and fastening technology | Surface technology for sheet metal/plate (process-related) | Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working | Factory and warehouse equipment, safety at work, environment protection | Services, information and communication


Hall 13, Stand A17. Hall 13, Stand A21

At the EuroBLECH Exhibition 2014, 3M will present its brand Speedglas with a new generation of Automatic Darkening Filter Technology. An improved colour fastness is just one of the new features. Furthermore the new helmet adapter system Speedglas-QR will be highlighted. This new system allows the combination of numerous models of safety helmets with a Speedglas welding mask. A permanent head protection is now guaranteed. The leading company within welders’ neck up protection will also kick off for the 3M Welding Safety Award 2015, the ‘idea competition’ for improved safety in the world of welding.

ACF, Austria
Hall 13, Stand B26

Perfect cold formed corners on doors and panels instead of welding and grinding. Fast and easy corner forming with the flexible CORNERFORMER machines from ACF. New: sensitive surface corner forming on any Stainless Steel and pre-coated sheet qualities.

AGATHON, Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand D76

A family business founded in 1918, is a leading manufacturer of punching tools, standards and guide elements for machine, mould and fixture construction. Due to the great experience in the design of guiding systems, the company is a competent partner and offers, besides the products, advice on the solution of complex tasks. At the stand, a selection of innovative business activities will be presented. The products of the Swiss company stand out due to the superior material quality, highest surface finish, closest tolerances and simple assembly. Availability from stock and an outstanding price/performance ratio are other convincing characteristics.

AGTOS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B63

AGTOS shot blast technology: Always the best solution! AGTOS is the specialist for the construction and production of shot blast machines for roughening, cleaning, derust, de-scale and hardening. From the treatment of millimetre sized parts up to steel constructions of a huge size, there are nearly no limits in operational capability and dimensions. The specialist offers high-quality second hand shot blast machines as well. This is advantageous for companies who need a short-term shot blast machine or want to use a machine temporarily. In addition to spare and wear parts, AGTOS also offers maintenance, repair and modernization works on machines of other manufacturers.

Hall 13, Stand C80

At this year’s EuroBLECH exhibition AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH presents together with Air Liquide Welding arc shielding gases from the ARCAL™-series and laser gases from the LASAL™-series that offer the right solution for every welding task and materials. In the context of welding demonstrations the interaction of welding system, filler material and shielding gas will be demonstrated. For the first time the new generation of gas cylinder with integrated pressure relief will be presented. The economical supply of shielding gases will be provided specifically and individually for the customer both by gas cylinder and bundles as well as tank installations.

AIRBLAST, Netherlands
Hall 13 , Stand F83

Airblast was established in the Netherlands in 1974 to respond quickly to the ever changing demands of the surface treatment and finishing industry. Since that time, Airblast equipment has become known as the industry standard, whether the requirement is for a blasting nozzle, abrasives, stationary wheelblast machine or a complete blast room. Airblast can provide solutions worldwide through its Head Office in North Holland as well as its wholly owned offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, India and Shanghai.

Hall 13, Stand G33

Alpha-Brush Aps is a Danish company that is producing machines and abrasives for light de-burring. These flexible abrasive are designed to be used in our own machines, but can also be designed to fit existing machinery on the market. We have many different machine sizes and configurations and standard conveyor width of the machines are from 600mm, 1000mm,1350mm,1600mm & 1850mm

APES, Italy
Hall 13, Stand D77

Apes srl design, develop and produce machineries and plants, by CNC Numeric Control, robotized cells, prototypes, etc. for the production of: Stainless steel sinks, Household Ovens, Extractor Hoods, Water Heaters, Pots, Washing Machines, Dish Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Cooking Hobs, Any other steel product the Customer needs to produce. In particular, the working of steel sheets includes welding, grinding, polishing, etc. process.

Hall 13, Stand F19

Atik Makina San is a leading company in Turkey for Standard Die Components with its own manufacturing. Currently Atik Makina San is in the approved supplier list of companies such as General Motors, PSA worldwide and FIAT Turkey.

Hall 13, Stand C36

AUTOPULIT is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic and CNC machines for polishing, abrasive belt grinding, deburring and micro finishing of metal parts. During the 50 years since the founding of the company, we have worked steadily to meet the needs of our customers by providing in each case our experience and all the innovations and technological improvements. AUTOPULIT is the provider of world-renowned customers in sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Railways, Home Appliances, among others. Our long exporting tradition has allowed us to install the different equipments in more than 50 countries. Quality, reliability, efficiency, technology and customer satisfaction are our goals.

AVDEL, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A18

STANLEY Engineered Fastening introduces a comprehensive portfolio of blind riveting, lockbolt and Speed Fastening® systems. POP® and Avdel®, widely recognised brands, have partnered to create a range of fastening solutions for the complex technical challenges that our customers face. NeoSpeed® is the first multi-grip Speed Fastening® system that replaces several standard grip fasteners. Maintaining the complete systems philosophy the POP® Avdel® product portfolio encompasses both engineered fasteners and installation systems ranging from manual/pneumatic hand tools to more complex automated systems. POP® Avdel® branded products are used in major industries, e.g. automotive, electronics, domestic appliances and a multitude of Industrial segments.

AWL-TECHNIEK, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand A36

AWL is the specialist manufacturer of state-of-the-art welding machines. Our creative machine concepts provide important contributions to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety. Our field of expertise lies in the markets with high production volumes for sheet metal components that require high lev¬els of automation. We can keep these markets ahead with our automated weld¬ing solutions. Due to years of experience and intensive growth, we have solutions in arc, resist¬ance and laser welding. As an alternative to welding we also employ various cold-joining techniques such as flaring, gluing and screwing.


BDS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F43

Precise and to the point. With its precisely conceived products, BDS Maschinen GmbH will once again highlights its competence in the development and production of magnetic core drilling machines, core drills and edge processing machines at this year's EuroBLECH. The Mönchengladbach manufacturer has announced significant modifications and novelty for the fair. Magnetic core drilling technology demands accuracy. BDS therefore offers high quality machines in every equipment class that allow accurate work. The recently launched series of three compact magnetic core drilling machines with an integrated sliding base – the so-called Swivel Base – meets these standards, as does the new core drill with a 75 millimetre cutting depth.

BECK, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B59

Beck GmbH is a family business and since 1962 we have been involved in the “Extraction and filtering of harmful substances in the workplace”. The high degree of technical expertise and experience which we apply to our products, ensures that we are the partner you can rely on to solve your problems.

Hall 13, Stand B80

Biffignandi S.p.A. and the division Precision Polishing are specialised in production and selling of high quality abrasive flap wheels for surfaces satin and masking, welding cleaning, de-burring and finishing, based on sia Abrasives material. The range includes the conversion of flap wheels in abrasive cloth, Vlies/non-woven and interleaved/Combi in standard and customised sizes, grits and densities too. Certificated dynamic balancing service is offered to perfect the flap rolls finishing quality and consistency. The division Precision Polishing also manages the key company projects of R&D and selling of new microabrasive and microstructured abrasives.

Hall 13, Stand D07

Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH presents innovations in cleaning and maintenance. If you’re cleaning with paraffin, you can now look forward to a new solution. CB 100 is a replacement for paraffin and ideal for removing persistent contaminations in the industry. CB 100 is well suited for engine maintenance. VOC-free cleaner is environmentally and user-friendly. The water-based cleaner has strong dissolving properties and is gentle on the surfaces. It can be used mechanically, e.g. in the BIO-CIRCLE Clean Box Flow. The cleaner is available in a low-foaming version as CB 100 F, or with a special aluminium formula as CB 100Alu.

BKM, Turkey
Hall 13, Stand A59

BKM Bursa Kalip Merkezi was founded in BURSA in 2005. BKM is manufacturing standard components for tools and dies and is proficient in this field with its highly experienced staff. Our cutting-edge technology machinery park and highly developed measuring mould devices are a solution centre for the industry. BKM is a main supplier of the automotive industry, the machine tool industry and for die producers. BKM is looking forward to becoming your partner of the mold industry and insists on principles of continuous quality improvement and sincerity when cooperating with customers.

BLECH CHINA, Great Britain
Hall 13, Stand Gallery (Entrance West 1)

The second BLECH China, held at Suzhou International Expo Centre in May 2014, attracted more than 4,000 sheet metal professionals, buyers and decision-makers. The exhibitor survey shows that exhibitors were extremely satisfied with the event. The next BLECH China will be held from 11- 13 May 2016 at Suzhou International Expo Centre.

BLECH INDIA, Great Britain
Hall 13, Stand Gallery (Entrance West 1)

The third BLECH India took place in April 2013 in Mumbai, India. With a total of 187 exhibitors from 16 countries and some 5,700 trade visitors, India’s industry highlight for the sheet metal manufacturing industry was once again a great success. BLECH India will come back to the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai from 22 – 25 April 2015.

BLECH RUSSIA, Great Britain
Hall 13, Stand Gallery (Entrance West 1)

The third BLECH Russia, which took place in March 2013 in St Petersburg, was a thorough success. 130 exhibitors from 18 countries and some 4,400 visitors attended the show. The next BLECH Russia, the dedicated exhibition for Russia’s sheet metal working industry, will be held from 24 – 26 March 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Hall 13, Stand C30

New Super B Feder die springs completes Bordignon Trading’s wide range of specialized products for die makers. The high performance of this product is ensured by the choice of the best materials and treatments and the rigorous testing of strength and durability. The Super B federn catalogue presents four spring design lines conforming to ISO 10243 standards, plus two lines with ISO standard diameters and lengths but with some distinctive characteristics that allow extra light and super heavy loads.

BSK + BTV, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C42

An innovative company introduces new products! The focus on the drawn arc technology is a new, advanced and powerful welding inverter. In combination with our welding heads, the proven device technology and other technical highlights an effective reduction of defective welded end products and thus an increase in productivity. Equipped with advanced interfaces, simple menu-user interface and high-reliability can achieve the best welding results from the stud welding. Rapidor QF allows using the patented and fully automatic stud length adjustment system feeding and welding of welding elements according to DIN EN13918 without time-consuming changeovers.

