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Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures | Joining and fastening technology | Surface technology | Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working | Factory and warehouse equipment, safety at work, environment protection | Services, information and communication


ACF Engineering & Automation GmbH, Austria
Hall 13, Stand C49

ACF is a manufacturer of flexible machines: CORNERFORMER-Multiflex, series MF25/50/100 for the production of cold formed corners on any size of panels or doors. Independent from material thickness and material. This is the solution for improved corner quality instead of expensive handwelding and dressing. The new developed flexible forming tool gives the Operator maximum flexibilty. Corner forming from 0.5mm up to 5mm thickness is the highlight. Corner designs from smallest 2mm up to 100mm size are available. High quality corners in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, titanium - ready for painting within seconds.

AGATHON AG, Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand E174

We offer standards for punching, forming, hybrid parts manufacturing, handling and machine construction. The high precision guidance systems for moving and centering mold halves convince with consistent precision, easy installation and high stability. The products range from rolling round fine centering to efficient pillar guiding systems. The guidance systems are available in various sizes and materials, as well as in application-specific designs. Find out more.

AGTOS GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B141

Surfaces are becoming more and more important. Economical concepts are required for shot blasting and often also for the subsequent preservation of sheets and profiles. A roller conveyor shot blast plant type RT 15 for sheets and profiles will be exhibited at the AGTOS booth. Interested visitors will learn more about the advantages of AGTOS shot blast plants. The most important criteria are high performance, economical operation and a good accessibility for maintenance. The fair team will also be happy to inform you about the different versions and service options of the high performance turbines.

ALFRA Alfred Raith GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C213

As a manufacturer of lifting magnets and mag drills, Alfred Raith GmbH has developed innovative and ultra-light permanent magnetic systems which enable completely new applications. These patented systems can be individualized for lifting, moving, positioning, aligning, molding and transporting and adhere even on unique 1mm material thickness. Even welding with a distance of 15mm next to the magnet is possible. Nevertheless, we also equipped our Rotabest magnetic drills (SP-Line) with the permanent-technology so they can be used even from 2mm material thickness. We are looking forward to invite you for a demonstration at our booth.

Hall 13, Stand E190

Increase efficiency, throughput, minimize waste and get all the best from your heating process? Ambrell is your induction heating expert. We are proud to announce our extensive EASYHEAT and EKOHEAT families of precision induction heating systems. By offering a range from 1 kW up to 500 kW and a variety of frequency ranges, we solve the toughest heating challenges in the scope of brazing, shrink fitting, hot forming, melting and more. See us at our booth at EuroBLECH 2016 to experience more!

Hall 13, Stand C20

Apes srl design, develop and produce machineries and plants, by CNC Numeric Control, robotized cells, prototypes, etc. for the production of: stainless steel sinks, household ovens, extractor hoods, water heaters, pots, washing machines, dish washing machines, refrigerators, cooking hobs, and any other steel product the customer needs to produce. In particular, the working of steel sheets includes welding, grinding, and polishing processes etc.

AS Schöler + Bolte GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C133

AS Schöler + Bolte produces under the brand name BTH Tech equipment and guns for all stud welding processes. Our wide portfolio ranges from easy-to-use, low-cost basic units to microprocessor-controlled, high-end devices with inverter technology. For automation, AS Schöler + Bolte provides a large standard range of CNC stud welding machines with nine different models, but also supplies customised special systems. Furthermore, the company manufactures tabletop stud welding machines for small series production and all the necessary automatic components. The manufacturing and product range of AS Schöler + Bolte includes welding studs for all stud welding processes.

AS Schweißtechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E186

Manual and automated studwelding: This year, AS Schweißtechnik GmbH from Witten, Germany, presents its newest applications for studwelding. Having been your system partner since 1980, you can benefit from our experience in both automated machinery and the welding process itself. This year, we have included the newest technical features in our systems, like remote control on PC based system. The range of systems starts from a simple weldtable through to a 4 head 2x6m CNC table with 3 axes. All common studs according the required standard are in stock.