BÜTTNER, Hungary
Hall 13, Stand F35

Hungarian steel tool plate manufacturing company with 20 years’ of history, specialized in CNC milling/grinding/cutting and turning of non-standard tool plates according to customer drawings. With 250 employees, with more than 60 CNC machines (3 & 5 axis). Treating the Tool Plates/Die sets up to 25 tonnes of workpiece weight, from small sizes to the sizes of 3000x2500x1000.

Hall 13, Stand C40

Precision Wedge Supports for loads until 24 Tonnes. Precision wedge supports with spherical calottes are used for vibration damping, isolation, anti-slip protection and leveling heavy equipment. The units can be fitted with suitable oil resist NBR rubber boards. With its customized design a high isolation efficiency can be effected. The wedge supports in different versions can simply be placed free standing, or in bolt on or in bolt trough assembly with dowels and screw insulating disc. The wedge supports are used for presses, stamping machinery, bending machines, tool machines, plastic injection machines and measuring equipment. Available are different properties in size, load, dynamic characteristic frequencies, damping or insulating, calotte to compensate angle deviations, for clean rooms, electrical conductibility and to achieve precise levelling without NBR boards.

BYMAT, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E10

Since 1995, the company Bymat GmbH is known as a leading German manufacturer of weld cleaning and marking devices for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and marking on an environmentally friendly basis. Bymat technology provides customers with cost effective, electrochemical surface treatment as a replacement for toxic pickling paste. Our high-quality weld cleaning equipment to remove environmentally friendly, identical in colour and fast, tarnishing after welding and passivate the seams simultaneously.


Hall 13, Stand C46

With a vast service and product range in the areas of welding, brazing and coating technologies, we are a truly global company offering solutions for all wear and joining problems. Our investment in new technologies has made us one of the largest laser/plasma cladding companies in the world. At our stand you can find our latest solutions for coating and joining for all kinds of sheet metals in all thickness.

CEPRO, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D39

CEPRO is a specialist in the safe fit-out of welding and grinding workshops and offers an extensive package of products and services. All CEPRO products are the result of many years’ of experience in the design and fit-out of safe welding and grinding workplaces. CEPRO is your ideal partner for the optimisation of welding and grinding workshops. In addition to its own extensive product range, CEPRO can pride itself on a long standing relation with a great number of skilled suppliers of other facilities for welding work areas. We look forward to meeting you at EuroBLECH exhibition in Hannover.

CLOOS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D25

Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH will present a wide range of innovative welding technology. The focus of the exhibition stand is, among others, automated welding solutions for different industries. The CLOOS process competence is at the forefront in welding materials and components. So the welding specialists will present the further developed Tandem Weld for quick and comfortable welding. Another highlight will be the presentation of the new generation of inverter power sources for manual welding. In future, CLOOS will offer welding technologies from entry to high-tech and from the manual machine to the automated welding system as a full liner.


D&S, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G31

D&S grew steadily over the last 30 years’ and employs 160 workers in 7 different locations. To enable us to satisfy our customers’ requirements, we have invested in new technology and training of our personnel. We offer a full range of up-to-date surface treatment processes, ranging from steel shot blasting, thermal spraying, and paint coating to a C5-M high standard. Due to our knowledge of the technology, the technique required and the logistical integration at our customers’ place of manufacturing, we have become a vital part of our customers’ chain of production, ensuring on time delivery, saving time and costs.

DALEX, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E81

DALEX Schweißmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces customised standard and special welding machines. Established in 1911, based in Wissen, over 100 Years’ of experience and technical competence in finding economical complete solutions for customers worldwide. With 130 employees, has a quality management system certified with ISO 9001:2000 as well as VDA 6.4, which is unique in this field of specialisation. Besides solutions in resistance welding, circular seam welding machines, longitudinal seam welding machines and robot interfacing, it develops standard machines, welding guns, delivers accessories and spare parts, maintenance service, repair, training, test welding and machine renting.

Hall 13, Stand E40

DEES HYDRAULIC established in 1976 as the leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses in the territory of Taiwan to offer safe and simple process for use in the sheet metal working environment. With press capacity from 10 tonnes to 6000 tonnes. We’re family members of the ISO 9001 and CE, exported to more than seventy countries. The representative customers are BOSCH, SIEMENS, Electrolux, Ariston, Haier, GE, GM, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, HONDA, TOYOTA, etc. Please visit the website.

Hall 13, Stand D70

In laser technology DELTATHERM ® is one of the leading system suppliers. DELTATHERM ® cooling systems a variety of applications. We offer cooling technology solutions for laser cutting and welding as well as laser cladding, laser marking, laser hardening and brazing, spot welding and seam welding with lasers. In MIG/MAG welding, plasma cutting, and of course also in the resistance welding, cold water is needed. The water outlet temperatures of the cooling device are in the temperature range from +15°C to +30°C. In MIG/MAG welding, the welding electrodes are cooled so as to ensure longer service life of the extremely hot by the arc electrodes. In resistance welding (spot welding, projection welding, seam welding), electrodes and welding transform gates are cooled.

DINSE, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C64

DINSE will exhibit together with ESS Welding who are members of DINSE group since 2014. DINSE specializes in professional torch technology and precise wire feeding. ESS provides long-time know-how in high-performance power sources. In the future both companies intend to offer integrated solutions for automated and manual welding requirements. At EuroBLECH engineers will demonstrate various systems in practice. The product presentation is focused on gas-cooled welding torches with new ideas in ergonomics and cost-effectiveness as well as a complete new fume extraction technology. For industrial welding DINSE and ESS will show technologically advanced solutions for MIG/MAG, WIG and LASER welding.

Hall 13, Stand E65

DK OTOMASYON was founded in 1995 in Bursa. The company is manufacturers of hydro-pneumatic cylinders, hydro-pneumatic presses, boosters and rezervoirs. The firm works with industry, to accelerate produce, to improve quality and to minimise the risks of damages. Its product range: dkPOWER is a completely integrated power drive. The different configurations and the specially developed accessories make it universally adaptable. dkPOWER is a pneumatically operated cylinder without hydraulic power units. The controls are the same as for any double acting pneumatic cylinder. DK OTOMASYON products are ‘The best partner for your projects’.

Hall 13, Stand F05

Dongguan Pacific Casting Tool Manufacturer Co., Ltd is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. We are designers and builders of metal stamping dies and assemblies. We focus on design, manufacture casting transfer, progressive and tandem dies for automotive body panels, inner and outer parts. We are rich in technical forces and have an educated, skilled and experienced technical team. The production capability has been improving year by year. We have a full range of common equipment, such as 9 advanced large N/C milling machines imported from Taiwan and 4 die try-out presses with a maximum table size of 5000*2500mm and a 1200T mechanical press. The annual output can reach 2,500 tons. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you to share our products with people around the world.

DUMETA, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand F76

Offices in Holland and Germany, Dumeta import-Export is one of the larger players for Rotators up to 1200 tonnes and positioners up to 200 tonnes capacity for welding plants and metal workshops. Dumeta import export supplies to customers throughout Europe and even outside of Europe mainly to traders. Reliability is the main force of Dumeta and in connection with the large stock; Dumeta is able to fulfil almost every requirement. Dumeta also offers the Giromatic Rotating system for turning non-round parts such as beams or all kinds of steel structures. You can find more information on our website.


Hall 13, Stand F71

We are specialized in the construction of guide elements for moulds. We execute special items based on drawing following all international norms. (DIN-ISO-AFNOR-MABEC-NAAMS-CNOMO). Quality of products, reliability and customer satisfaction are our primary objects. We offer technologically leading machine and semi-skilled personnel. The continuous attention for customers’ requests, the research of new production experiences and use of more sophisticated instruments let our company provide our clients with the three important points: Quality, Service, and Competition.

ECKERT, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D18

It doesn´t matter which kind of CNC-cutting technology, ECKERT brings the best solution in each of all four cutting technologies like laser, waterjet, plasma and oxygen cutting because of the fact that all machines in our portfolio are the result of nearly 25 years’ of experience and development. We can proudly call ourselves the expert in thermal and non-thermal cutting technologies. The high lifetime of our products is guaranteed by the traditionally built-in MADE IN GERMANY components. The high number of over 1100 realized projects proofs it!

EIFELER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F69

Eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH, Düsseldorf Germany, has been a leading supplier of wear resistant coatings for more than 30 years. We have several service centres close to our customers, providing the best quality with shorter lead times. Our R&D department is permanently working on new coatings for wear reduction and optimization of functionality. Beside our high-tech coatings (PVD, CVD) we supply services like Laser cladding, Laser heat treatment, polishing, plasma nitriding and vacuum heat treatment. This is a complete package to optimize the performance of your high-quality tools and wear-parts. Our leading phrase is: we take perfection as a personal business.

EJOT, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C72

Innovative fastening solutions for joining high strength sheet steel! Fastening elements used in multi-material structures has to guarantee stability and safety. The screw fastens steel sheet (up to 1.8mm) and aluminium (up to 4mm) without the need of a pilot hole and with exceptional quality. Another option for joining different materials and semi-finished goods, is friction welding, EJOWELD®. Composite designs, lightweight materials and high strength steel (in particular Usibor® steel) can be fixed with a friction element installation tool suitable for robots. With EJOWELD® the joining process without pre-treatment of the parts is fast, automated, high strength and reproducible.

Hall 13 , Stand B41

Rotary table-welding machine type 5-RTSA-MF: The 5-station medium-frequency round table machine was developed for welding cable sets and contact units for the automotive industry. The machine has one insertion station, three welding stations and one automatic component removal station with a separate discharge lock for OK and NOK parts. There are five changeable component supports on the round table. Short cycle times are realised with the simultaneous assembly, welding and ejection of components. The welding stations are equipped with two precision welding heads each. The electrode force is accurately set using proportional valves, directly on the welding control system.

ELKRAFT, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F09

For high-class welding equipment, local support for consulting and sales is essential. Until now, it has been difficult for welding distributors to find reliable, high-class welding machines from overseas for successful, local sales. With ELKRAFT Technik GmbH you now have the opportunity to join the ELKRAFT's distribution network. As the subsidiary of Shenzhen JASIC Technology Co. Ltd - one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of welding inverters - ELKRAFT offers quality, innovation and attractive pricing. ELKRAFT offers ex works delivery from its German warehouse, including all necessary accessories and spare parts. Come and visit us: Hall 13, both F09.

ELMA-TECH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A52

NEW! Lightweight Design – Robot C- and X- Spot Welding Gun with 10 kHz medium frequency transformer, approx. 45 kg. Fully automatic spot welding machines.

Hall 13, Stand G81

Epen Bearings is a professional manufacturer of guide bushings, wear plate, standard self-lubricating components and has grown rapidly to a point where now all types of standard self-lubricating parts can be supplied. Standard sizes, special sizes and designs can be produced at a competitive price and to a higher quality standard. Epen Bearing serves both the domestic and international markets. Also intended to stay the forefront of this market. The self lubricating parts supplied by Epen Bearing are maintenance free and are ideally suitable to oscillatory motion, liner motion, difficult working environments, high temperature applications etc.

Hall 13, Stand D10

ESAB, a world leader in welding and cutting technologies, showcases a range of innovative products and processes, including the latest in mechanised cutting equipment from new compact and cost-effective CNC machines suitable for all fabrication shops, including a new mechanised plasma system and new off-line nesting software, to the most advanced cutting systems for integrated, automated production. Find ESAB’s mechanised cutting systems display in Hall 13, stand D10. Also exhibiting, a range of welding products that meet today’s welding challenges, from inverter-based, multi-process equipment to the latest in welding consumables and other solutions for industry.

EWM, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D40

EWM AG's at the EuroBLECH 2014 will be dedicating to its MULTIMATRIX range. Germany's largest manufacturer and one of the world's important providers of arc welding technology is presenting innovative solutions which will help customers save money, secure jobs and protect the environment. Acknowledged as one of the major technology drivers, the company focuses on an all-inclusive system range, with components completely developed in-house with high-vertical integration which are synonymous with optimum-quality. EWM will be showcasing the entire MULTIMATRIX range and new elements such as enhanced system components, a quality-assurance software application and MIG/MAG solutions for automation and robot welding.

EXPERT, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B82

EXPERT Transformatorenbau GmbH was founded over 50 years ago and specialises in the construction of water-cooled high-current transformers, rectifiers and chokes. The exceptional quality and reliability of our products is based on the technical and technological know-how which we have developed over the years combined with the creativeness and outstanding craftsmanship of our staff. We produce components for DC and AC high-current applications. The welding power sources for resistance welding which we design and manufacture for the automotive industry have been setting new standards in terms of technical development and form the basis for international standards. In addition to standard products, we also manufacture customised solutions.


FCPK, Poland
Hall 13, Stand F11

FCPK Bytów is a Polish leading manufacturer of standard parts guiding, punching, springs and plates for toolmakers in Central & Eastern Europe. Our production capabilities allow us to offer customised parts and high quality material fully machined plates with dimensions of up to 3 meters. Visit our website to find out more about our offer range.

FIXI, Italy
Hall 13, Stand G60

FIXI was founded in 1986. The core business is the production and the development of Blind Rivets, Threaded Inserts, Self Clinching Fasteners, Welding studs and the Tools for every product family. We distribute our products all over Europe and our firm is certified according ISO 9001:2008. With strategically filled stock we can promptly guarantee ‘just in time’ deliveries of high quality items at very competitive prices.

FÖRSTER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A72

The Förster welding systems GmbH was founded 25 years ago as a family-owned enterprise. Through these many years of experience in the rationalization of welding production processes and the production of welding table systems, custom solutions can be implemented for virtually every welding task. The Förster welding systems GmbH offers a wide variety of welding tables for steel and stainless steel processing and component-specific welding equipment as well as complete robotic and automatic welding plants. Visit us at EuroBLECH 2014 in Hall 13, Stand A72!

Hall 13, Stand B26

Efficient Production of Blanks from Coil! For all sheet metal processors who want to rationalise their production with fast and flexible blank-cutting from coils, Forstner is showing at EuroBLECH individual solutions for fully automatic decoiling, sheet changing, straightening, slitting and cutting to length of various kinds of sheet-metal. By using a nesting software and a programmable slitter from Forstner, the production of blanks from coil is made significantly more efficient. When using the Forstner multiple decoiling line, up to a total of eight different material types are available “just in time”. It is therefore possible to have the right mixture of coil width, sheet thickness and material types for optimum blank production. Outstanding cut quality in the relevant materials at the touch of a button is the result of the technically well thought-out and repeatedly proved multiple decoiling lines.

FRONIUS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E76

Fronius presents at EuroBLECH two new innovative developments: the modular welding-appliance platform TPS/i and AccuPocket, the world’s first-ever MMA welding system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Modular welding-appliance platform TPS/i shifts the boundaries that previously applied to welding technology. Users benefit from using individually customisable and upgradeable appliances that stand out for their high intelligence and extensive functionality. TPS/i platform comes with a host of new developments that will simplify welders’ daily work from now on. AccuPocket is the worlds first-ever MMA welding system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a low overall weight of only 11 kg.


Hall 13, Stand F32

Our goal is to provide a technical solution to the industrial finishing demand: Surface treatment Systems, Degreasing, Washing and Phosphate Systems, Spray Booths for liquid painting (manual and automatic), Powder Coating Booth, Radiation Drying Ovens, Convection Drying Ovens, Gelling Oven. Our extensive experience in this market has made the most prestigious manufacturers to trust GEINSA, to ensure a perfect finish and optimum working conditions.

GEM, Italy
Hall 13, Stand A25

Marta System 5AX is a CNC integrated Resistance Welding Cell, especially designed for the automatic projection welding of nuts and bolts for the automotive industry. The big C-welding Gun is fitted with an upper pneumatic welding cylinder and a lower electric welding head, CNC controlled, working as a 3rd axis. The 2 stations turntable, located in front of the Gun, is of electrical-mechanic cam type, ensuring high repeatability and reliability. On each side of the table, a positioner, like a lathe, will be installed. This device is motorised, interpolated and directly controlled by the machine CNC.

GESIPA, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F40

The new developed GESIPA® blind rivet setting-tool PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition sets new levels with innovative technology and modern design. The new conceived low-wear brushless motor with 20 kN setting force, cares currently for the strongest setting force and quickest setting frequencies. The service life of the sliding battery has increased efficiency by the regenerative braking force. The quick-charge function, the ergonomic form and the Softgrip areas offer the real added value, which is additionally supplemented by the low weight. Low lightning conditions are glow away by light-emitting diodes.

Hall 13, Stand A65

GLAMAtronic specializes in the KE-welding with a high current pulse and has established itself as a competent partner for different industries. Since its founding in 1992, GLAMAtronic has steadily increased and today focuses on customer-oriented developments. A test department advises clients on welding inquiries and on new developments, as well as mechanical and metallographic weld examinations. In recent years it has specialized in addition in sales of standard welding machines and increasingly on special welding equipment. Further solutions are designed and built for automated work processes to the customer’s order. GLAMAtronic builds welding machines with an electric discharge to 160kJoule and a welding force to 280kN. This equipment technique allows welding currents up to 1000 kA.

Hall 13, Stand G59

Professional manufacturer of Standard Guide Elements, Steel bronze plated bushes, Ball-lock punch retainers, Ball-lock punches, DIN/ISO punches, Dies, Ejector pin and sleeves, Sprue bushings. To meet your expectation of trust, we focus on accuracy as a main goal guiding us to a superior era. We invite you to experience the innovated improvement we've prepared for you: Just-In-Time Service, Reliable ISO QC System, Competitive Pricing (High C/P value) and Inventory Management of with our new trade mark Accutrust, from NOW.

Hall 13, Stand A37

Gorenje Toolmaking is a major tool making group in Slovenia. We have more than 60 years’ of experience in manufacturing of sheet metal forming tools for the purposes of the household appliance and the automotive industries. The majority of orders involve tools for the manufacture of all types of components integrated into home appliances and cars. Subject to the stipulated requirements and manufacturing technology used by the customer, we make individual tools for manual transfer or transfer line tools, as well as progressive tools. Progressive tools: Measuring up to 4,000 x 2,000mm; Transfer tools: Measuring up to 6,000 x 2,000mm.

GRACO, Belgium
Hall 13, Stand A50

Every day around the world, you will find Graco. We are a leading fluid handling company, represented by distributors in more than 100 countries on six continents. We design, manufacture and market premium equipment to pump, measure, mix and dispense a wide range of fluids and coatings. Visit us at our stand and we will demonstrate how the Graco XP70 Plural-Component Sprayer will change the way you do business. You will save money on multiple levels and will be able to provide consistent material quality with an easy to use unit.

GSB, Turkey
Hall 13, Stand F42

GSB Oilless started operating in 1996 as Turkey’s representative of the world’s leading companies in standard press die components field. Since 2002, it’s been Turkey’s first manufacturing company in the production of self lubricating guiding elements and mechanical press die components according to the international standards. In 2013, GSB Oilless has launched a new project of manufacturing structural parts for the aerospace industry. In 2014, the Company was approved as the supplier of structural details by TUSAŞ, Turkish Aerospace Industries Incorporation.

GULLCO, Great Britain
Hall 13, Stand A63

Gullco is a leading specialised manufacturer of equipment used for the mechanisation and automation of welding and cutting. KAT® and Moggy® tractor systems are used worldwide, helping users to simultaneously achieve greater efficiency, quality and productivity. Gullco also has an established reputation as a manufacturer of portable plate bevelling machines. Using these machines, improvements in quality and productivity become immediately apparent. Use of Ceramic Weld Backings from Gullco allows single side welding, whilst eliminating costly defects and rework. Gullco products allow mechanisation and automation of welding and cutting in an affordable manner. Our GOAL is to provide flexible automation to increase quality and reduce costs.