Atik Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi, Turkey
Hall 13, Stand G31

Atik Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Şti is a rooted family company that was established in 1979. Our company has the intention of enlarging its corporate identity. We export our products to many European countries as well as doing domestic sales in Turkey. We produce high quality standard die parts (pillars, bushes, and dowel pins) for many foreign countries for the automotive, white goods and defence sectors. Atik company manufactures standard and special die components, according to the international standards recognised by the automotive industry (Ford, Naams, Fiat, VDI, Mabec, Opel, Audi, Volkswagen etc. ), that are used in press dies, casting dies, and injection moulds.

AUTOPULIT - Maquinaria para el pulido automático, S.A., Spain
Hall 13, Stand C68

AUTOPULIT from Sant Fruitós de Bages (Spain), one of the leading European producers of automatic machines for polishing, belt grinding, deburring and micro-finishing metal pieces, will participate at EuroBLECH 2016, presenting the latest technology in robots as part of its wide range of manufacturing. The exhibited robotic cell Model CR-15, used for the abrasive belt grinding of welds and satin finishing of parts, is a high-tech installation for the finishing of different parts: sinks, ovens, different kinds of appliances, soap holders for bathrooms, napkin dispensers, sinks and toilets in stainless steel. Its flexibility allows to achieve short and repetitive series, and its configuration makes the future incorporation of new elements possible.

AWL-TECHNIEK, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand B148

AWL is the specialist manufacturer of state-of-the-art welding machines. Our creative machine concepts provide important contributions to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety. Our field of expertise lies in the markets with high production volumes for sheet metal components that require high levels of automation. We can keep these markets ahead with our automated welding solutions. Due to years of experience and intensive global growth, we offer solutions in laser, arc and resistance welding. As an alternative to welding, we also employ various cold-joining techniques such as flaring, gluing and screwing.


Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand D08

The PROLAQ product range revolutionizes the cleaning of all varnish application and varnish processing tools. The PROLAQ L cleaners can be used in manual and mechanical applications and score with their reduced VOC content and excellent cleaning performance. The PROLAQ Compact and PROLAQ Auto cleaning systems feature plenty of details that facilitate the work process and contribute to a cost-effective way of working. The 3-stage treatment with coarse filter, sedimentation tank and fine filter extends the cleaners’ service life. Practice analyses show that this system allows the cleaner to be reused 5 to 10 times.

Birlik Baglanti Elemanlari San Ve Tic Ltd Sti, Turkey
Hall 13, Stand H50

Birlik Baglanti Ltd., established in 1988, is a manufacturer and exporter of special fastener systems (special kinds of screws, bolts, rivets, pins, studs and bushes) in Turkey. With a capacity of 50,000,000 pieces per month, fasteners are produced in the following dimension range: Ø 1.50 – Ø 8 mm / 230 mm; Ø 5 – Ø 10 mm / 100 mm; Ø 5 – Ø 12 mm / 130 mm; Ø 3.5 – Ø 10 mm / 300 mm; Ø 12 – Ø 24 mm / 180 mm; Ø 34 mm / 320 mm.

BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG, Austria
Hall 13, Stand C174

One of the world’s most modern PM steel production plants: BÖHLER develops and produces high-performance PM-high speed steels and tool steels, which increase tool life time cycles several times over. We consider this to be a technological leap forward from BÖHLER: the 3rd generation of PM materials. BÖHLER K490 MICROCLEAN owes its superior properties, above all, to the powder-metallurgical production process and the newly developed alloy, which has a very fine and regularly distributed carbide microstructure with different carbide types.

BOKLI Bock und Klingeberg GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H60

Visit us and inform yourself about our new capacitor discharge welding machines series "CDWM" – the versatile solution to weld components precisely and energy efficiently. See for yourself how you can reduce throughput times in the fields of automotive, electrical and heating by using our welding machines. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth.ßmaschinen/maschinenprogramm/

Hall 13, Stand C58

Bordignon’s new 2XCSX32 gas spring provides 660 daN initial force – up to 4 times compared to ISO11901 standard gas springs with a diameter of 32 mm – with more compact dimensions. The new 2XCSX32 is the result of 30 years of experience and know-how of Bordignon: High stability and speed, reduced production downtimes, with nanotechnologies Run-tech and X-tech and an initial force of 660 daN. The 2XCSX32 is the most compact and powerful gas spring on the market. We’ll be pleased to welcome you at our booth at EuroBLECH 2016 and answer your questions about our nitrogen gas springs.