HAUCK, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G37

Härterei HAUCK is a leading full-service provider of innovative and highly reliable services in the fields of functional heat- and surface treatment. HAUCK is serving customers all over Europe in all key sectors. Our cornerstones are: highly qualified staff, top advisory skills, broad spectrum of services with almost any type of standard heat treatment processes, various surface treatments and electro-plated processes, consistent quality management and quality assurance system through in-house test procedures, state-of-the-art equipment with backup solutions at all HAUCK locations, certifications for quality, environment and energy, regional customer focus . The success of your project drives us.

HBS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D35

Headquarter in Dachau, Germany, HBS is one of the world's leading companies in the nut and stud welding technology sector. Their expertise in this sector extends to various process technologies, such as capacitor discharge and drawn arc welding, but also short-cycle stud welding with drawn arc and nut/pad welding. From the inexpensive entry-level device upward to semi- and fully-automatic welding systems – together with various stud-feeding systems on to customer-specific, turnkey projects – HBS provides everything from a single source, all matched perfectly to one another. HBS welding elements also belong to the product range. Their use guarantees high joint welding quality.

HELLER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D23

We are your partner in the area of resistance welding technology and automation – from the first idea to the ready machine. As a manufacturer of special machines, we develop, design and build your machine from the tool to the complete plant. If required, we automate your production process from the component supply to the component tray. We also are a full-range supplier in resistance welding technology. We have been selling TECNA ® Italy products since 1982. Another service we offer our customers’ is the overhauling of machines and repair works for all models, maintenance of machines and trainings.

HERMANN, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D04

Hermann Welding is a manufacturer of high-performance welding and cutting equipment introduces the new generation of devices REVO and GT's patented SHARC ®-arc technique for GMAW and GTAW processes.

Hall 13, Stand G18

Hilzinger-Thum is a manufacturer of grinding, deburring and polishing tools with over 100 years of experience in the processing of technical and decorative surfaces. A new highlight is the slitted coated abrasive roller B3W. This roller perfectly meets the demands of metal processing companies, ensuring outstanding durability and coming up to the highest expectations. It ensures perfect deburring and edge rounding of lased parts, stampings and machine parts. The roller removes the oxide layer on the narrow sides and/or achieves a fine surface finish. By selecting appropriate coated abrasives, the roller is used in both wet and dry operations. We take care of your surfaces and look forward to your visit!

HORNUNG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B26

Our company was founded 1990 in 59174 Kamen, Germany. We develop and produce machines especially for pipe end working such as: Expanding machines, Shrinking machines, Beading machines, Pipe cutting machines, Elbow machines (segmented elbows) and automatic lines. There is a range of standard machines, which can be delivered in short time. We also produce all tooling for the machines. Our machines are versatile and built in high quality. The machines are completely designed and built in our factory.

Hall 13, Stand B80

HPM Engineering develops innovative and patented solutions for health protection and the increase of worker productivity during professional activities. At EuroBLECH 2014, We will introduce a couple of patented new equipment (a cartridge filter and an extendable/retractable cabin) for the suction and filtration of fumes from metalworking operations such as welding, thermal cutting and grinding, in complete safety and preserving the working environment as well as health.

Hall 13, Stand A69

Hydraulico develop and build hydraulic presses for: deep draw, cold & hot forging, blanking and stamping, research & development, and many more. - The hydraulic presses are used to produce items such as wheelbarrows, suitcases, containers, sinks, bathtubs, automotive parts, gas cylinders, pots and pans, window fittings, rails, etc. The press capacities range from 100 to 5000 tonnes and presses are all tailor-made to customer specifications. In addition Hydraulico offers complete press upgrades and preventive press maintenance of any kind of press brand.


Hall 13, Stand C11

Since 1923, IDEAL stands for innovation and progress in the production of resistance welding machines. Apart from standard machines we also design and manufacture tailor-made machine solutions according to the customers’ requirements. During this year´s EuroBLECH, IDEAL presents innovations and welding engineering for sheet metal and strip processing. One of the innovation is a NC-controlled jig welding machine for spot and projection welding. Through medium-frequency technique and energy recovery, a resource-efficient and economical procedure is ensured. The world’s greatest innovation of this jig welder is the flexibility and speed, as well as an integrated tool exchange. The additional product portfolio comprises butt, flash-butt, arc and laser welder for coil joining of sheet metal.

Hall 13, Stand E37

IHT Automation, the world's largest independent producer of sensor-based height control systems for plasma, oxyfuel and laser cutting machines, presents at EuroBLECH its new variants of the plasma height control system ‘B 1000’. Additionally to the standard version with its own control unit it is now available with a remote operator terminal. Brand new is the solution of CNC and height control system (B 1000) in one package, which IHT Automation now offers together with Power Automation. This year IHT Automation has focussed in bevel cutting for oxy-fuel applications by using its ISC torch. Up to 45° cutting-angle is possible.

INELCO, Denmark
Hall 13, Stand F41

When working with TIG welding, you need to grind your tungsten electrodes to ensure a precise and perfect welding. Inelco grinders ensure a perfect result each time. We are securely positioned among the world’s leading suppliers of tungsten electrode grinders. Our products are widely acknowledged for their unique flexibility and precise grinding, but also for reducing the waste of the expensive Tungsten electrodes. In addition, our products are a workplace-friendly and environmentally sound solution for the user. All our grinders: have step less angle adjustment, automatically centre the electrode tip, have 100% dust collection and minimise the waste of electrodes.

Hall 13, Stand D80

ITW Welding – Your partner for best in class welding consumables and equipment! Discover the unique advantages of our high quality HOBART MEGAFIL® seamless flux-cored wires for any kinds of application. Our special low-hydrogen cored wires have been developed to meet the specific requirements of demanding industries, such as offshore, oil & gas and pipe mills. You will also find a full line of industrial quality welders from MILLER - the world’s largest manufacturer of high class arc welding and cutting equipment. Meet us at EuroBLECH and let our experts help you to find the best solution for your welding job.


Hall 13, Stand C46

The robot-based laser machine JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM (Beam in Motion) provides industrial producers with a highly flexible, fast and cost-effective solution for the processing of metals and plastic materials. The heart of the laser cutting system is a laser robot arm in which the laser-beam is fully integrated. With a repeat accuracy of ±100µm this laser machine ranks among the most precise systems of its class. Jenoptik offers more system variants in addition to the compact JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM individual plant. These variants are based on the BIM robot module that has an open interface for integration into an overall plant concept.

Hall 13, Stand G08

Precise Components for Press Die, Plastic mould, Semiconductor Industries and Forging Die. All kinds of Precise Components for Automotive Die. Automation parts and other Precise Machine parts.

Hall 13, Stand E40

JUN-EN (JEC) is a leading manufacturer of metal mesh products and machineries in Taiwan for over 27 years. One of our strengths is that we endeavour to learn from our experiences of metal mesh production and reflect on improvements in the production capacity and efficiency of JEC machinery. Our main machineries for sheet metals include high speed expanded metal machines and perforated metal machines; we also provide a variety of choices for wire mesh machineries such as chain link fencing machine, barbed/reversed barbed wire machine, gabion mesh machine and others.


KEMPPI, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E24

TWM, Total Welding Management by Kemppi! Finnish. Kemppi is a world-leading welding technology company manufacturing arc welding equipment and providing solutions for highly productive welding. In 65 years’ of operation, Kemppi has introduced new innovations to the market, pioneering the development of welding technology and solutions. Kemppi is the first manufacturer of welding solutions in the world certified to ISO 3834-2. With the new Kemppi TWM solution concept, the welding industry can reach the highest level of management for welding quality and productivity. For more information see our website.

Hall 13, Stand B46

This year at EuroBlech 2014, Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma and Maschinen GmbH will present as a competent partner for the thermal cutting of metals. The main focus lies on powerful plasma equipment of the HiFocus series for the precise and efficient cutting of two and three dimensional parts. Furthermore, the fibre laser series XFocus is expanding as an ideal addition to plasma cutting and other processes. Live demonstrations of the plasma cutting unit HiFocus 161i neo with its technologies Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed will complete the exhibition at EuroBlech 2014.

Hall 13, Stand B46

This year at EuroBlech 2014, Kjellberg Finsterwalde, Schweißtechnik and Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH will present as a competent partner for the thermal joining of metals. The main focus lies on the technologies InFocus and Fidur. In the field of surface welding and wear protection, Kjellberg will present new approaches under the name Fidur. The high-performance torches InFocus for cathode focused TIG welding offer new opportunities for the faster welding of high-quality seams and the keyhole welding of thick sheets. Live demonstrations of InFocus welding will complete the exhibition at EuroBlech 2014.

Hall 13, Stand B08

Over 100 years, Klingspor has set standards worldwide, when it comes to abrasive technology. The production facilities manufacture over 50,000 articles for a range of application that require the use of the products: coated-abrasives, cutting-off wheels, grinding-discs, abrasive-mop discs and abrasive-mop wheels. Long-operating times, a homogenous surface scratch pattern over the entire service life of the abrasive belt. These are the essential advantages offered by our special belt CS325Y for generating high-quality surfaces on stainless steel coils, sheets and tubes. These characteristics are achieved by bringing together sharp abrasive grains to form agglomerates, which successively decompose during the grinding process.

KOIKE, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand D56

As high-end machinery KOIKE will show the latest developments on the DELTATEX with a 3D bevel cutting system with Kjellberg HiFocus plasma 360A. Complete with the extended Katana CNC control. Next to this the new “plug & cut” MONOTEC 3015 plasma cutting machine, with the ease to use Katana basis CNC control. Koike shows a portable, single driven oxy fuel and plasma NC cutting machine PNC12 EXTREME. Maximum sheet dimension 3.000 x 1.500mm and gas cutting up to 50mm. Plasma up to 20mm. Suitable for all conventional plasma systems. Price worthy and innovative cutting machine.

Hall 13, Stand G27

KOYO GIKEN INC. – Table spot welder experts and manufacturer. We have been providing the highest quality of the table spot welder, MYSPOT to contribute to the development of the sheet metal industry in the world. We have sold over 2200 units in worldwide.

KREEB, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F22

Kreeb and its subsidiary bi-flex Birkenstock GmbH & Co. KG in Haan, Germany are manufacturers of grinding and polishing tools. These tools are used for deburring, grinding, satin finishing, brushing and polishing of most different materials. For the deburring of sheet metal Kreeb produces abrasive brushes which are used as circular, cup or end brushes. Besides abrasive flap wheels for the treatment of flat surfaces, Kreeb supplies sanding stars for grinding contoured workpieces. For satin finishing Kreeb offers non-woven flap wheels or discs. Brushes made from Tampico fibre, sisal and wire as well as polishing buffs and felt wheels complete the vast product range.

KÜBLER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A24

Kübler GmbH is a specialist in energy-saving large space heating systems. At EuroBLECH 2014 Kübler presents the new system Helio.B.R.I.D. It combines highly efficient infrared heating technology with waste heat recovery and solarthermics. Helio.B.R.I.D. enables energy savings up to 70%. Residual heat from production processes as furnaces or air compressors can also be integrated. Hall heating systems by Kübler provide comfortable warmth directly where it is needed; at the workplaces of your employees. The system’s short heating-up times and flexible heat zones perfectly match to your specific requirements. Control modules like Tor-Off or HygroTec prevent energy loss and condensation.

KUKA, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B76

KUKA Systems - automation expert, supplier of automation equipment and special machinery builder – shows its process expertise in different joining technologies for sheet metal working at EuroBLECH 2014. The company presents its automation expertise from engineering, integration of various automation components up to the realization of small production cells and entire production lines. However customers are planning to start into the automation of its production or expand their capacity for processing of metallic materials KUKA Systems is the right partner. The global competence KUKA Systems demonstrate through its global presence in the world markets.

Hall 13, Stand G23

KURSUNEL MOULD, has the rights to the KUKAMET trademark registration, we manufacture in an area of 2500m2 by Hasan Kursunel. Kursunel mould manufactures products like tin plate metal progressive mould, toggle clamp, swing clamp, pneumatic and clamps. Customers work with us because of our quality and systematically performances. We believe in that it is not quite enough to just exist; we need to develop. Thereby we are registered with ISO9001:2008 certification. We are the preferred brand for TOGGLE CLAMPS used by the automotive industry, defence industry, white goods industry in all over the world with our 30 years’ of experience.


Hall 13, Stand C70

Langzauner produces Long Belt Grinding Machines for the mechanical surface treatment of sheet metal and welded constructions. The production range includes manual machines with one single belt up to fully automated portal grinding machines in double belt version.

LINDE, Germany
Hall 0, Stand Z20. Hall 13, Stand B36

Linde presents solutions related to the use of technical gases for welding, cutting and heating. Its portfolio of MAG shielding gases for welding has been expanded to include the low-active shielding gas CORGON®2S3He18. This mixture guarantees perfect penetration due to the addition of helium. The inert noble gas content is 18 volume percent. This optimum balance of gas components effectively prevents welding spatter. At the same time it substantially increases welding speed. In addition, with LASGON S3 Linde presents a new process gas for laser welding of coated and uncoated sheet steel body parts.

LORCH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E69. Hall 13, Stand E70

Lorch has grouped their innovations into two subject areas: Manual welding and automation. The centrepiece of their manual welding display is the EN 1090-certified MicorMIG series which is jam-packed with features that are optimised for real-world applications thanks to innovative inverter technology. The MicorStick system features a battery pack that allows for electrode welding on-the-go. Lorch flaunts their competence in the field of automation with their versatile "Ready-to-Robot" concept. It allows small and medium-sized enterprises to apply automated welding processes in the most efficient way possible. For the first time Lorch presents its innovative TIG cold-wire welding solution for robot-welding.


Hall 13, Stand F70

Resistance welding by Matuschek - innovative technology, integrated solutions! The SPATZ series controller systems are more than simple current sources for spot welding and projection welding. Almost all sectors, from planning, production to quality control benefit from its functionalities. Database functions - for fast SOP. Adaptive MASTER control - optimal spot quality; even for high-strength steel and aluminium. NUGGETIndex - 100% online process control for reduced testing efforts. Tip dresser control - integrated into SPATZ systems. Weld data recording - for analysis and process optimisation. We offer systems for resistance welding applications, also for micro montage and small part welding.

MDL RODIS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C24

MDL: Global supplier of tool & die consumables with the Internationalisation of the stamping industry, the MDL Group is your ideal supplier for all your tooling and stamping supply needs. Die sets, guiding components, steel & gas springs and punches. With manufacturing facilities and inventory in four continents, we are able to help your overseas staff replace consumables quickly and cost effectively. MDL also manufactures punches & dies and can offer you these pieces in standard sizes as well as specials. We can also machine steel and aluminium plates up to a size of 5000x2500x2000mm (38 tonnes max).

MERKLE, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E49

Merkle GmbH, founded in 1964 in Germany with 50 years’ of experience. Merkle is a world leading manufacturer of arc-welding equipment. The company is specialists in high-tech products and innovative welding processes with user-friendly technology. The company employs 190 employees in Kötz and 14 business offices with service teams around the world. Merkle develops and manufactures a variety of products including: Standard and synergic MIG, Synergic Pulse MIG inverters, TIG Inverter DC and AC/DC, MMA/stick electrode welding, Plasma welding, Plasma cutting, etc. The entire product range is suitable for manual operation, the semi-and full automatic operation and in robot mode.

Hall 13, Stand C46

Messer Group will be showcasing its products and services at EuroBLECH 2014. The Industrial gases manufacturer will demonstrate the application advantages of new shielding gases for welding. Choosing the right shielding gas for welding, ideal flow rates and optimum parameter combinations shall be given particular attention so as to minimise rework and welding time and thus achieve cost savings. Overall production costs can be reduced by choosing the gas and supply type appropriate to the requirements and by using an optimal shielding gas supply. The company’s experts will also advise on how to optimise your welding production costs.

Hall 13, Stand C46

Messer Cutting Systems will be showing a range of products, systems and services for the metalworking industry. On stand C46 in Hall 13 the company will be presenting the fibre laser technology alongside modular solutions for all aspects of material logistics and how productivity can be increased by raising the level of automation. In addition, experts will be giving information about the consequences of the new DIN EN 1090 on steel constructions for buildings. Made-to-measure software solutions, the environmental technology matching the equipment and combination torches for welding, brazing, flame cutting heating, oxyfuel and plasma technology complete the program.

Hall 13, Stand B50

Meusburger the leading manufacturer in the field of standard components has expanded its product range in 2014. Introducing a new product range: "Modular concept". The customers receive high-precision standard components enabling the optimal guiding of modules. With our convenient selection guide you can easily find the convenient combination of guide pillars with centre flange, ball cages and guide bushes. The E5078 guide pillars with premium surface quality Ra 0.1 (Superfinish) is perfectly adapted for very high stroke rates. The convenient, cost-effective standard parts enable easy installation of modules. The Meusburger components for the "modular concept" are available immediately from stock.

Hall 13, Stand F23

For several decades the name MEZ has been at the forefront for quality and know how in the HVAC industry. This has given us a unique knowledge of the requirements of ductwork manufacturers, installers and and distributors with whom we are continuously developing our products. This has resulted in high quality and innovative products such as the sealing compound MEZ-PLAST and the MEZ-FLANGE SYSTEMS which have become an essential part of the HVAC market. With more than 5,000 products MEZ-TECHNIK is your number 1 supplier in the HVAC market.

Hall 13, Stand D46

MicroStep is one of the world-leading manufacturers of plasma, oxyfuel, laser as well as waterjet cutting systems. At the EuroBLECH fair in Hannover, MicroStep will, amongst other products, present one of its multifunctional plasma machines of the MG-series live and in action. This type of cutting system offers the possibility to combine different kinds of processing technologies: cutting of contours and holes, bevelling as well as drilling, countersinking, tapping, marking – whether it is for sheet metal, tank ends, pipes or profiles.

Hall 13, Stand F87

High performance die springs, made 100% in Italy, accordance with international standards (ISO, JIS and American). Super powerful die springs and customised springs. Our black springs are the strongest springs ever. These springs provide exceptionally high loads, greater than those available from gas springs, polyurethane springs or Belleville washers of the same size.


Hall 13, Stand F35

Nuova Ret is an Italian Company producing standard components for press and plastic industries since the early 60’s. Thanks to the experience gained in this period and the dedicated investments in our machinery, we are able to provide high-quality together with better reliability either for the products or for the offered services, aimed to satisfy the need of our customers. The range of our production covers STD components for dies and moulds and special parts according to DWG. We manufacture following DIN rules (i.e. DIN 9861/ DIN 1530 A-AH/ISO 8020/DIN 16756 etc.)


Hall 13, Stand C80

OERLIKON Schweißtechnik offers customers in large and heavy industry as well in the metal-working sector a comprehensive range of welding machines, automated processes and equipment, consumables and services in welding and cutting technique. With an international team of experts and absolute conformity to the European standards, OERLIKON fulfils individual customer requests perfectly and to the point. OERLIKON Schweißtechnik offers complete solutions from the analysis of the customer requirements up to tailor-made solutions in welding and cutting technique. As developer, manufacturer and distributor of processes, systems, solutions and related services OERLIKON is perfectly adapted to the demand of industrial customers in welding and cutting.

Hall 13, Stand A55

The forming lubricant OEST PLATINOL B 804/3 COW-1 manufactured by Georg OEST Mineralölwerk at Freudenstadt allows better forming results as well as reduction of zinc and aluminium abrasion during the production of sheet forming parts. This lubricant has been approved by the members of the VDA for universal appliance in the sheet metal shops of the OEM and the supplying industry.

OPTREL, Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand G63

optrel AG, an innovative Swiss technology-driven company, is specialised in the design and manufacturing of high-quality welding glare protection and powered air respirator products for the welding industry.

Hall 0, Stand Z10. Hall 13, Stand E23

The welding technology specialist from the city of Monchengladbach, OTC DAIHEN EUROPE, is presenting at this year's EuroBLECH two new developments in the area of process control and monitoring. The Wireless Teach counterpart is a handheld programming device which is optimally suited to the special requirements of modern control processes. Including rechargeable battery, the device weighs only 1350g - a genuine lightweight with an ideal relationship between weight and effective life. With the wireless Welbee Tablet, OTC has developed a new generation of wireless monitoring instruments. With this, 10 Welbee welding-current sources can be monitored simultaneously.


P.E.I.- POINT, Italy
Hall 13, Stand F63

P.E.I.-POINT, Italian manufacturer of Resistance Welders has been present in the international market for many years’ and is known for quality and reliability of the products which represent. P.E.I.-POINT welders fulfil the requirement of the manufacture of sheet steel assemblies, particularly in the automotive and domestic appliance industries as well as car body repair works. Medium-frequency technology, combined with the new welding control PY800, assures maximum performances for quality control and energy saving. PFP 241 DUO INVERTER combined with two nut-feeders, allows welding of different size of nuts in one welder in the same loading cycle.

Hall 13, Stand C28

Surfaces are far more than bodies who are bounded from outside. We know about the significance and see it as our task to make the grade of every individual production steps. We have made it our goal to modify and improve every material in its properties. Therefore the flexibility and professionalism is needed in every step of the process. P+F Oberflächentechnik GmbH is your contact for functional and visual / optical powder and wet paint coatings. From pre-treatment process to the coating of small, medium and large series to logistics, we are your qualified partner.

Hall 13, Stand C07

The TM/TL-Series are the new generations of robots from Panasonic! By the TM Series you can decide whether to use an externally, internally or separate mounted torch cable. The maximum reach of the TL-robots series increased up to 2000mm now and the average speed increased up to 22%. Two robots generations; this fit your welding expectations! Panasonic provides complete system solutions according to the concept ‘All from one manufacturer’ with the new development of laser welding: Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution (LAPRISS). LAPRISS achieves optimised cycling time and lower product weight through the elimination of flanges and higher stability.

Hall 13, Stand G40

Pengfei Group founded in 1997, the headquarter is in Shenzhen, owning five branches in Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Jiangxi province. Pengfei specialized in tooling R&D, manufacture and metal stamping production & prototype in automotive, office automatic, electronics, home appliance etc. Pengfei got ISO9001:2008, TS16949 and ROHS 2nd-party certification. Our customers and end users are Konica Minolta, Samsung SDI, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, Canon, HITACHI, HONDA, TOYOTA, DF Nissan, BEHR (Germany), APSS (Germany) ,ATD (US) & Anchor (US); we established a long-term cooperation with them. To be a global competitive high tech industrial enterprise is always what Pengfei’s pursuit through development.

PERKUTE, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C38

PERKUTE Maschinenbau GmbH will present the advanced conveying machine Clean-o-mat TW. The Industrial parts cleaning machine Clean-o-mat TW is used in large quantities and in production lines. The machine can be used depending on the applications with multi-tiered treatment steps (washing, rinsing, and drying). The conveying machines are manufactured according to customer requirements; they are easily integrated into the existing production layout. A variety of transportation systems and the possibility of integration allows for large application area; e.g. cleaning of mass-produced goods. The proven TW series was improved and developed with years’ of experience in the field of part cleaning.

Hall 13, Stand C58

PHD offers great functionality and reliability with their series GRM clamps. A wide range of standard accessories and options guarantee a trouble-free working in many different handling applications i.e. transfer lines. Double sheet-, panel present- and/or open/close detection can be offered with reliable sensor systems which are also available for applications with temperatures up to around 1000°C. Any material can be handled securely and reliable due to PHD`s integrated mechanical locking system. Another big advantage of the series GRM clamp is the lifetime of at least 5 million cycles of trouble- and maintenance free service.

Hall 13, Stand D69

POLIFILM is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extrusion films and protective films with approx. 1,100 employees worldwide. In 16 branches, in six continents they utilise their extensive knowledge in order to supply or develop the best film solutions in the market for our customers.

PRONIC, France
Hall 13, Stand F26

PRONIC has been manufacturing tapping solutions for now more than 25 years, becoming the world leader in the In-Die tapping solutions. Based on this experience, PRONIC has diversified its competencies in the In-Die insertion systems: bushings, shafts, patches, etc. Several systems run already successful in the Southern and Western Europe. Our team and network of distributors in 40 countries will assist and support you for all your projects, from the start of the design to the startup of the equipment. Come to visit us, In-Die Tapping and In-die insertion solutions are presented. For In-Die solutions think PRONIC.

Hall 13, Stand G09

Propagroup is an international company, leader in safety packaging, with a precise objective: to protect and preserve the quality of products under the severest transport and storage conditions. PROPATECH VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) has become one of the most effective tools for achieving this end. The PROPATECH VCI system consists of a range of anticorrosive products for metal protection, specially designed to preserve and protect steel and metals against rust and corrosion during transport and storage. Propagroup production also includes the anti-humidity range consisting of desiccants and silica gel for packaging protection during transport via container.


REIS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E50

Reis will present innovative procedures to considerably increase the efficiency in sheet metal processing. So the Reis laser gantry for the very first time will open completely new dimensions with a floor mounted linear traversing unit, e. g. for laser hybrid welding of very long components. The jet robot, an innovative joint product from mechanics of Reis and KUKA, shows how a kinematics completed by a tool change system can be used for very different processes. A third station presents the robot-based laser powder build-up welding.

Hall 13, Stand C08

Robolution is a Company for sales, design and installation of turnkey robotic systems, as well as associated components such as process technology, tooling, etc. Our product range includes standard robot cells, as well as to the customer component individually engineered special robot systems. On our stand we will show our flexibility in the field of robotics. In our systems we can integrate robots from ABB, KUKA, FANUC and YASKAWA. Also, a tooling can be seen on our stand. The design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the tooling is done in-house.

Hall 13, Stand A68

Robotek manufactures one or two component polyurethane and silicon dispensing systems. The robotic dispensing system is a sealing, bonding and potting/encapsulation solution for wide range of industries. The standard configuration includes a low pressure mixing and dosing unit, Cartesian or 6 DOF robot, a dispensing table and a temperature conditioning unit. There are wide range of options and automation solutions available to configure the ideal solution for your applications. Either an individual dispensing machine or up to fully automated robot cells or turn-key integrated production lines, our solutions are carefully configured to match your specific needs.

ROHRMAN, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A57

The specialist for welding torches and welding equipments. TIG-torches for different jobs, e.g. micro-TIG-torches for welding in confined areas and high performance TIG-torches. Many different spare parts for e.g. long gas nozzles, mini-gas lenses etc. Contact your welding distributor or take a look at our website.

Hall 13, Stand E63

Meccanica Ronzani is an Italian company with over the thirty years’ of experience in producing industrial machines for metal sheets working. The machines are completely designed and built in Italy. The company offers a wide range of quality products for metal sheets working, such as: vessel heads, shells, cones grinding systems, planishing grinding machines for seam welds, dimple jacket TIG plasma resistance machines, marbling machines - applying protection film, buffing and mirror n°8 polishing machines. Visit us at hall 13 stand E63.

Hall 13, Stand F89

For the past 20 years ROWE MINERALÖLWERK GMBH has been dedicating its passion to the production of HIGHTEC lubricants MADE IN GERMANY. Developed at our own laboratories, our products combine top quality with maximum performance. Drawing on our vast experience and sound technical knowhow, we are in a position to answer to your specific needs and provide optimum customer support. Our approaches are creative, innovative and particularly cost-efficient with regard to process parameters. In addition to engine and transmission oils, as well as antifreeze, and car care products, ROWE offers a comprehensive program of specially adapted industrial lubricants.

Hall 13, Stand D09

This year we show a wire mesh-belt shotblasting machine with a passage width of 1250 mm for continuous blasting of laser-and flame-cutting steel parts. The machine is equipped with four turboblasters each 11 kW drive power. The abrasive recovery system works with screw conveyors and a bucket elevator. The shot, purified by air classification of specifically lighter impurities such as blasting dust and worn abrasive, is supplied to the jet turbines again, so that there is a continuous circuit. The work pieces are manually placed and removed or transported via automatic feed and removal systems. The switching system includes a programmable logic controller.


Hall 13, Stand F03

Since 1985 Saglam Makina has taken an important place in the manufacturing of welding machines. The concept of the service and the priorities of SaglamMakina has never been changed from the beginning. We never compromised the principles of our product and service qualities, profitability is not our primary goal. We have a wide-range of products with traditional and special purposed welding machines that produced according to your business and design requests. We would like to bring the diversities of the world to our country and also the diversities of our country to the country which we have strong business relationships.

Hall 13, Stand G67

The Italian company Sala Punzoni srl is specialized in the production of special punches according to customers’ drawings in high speed steel and carbide for sheet metal piercing, forming and cupping and for wire deformation. Sala Punzoni also manufactures flat thread rolling dies.

Hall 13, Stand B86

Established in 1968, as Japan’s leading Automotive Tools & Die manufacturer, SASAHARA KANAGATA, has completely eliminated unreliable intuition centric manufacturing and has been operating data centric manufacturing. This assists our customers greatly to speed up their development-production process, with our waste-free and value-added Tools & Die. Our rich experience gives us strong capability for high strength steel & composite materials. Our global network shares the knowledge base and the technologies, so that we satisfy your global needs. SASAHARA KANAGATA precisely, forming the future.

SATO, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D36

SATO Cutting Systems is a system manufacturer of CNC-controlled cutting lines in the gantry and cantilever design. Our SATRONIK model range includes oxy fuel, plasma, laser and water jet cutting systems. SATO is a competent supplier of cutting systems for thin sheet up to material thicknesses of 1,600mm. This includes also the development of the tools for the welding bevel preparation and all kinds of markings, as well as a user-friendly CNC control technology. Extraction tables with filter systems, water tables with slag conveying units round off the image of the future-looking SATO Cutting Systems "made in Germany“.

Hall 13, Stand F49

SCANTOOL GROUP with its well known brands SCANTOOL, KEF-MOTOR, ARBOGA and HM MACHINERY will be exhibiting new machines. We will be showcasing new motorized ergonomic shear with innovative front & rear cut-piece dispenser, manual shears, new folding machines - both manually and hydraulically, new geared head drilling machine, new pipe notcher, new center less grinder with integrated cooling system, new bending rollers - both motorized and manual, new pipe and tube deburring machine. Beside the new products there will also be a sheet deburring machine, belt grinders, double ended grinders and polishers, magnetic drilling machines, milling and drilling machines.

Hall 13, Stand F45

Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau will present its longitudinal seam-welding machine ELENA-Laser for the first time. Its special features: ELENA-Laser can be manually loaded like classical welding machines for arc technology, but also provides precise laser weld seams at double the welding speed. Time-consuming, expensive post-zinc plating while welding galvanised pipes is therefore a thing of the past. Its flexibility and simple operation are also advantages. In contrast to fully-automatic laser welding-systems, the ELENA-Laser enables a fast transition from one product to the next. You won't even need an engineer for this; the conversion can be performed by the operator of the machine.

Hall 13, Stand G78

As supplier of standard parts SF Technik Deutschland KG provides High-Performance Spring Elements, Precision Guide Elements, Low-Maintenance Glide Elements, Precision-Cutting Elements, Upper- and Bottom-Slides, Mini-Tapping Units and accessories to the tooling industry.

SGO, South Korea
Hall 13, Stand G21

The Korean manufacturer and exporter of Oil less bearings for Press Die and Mould, Injection moulding machine, Automotive press mould & plastic moulds. In Germany, Italy and Japan we have got a good reputation about our quality and service. We have our own foundry, extruding factory and production facility and we could control everything from raw materials to final production.

Hall 13, Stand G08

Shenzhen Huayuanda Technology Co., Ltd. is a tool manufacturer, established in 1999. We design, machine, assemble and try out the tool in-house. 30 senior designers work in our company. We have 14 sets of CNC machines. The biggest one is with a bolster up to 5000*2500*1000mm. We also have 16 sets of EMD. The biggest press machine is 1250T; with the bed up to 5000*2000mm. We have a tandem die run line, including 630T & 500T press machines. We obtained the ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 & ISO14001. Our principle is to satisfy our customers. We have a good reputation worldwide.

Hall 13, Stand B80

New siasphere abrasive from sia Abrasives will enable metal surfaces to be treated efficiently, cost-effective and above all with consistent quality. This is made possible by its unique structure: instead of individual grains or several layers of grains, the surface of siasphere consists of half spheres with countless sharp abrasive grains. sia Abrasives, with its headquarters in Switzerland, is the world’s leading suppliers of innovative abrasives. The company develops, manufactures and markets complete abrasive systems, tailored to specific requirements and applications, for the surface treatment of every type of workpiece. These products turn sanding and grinding into surface technology.

Hall 13, Stand B88

Sideros Engineering has been working since 1981 in the field of machines for sheet metal cutting and welding. Our offer includes products such as cutting tables, dust collectors, deburring tumblers and positioners. Our cutting tables with integrated exhaust system can be equipped either with scraper system or with suction carriage. Sideros produces cartridge filters too, which enable the filtered air to be exhausted into the workshop or outside, through a chimney. Our range includes three-axis and head and tailstock positioners, to facilitate assembling and welding operations. Our deburring tumblers clean cut pieces from rust and slag in a fast way.

Hall 13, Stand E02

We are specialized in the production of pickling plants, sewage treatment plants and the distribution of mordant. Pickling plants of SIEDENTOP are used throughout Europe. The pickling plants are manufactured in container construction and available in a length from six up to twelve meters. The compact design also allows for use outdoors. Compilation and installation of the equipment is possible without major construction effort. We plan and produce pickling plants according to your specifications. Furthermore, we provide the appropriate sewage treatment plant for each pickling. The acids used by us are nitric acid-free and thus free from nitrous fumes.

SINOTEC, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F18

SINOtec offers a quality range of products and solutions across the field of welding protection. The specialist offers the tried, tested sales programme, especially the rigid screen material TransLux. These polycarbonate-plates have exceptional optical qualities. They are excellent for viewing windows in robotic and general machinery cells and also as partitioning around. TransLux are certified DIN EN 1598. Advancements of the aluminium frame construction are presented. The rigid panels are offered as cabinets or mobile partitions. SINOtec presents a wide range of personal protective equipment especially the welding helmet ‘BH3’ together with a blower unit, class TH3 and plenty more.

Hall 13, Stand D64

SKS develops, manufactures and delivers welding systems with weld-data-documentation for robotic arc-welding, meeting the highest standards in productivity, quality, reliability and operational times. In order to continue this philosophy, the torch line has been extended. The further development of the several thousand times proven ‘Frontpull’ technology flowed into two new torch systems. These come up with an even higher reliability and improved wire control, moreover with the full support of process arm robots. The new torch systems are endlessly rotatable, and available in two versions, with internal switch-off capability, and a lite version, using the internal collision detection of robots.

SLF, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B63

SLF is a capable manufacturer in the field of blast cleaning, paint spraying and conveying systems for large components. Our systems can be found in well-known machine building companies and steelwork companies, in shipyards, at vehicle and rail vehicle manufacturers as well as in foundries, at wind power plant manufacturers and in the aviation industry. We continuously develop our products further in order to realize and put into operation the most advantageous technologies for you. Retain your competitive advantage by operating our systems!

Hall 13, Stand D63

As the leading manufacturer of robot welding systems in Germany and Europe, we specialise in planning and designing projects. Our services range from an individual stand-alone solution to complete automation systems used for production. At the same time, our customers’ holds the consistent high-quality of our models and the wide spectrum of an "everything under one roof" provider in high regard. Robotic welding systems have a multi-purpose use: numerous individual application options are decisive for success. Investment in this futuristic technology will strengthen your competitiveness while emphasising the competence of your company.

Hall 13, Stand D30

Soitaab, a worldwide leader in manufacturing CNC cutting machines, introduces the new generation of product range; Lineatech, Plasmatech and Watertech families. Within the Watertech family, Soitaab will display at the EuroBLECH the Dualine, a CNC Waterjet and Plasma combination cutting machine; The Waterjet head is a 5 axis for automatic bevel cutting and taper compensation. Beside the CNC cutting machines, Soitaab produces Band Saw machines for heavy duty application in the field of Aerospace, forging and special steel service centers. All the machines are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.

SOYER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E08

Three-in-one. As a specialist for fastening and joining technology with over 40 years of technical experience, SOYER showcases the newly developed mobile stud welding station HesoMatic-9. This pioneering technological development combines energy source, control and feeding unit in one compact housing. The fully automatic welding of weld studs from 3-8 mm in diameter or 8-40 mm in length is greatly facilitated due to 50% less space requirements and a clearly arranged operating panel. As there is no elaborate cabling between the units, the risk of error and the susceptibility to damage are significantly minimized. This new development was awarded the Federal Innovation Prize at the IHM 2014.

SPALECK, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C81

Advance in company Spaleck Surface Treatment: The Continuous Flow System DL 600.1! Spaleck surface technology has 600.1 vibratory grinding machine developed with the new continuous system type DL that allows editing in a continuous process in a confined space; the floor space required is only 3m². The system is suited for integration into existing production lines and workpieces can be vibratory in permanent pass and in turn passed on to subsequent manufacturing processes. The helical structure of the working container means an enormous space savings over conventional continuous systems. The 200mm wide working channel has a stretched length of 11m.

STAKO, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand F60

Stako is a Dutch machinery manufacturer, headquartered close to the German border. For over 30 years, Stako has been building CNC controlled cutting machines (oxy-fuel, plasma, waterjet and laser) for the metal manufacturing industries around the world. Stako provides products and services worldwide, based on the customer wishes. Our vision is to be seen globally as a partner, innovator and manufacturer of ecological and economic cutting solutions. This is continuing in our mission: support and assist our customers’ with solutions, in technical innovations, maintenance and optimisation of the production process that correspond to the latest state of technological development.

Hall 13, Stand G80

STAMPITALIA SRL is a young and dynamic firm that specialises in the projection and production of deformation dies and metal sheet shearing. Passion and professionalism are the real engines of the company. The personal constant involvements of the four owners, who are consistently monitoring the production cycle, ensure the accuracy and the precision of our products. STAMPITALIA produces first class dies made of first class materials, thanks to the regular checks that take place in every single step of the manufacturing process. STAMPITALIA guarantees reliability, flexibility and privacy and always put customers' satisfaction first.

Hall 13, Stand D08

STRACK NORMA, the manufacturer and supplier of standard parts for tool and mould making presents the innovations and future trends of its product range for the punching and forming tool industry at EuroBLECH. Approved product innovations like the standard cams PowerMax in special design, the expansion of the range of gas springs, the reviewed standard parts like guide plates in SNS sintered metal, cutting punches and bushes will be shown at the show. Additional to this innovation, there are over 20,000 complete tools, 30,000 individual parts and a comprehensive program of accessories can be viewed in the new designed WebShop.

SUHNER, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F64

100 years’ of SUHNER: The Suhner looks this year back on a century of history. Innovation and quality has always been the driver of the company. Since its founding in late 1914 in Brugg (Canton Aargau) is all about customised solutions, quality and precision. Suhner Abrasive Expert manufactures machines and tools for economic surface finishing: power tools, pneumatic tools, machines with a flexible shaft, tungsten carbide burs and abrasive.


TAMA, Denmark
Hall 13, Stand F38

Since its inception in 1970, TAMA Denmark has steadily grown in size, gaining a reputation for special purpose punching equipment worldwide. Our modern factory equipped with latest technology, guarantees high quality workmanship and service. A manufacturer of bench mounted pneumatic air lever presses, from 250kgs to 16000kgs, supporting a complete tool design and manufacture service that can be customer specified. A comprehensive manual and hand punch programme with a focus on car body repair tools. TAMA is flexible enough to respond quickly to the demands of a world market and our loyal customers.

TECNA, Italy
Hall 13, Stand C51

TECNA, located in Castel San Pietro Terme – Bologna/Italy, is synonymous with Resistance Welding and has been designing and producing Resistance Spot Welders for 42 years’ – since 1972. During these years’, it has become a well established company specialised in a range of products including Resistance Welding Machines for industrial use with single-phase, three-phase Inverter, three-phase D.C. and Capacitors Discharge technologies. TECNA manufactures a line of products which can be considered ‘accessories’ to the resistance welding machines as adaptive and digital Welding Control Units, Test and Measurement Instruments and Balancers. A commercial network of distributors and agents covers the worldwide market.

TEKA, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E20

For over 20 years, TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH develops and manufactures filter units for industry, craft and laboratory. The international company from Germany provides a wide range of extraction and filter units that meet highest technical requirements. It ranges from mobile to stationary units and big room ventilation systems offering a comprehensive health protection for the employees, conditioning the air of a room and reducing energy costs. For example: Stationary filter unit “BlowTec” for hall filtration that considerably reduces heating costs. The product portfolio also contains cutting, welding, oxygen cutting benches as well as vision protection and soundproofing elements.

TEMPUS, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G36

Investing in our 3D welding table system will provide better ergonomic conditions for your workplace. Long-term back problems, you can counteract with ergonomic and economically viable solutions. The height-adjustable Tempus welding and assembly tables enable, depending on the model, working heights from 600 mm to 1100 mm, which can be adjusted with little effort continuously by a hydraulic pump.

Hall 13, Stand A28

In plasma cutting THERMACUT GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of torches, leads and consumables for all common OEMs. With its own development department THERMACUT, among others, presents its SILVER-PRO electrode, which stands out by its long lifetime and with that reduces costs. Another focal point is the increase of productivity because of higher cutting speed, for which the SILVER-EX electrode has been developed. Furthermore, THERMACUT provides consumables for oxy-fuel cutting as well as laser cutting like nozzles, nozzle holders, lenses and laser service parts like filter elements and bellows for the most common models.

Hall 13, Stand A48

GHG Standards was founded in 2001 in Miehlen and growing steadily ever since. We are focused on standard parts and CNC metal machining. Based on our performance, we have become over the years an important partner for most tool makers in Germany. Thanks to the creativity, flexibility and dedication of our employees we satisfy our customers from the start. Years’ of experience allows us to provide them with the best quality. We stand for quality, innovation and responsibility. With us, quality starts with the purchase of the raw material, so you can always count on us with high quality products.

Hall 13, Stand D55

TITGEMEYER the specialist in fastening technology will be showcasing an impressive selection of its current range of fastener products at EuroBLECH. Items on show will include the company’s large range of products in the areas of blind-rivet technology, threaded inserts and quick-assembly systems, including Starlock retaining washers and lockbolt systems. The tried-and-tested, battery-powered high-performance tools TIOS ER15 (for blind-rivets) and TIOS EL18 (for lockbolts) and high-strength blind-rivets will all be the subject of live demonstrations in Hannover. Fasteners made of high-quality stainless steel and the company's range of highly efficient sealants and adhesives complete the range of items on show.

Hall 13, Stand E40

Sincerity, profession, and innovation are mottos used to serve our clients. Thus, our company is able to turn out high quality and high calibre products, as an attempt to create more added values eventually. We design and manufacture the precision slitting machine, slitter knife, spacer and peripheral equipment by in Taiwan with 41 years’ of experience. Our products have been sold to worldwide, including Spain, Japan, USA, Russia, Brazil, Mainland China, etc. Best products always for you.

Hall 13, Stand G26

Top Yes Precision Metal, rich in lesson learned data, historical events and experiences remain to be one of the leaders in the field of stamping tools & stamping parts industry. In-house tooling development and fabrication to ensure on time project management provide options to customers to select Top Yes as one stop shop. In-house tooling simulation, design and fabrication capabilities; Mass production capability and experiences; Logistics services; Strong commitment to protect customers; Automotive oriented using AIAG standards to provide services to various industries; currently hold ISO9001:2000 and TS16949

TOX, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D59

Joining energy- and resource-efficient sheet metals of larger thickness. Recently the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU), Dresden realized the project “Clinching of steel and aluminium sheet metals of larger thickness” (research report no. 352/AiF-Nr.16290BR) together with the European Research Association for Sheet Metal Working e. V., as well as partners from the industry. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK was responsible for the production of the clinching tools and provided technical support for the project throughout all phases. In close cooperation with the technologists of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, the tools and process parameters could be designed at the IWU with FEM calculations in such a way that now even steel sheets with overall thicknesses up to 18 mm can be connected and joined process-reliably with the clinching process. This enables deployment of economical clinching in new application areas like for example mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, structural steel and railway engineering.


Hall 13, Stand F24

We present our specialist division of tool making, pressroom and forming technology and exhibit punches DIN/ISO, round and profile (we present in sample tools our production variants for special tools according to drawing). Piercing die and Guiding bushes DIN/ISO, Guiding elements for stamping die, Nitrogen cylinders, Die springs to ISO 10243 for punching- and forming technology. Eladur – Polyurethan springs, absorber elements, washer and special application. Tools especially for Automotive and supplier industries i.e. Ball-Lock Retainer and Marking and embossing dies, Extrusion dies for production of rivets and batteries, Stamping parts, Flush-Cutting-Tools for material thickness up to 7mm.

Hall 13, Stand E46

Victor Technologies will present their broad offering of solutions for cutting, gas control and specialty welding equipment at EuroBLECH. Ultra-Cut® XT High Precision automation plasma systems bring intelligence to the table, offering superior quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. They are designed to grow as your business grows; utilizing modular upgrade kits that allow a 100A system to be become a 200, 300 or even 400A system. The capabilities of these systems will be displayed during daily live cutting demonstrations on the stand.

Hall 13, Stand F12

VITRONIC presents its latest generation of the optical welding inspection system VIROwsi. This enables efficient, automated 100% optical inspections, visualises deviations from quality standards and documents the welded seam quality. Flat seams, such as laser seams in battery production, can also be inspected using combined 3D/2D inspections. Additional automated component or seam-related Pareto analyses help quickly identify errors and optimise production. The new VIROwsi operating concepts can intuitively teach-in welding seams and inspection limits. A further highlight is the VINSPEC optical quality inspection system for fully-automated surface/contour inspections on metal components and finishes, such as cylinder head gaskets.


WEICON, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F55

WEICON for sheet metal working: Weicon produces speciality products for the industry. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production over repair up to maintenance. Weicon also offers special products that can be used in sheet metal working. Some examples for products in this field are RK-7100, a high-strength, fast-curing structural adhesive or the elastic adhesives from Weicon that can be used for many applications. Weicon also produces technical sprays like metal or cleaning sprays that can be used in sheet metal working.

Hall 13, Stand C28

Since 1996, the WWO surface management offers a competitive advantage for your product needs. A comprehensive customer service and the wholly-owned quality standards are not just words, but 9001 in the DIN EN ISO: 2008 certified. Cut for full automation coating system guarantees a constant quality of coating and surface finish for high volume and single pieces. As a powerful centre of excellence allows WWO, everything from a single source and predestined the company as a quality service provider for the entire industry.

Hall 13, Stand B35

For 45 years, our family owned enterprise is a global wholesale dealer and manufacturer in the resistance welding technology. We develop, design and manufacture special welding plants and welding tools to customer requirements. In-house, we produce spot welding electrodes, electrode arms, and special electrodes. Used welding machines, welding guns and devices from different manufacturers can be rebuilt and updated with the latest technology. In the area of micro welding technology, we offer a complete product range from hand guns to welding heads. On these devices you can weld components for the whole electronics industry, as well as high temperature foils.

Hall 13, Stand G76

Würth – the whole world of abrasives! The requirements to surfaces are more and more increasing, especially to those in the metal sheet working industry. Nowadays, blasted products do not just have to be clean but also must meet further demands. Being a leading manufacturer of abrasives in Europe, we provide our customers with innovative products, services, and a comprehensive know-how in processing in almost every field of application. We invite you to our stand where you will find interesting and detailed information both on our product range and services. We look forward to seeing you.


Hall 13, Stand G08

Xinyongxu Metal & Die (Shenzhen)Co., LTD established in 2003 and is a large sole proprietorship enterprise. With years’ of development, we are recognised as one of the most reliable and competitive company for metal die and part manufacture. The company have more than 300 workers; the size of factory is around 20000 square meters. With abundant technical and facilities, while actively absorbing the quintessence of international experiences, we have now a professional team for metal die develop and manufacture. Honesty pragmatic and improving is our spirit to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with the industry! Seek common development!


Hall 13, Stand E30

YASKAWA presents new high-end DX200 controller for MOTOMAN robots! As one of the world’s most experienced robot manufacturers, YASKAWA has drawn on the many years of experience of its engineers for the new DX200, building on the service-proven quality of the DX100. In this way, all the advantages of the successful predecessor model have been retained. Numerous new functions and function packages have been added, further simplifying the application-specific solution and programming of robotic tasks. Moreover, the new DX200 is being market-launched together with a whole range of new and technically enhanced manipulators. Other new features include the standard and safety-oriented bus systems and the integrated safety controller. The latter transforms the DX200 into a complete Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that conforms to category 3, PL d, in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.


ZIPPEL, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E36

Lower operating costs for industrial parts cleaning! One possibility to lower the operational costs is to minimize the energy input for the cleaning and the use of new detergents, which develop their efficacy even at low temperatures also, be able to absorb a great amount of contamination and they enable a long lifetime of the bath. New “Energy Save Concept” with which energy input can be reduced considerably compared to previous machine concepts – especially for throughfeed and chamber cleaning systems. This concept is mainly based on new, energy-saving aggregates, certain detergents as well as on our patented heat recovery system.

ZRID, Australia
Hall 13, Stand F37

ZRID.Pty.Ltd is an Australian based company with a vision to provide a safe working environment to all users of welding machines and power tools around the world. For welding this is done with an automatic protection system / Deadman Switch that complies with current Welding Power Sources Standards IEC 60974.1-2012. The ZRID protection system ensures a de-energised welding cable after every weld completion preventing electric shocks when changing electrodes and accidental arc flashes. For power tools an electronic Deadman Switch is used with capabilities of soft-start, double activation and 0-Voltage restart protection control.

EuroBLECH Show Preview

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