Bolzenschweißtechnik bsk+BTV GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C90

Upgrade possible in the new design, now with electronic and mechanical monitoring: Our proven capacitor discharge units with a total capacity of 66mF to 132mF are now available in versions CDP-66M, CDP-99M and CDP-133M with advanced features. Combined with our new compact welding guns HPL 8M and KP 8M with integrated length measurement system, we are able to measure and display stud-overlap, lift, depth of immersion and speed. The digital process control enables the monitoring of the welding current and energy content. Many other library functions for permanently stored or variably stored welding parameters, incl. optional multi-site operation, complete the new concept.

BTM [Europe] Blechverbindungstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C214

With the patented Tog-L-Loc® and Lance-N-Loc® Clinch systems, BTM offers worldwide solutions in sheet metal joining technique. Clinching is a cost-saving alternative to common welding, screwing or riveting procedures. No previous work or support is necessary for the clinching process. It is therefore a clean, silent and energy saving method. From simple hand-held units up to fully automatic clinch machines, BTM provides a wide range of solutions to join sheet metal parts.

Bymat GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H43

Bymat GmbH was founded in 1995 and rapidly became a leading supplier in the arena of the weld cleaning equipment. Utilising the latest technology, we offer our customers cost-effective, fast and effective ways of weld cleaning. Our high-quality weld cleaning equipment quickly removes oxides created during the welding process, restoring the original material colour in an environmentally friendly manner. It also re-passivates the welds. The success of this steady growth is due to the fact that we never lose sight of our customer needs.


Hall 13, Stand A28

CEA SpA, founded by Ezio Annettoni in 1950, is one of the worldwide leaders for the design and manufacture of arc and resistance welding machines and plasma cutting equipment conceived for the industrial market.

CEMSA International S.r.L., Italy
Hall 13, Stand H118

CEMSA international recently developed several customized welding solutions. Among the most recent in 2016, we would like to draw your attention to our automatic seam welder for ammunition boxes bottom welding. This fully automatic seam welding machine is actually the fastest and most sophisticated unit for ammunition box production. It’s equipped with: medium frequency 1,000 Hz package, CNC controlled tooling on which the box body and the bottom is loaded, current monitoring, extra cooled welding heads, expansion for automatic loading/unloading. This concept can be extended to several other applications such as ovens, small cabinets, lighting cases etc.

CENIT AG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C98

FASTSUITE Edition 2 - Ready for Industry 4.0! The trend of highly individualized products will lead to a high number of variants, low production batches and flexible automation systems. The use of robot-based applications will dramatically increase. Digital Factory methods, virtual process planning, offline-programming, simulation and optimization will become mandatory to enable new technologies and to increase the production efficiency. To support this steady revolution, a next generation of Digital Factory solutions is required. The new FASTSUITE Edition 2 is specially designed to support these demands in a very efficient, targeted way.

CENTRICUT, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand E108

Hypertherm’s brand Centricut engineers and manufactures advanced plasma and laser cutting consumables. Its product line includes consumables that deliver increased value to people who own any cutting system, also non-Hypertherm, including systems by ESAB, Kjellberg, Kaliburn, and Trumpf. All Centricut brand products are engineered and manufactured to exact standards and incorporate the latest technological advances that help to reduce operating costs, while delivering increased cutting speed and quality. Centricut products include free technical support and come with same-day shipping.

Cepro Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E89

CEPRO is a specialist in the safe fit-out of welding and grinding workshops and offers an extensive package of products and services. All CEPRO products are the result of many years of experience in the design and fit-out of safe welding and grinding workplaces. CEPRO is your ideal partner for the optimisation of welding and grinding workshops. In addition to its own extensive product range, CEPRO can pride itself on a long-standing relation with a great number of skilled suppliers of other facilities for welding work areas. We would be very happy to meet you at our stand.

CeramTec GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E194

CeramTec has developed a special silicon nitride ceramic for use in the welding process that is the most suitable material for welding tools such as welding rollers, centering pins and gas nozzles. The outcome: Welding process components featuring remarkable hardness and wear resistance, and very high temperature and chemical resistance. They vastly extend service life, reduce overall retooling times, extend machine running times and enhance end-product quality. In other words: Silicon nitride ceramics create added value in the welding process.

Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E49

Welding technology in perfection: CLOOS will present a wide range of manual and automated welding. With the QIROX robots, positioners and special purpose machines, CLOOS develops and manufactures automated welding systems, meeting the specific requirements of the customers. During live-demonstrations of manual welding trade, visitors can experience the wide model range of the QINEO welding machines. The exhibition visitors can expect a wide range of welding processes for different materials and components. No matter if thick or thin, steel or aluminium – here you find the right welding process for every product requirement.

Hall 13, Stand E58

At EuroBLECH, Condoroil Chemical will present its range of formulations designed for treatment of sheets and coils in CPL, HDG, EGL and CCL continuous lines. A particular visibility will be given to the most recent and innovative formulations such as: CONDORHIBIT SAFE SC 22: very high performing pickling inhibitor, CROMCOAT CR 644 Passivating for HDG: guarantees 100 h in NSS, CONDORCOAT EC 980 Silane nanotechnological pretreatment, CONDORLUBE TP 100 Protective oil for sea transport, CONDORLUBE TP 2800 Temper fluid for low/high elongation, CONDORCOAT PC 250 Materic monocomponent Permanent Coating, HORNBILL WR New series of textured paints.


Dinse GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C142

Check out these highlights on the booth of DINSE at EuroBLECH: The highly efficient fume extraction with our MIG/MAG fume extraction torch DIX MR 340C / MRZ 304 / MRZ 305; the new automatic torch set DIX METZ 54x: 1 torch, 3 lengths, 9 variants; our power inverter for your automatic system: DIX PI and WIG power source with 20 kHz technology, also for AC/DC, and our customized system solutions for automated welding, supported by the METZ 55xx, ensuring an outstanding performance with 600A / 100% duty circle.

Dongguan Changhong Metal Technology Co., LTD, China
Hall 13, Stand F20

Changhong’s products include precision dies, drawing dies, casting dies in the fields of automotive, home appliances and office supplies. We can supply all kinds of tools & dies with the material thickness from 0.6 to 7 mm. Adhering to the business idea of ‘credit service, excellent quality’, Changhong has been focusing on the design and production of auto cover dies and multi-station dies. Changhong's employees manage the company with the advanced management and precision processing technologies absorbed from Japan, Taiwan and Europe. We provide satisfactory services with efficient management, reasonable prices and high-quality products for our customers.

Shenzhen Huayuanda Technology Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H105

Shenzhen Huyuanda Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China's professional metal stamping tool manufacturers. We obtained our good reputation from our customers. We manufacture metal stamping tools from design, machining, assembly and tryout to measurement and quality approval.

Dongguan SYH Tooling Co.,Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand F20

Dongguan SYH Tooling was founded in 2004 and is a manufacturer for stamping dies and stampings. It operates on 12,000 m² and has 260 workers. We passed the ISO9001/2000, TS16949 certification. The capacity is 40 sets per month for 500T dies; our sales reached 80 million RMB annually, specialized in designing and manufacturing dies for auto parts, home appliances, office appliances etc. We can produce dies with a maximum size of 3.0 m wide x 6.0 m long, such as progressive, transfer, single die, and also for casting die. 90% of the tools are exports for Europe, USA etc. The end customers include Audi, Toyota, Honda, HP, Panasonic, Canon, Epson.

Hall 13, Stand H54

For almost 25 years since our company's establishment in 1993, Dongsan Bearing Corp. has built a solid reputation as an expert bearing manufacturer. We manufacture and stock to European, Asian-type and American standards. We produce special types on customer request as well. Products include: ball cages, miniature ball cages (brass, aluminum, POM), EBC (recirculating guide bush for injection mold), niddle roller cages (precision punching part). Fields: components for mould and die, automation, medical devices, food industry etc.

Dumeta Import / Export GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G174

Dumeta – your partner in manufacturing. Improving work safety, reducing working hours and costs are the reasons why our customers decide to invest in our machines. We offer products which are used to optimize and facilitate handling processes in production facilities. These include positioners, rotators, rotation systems, manipulators as well as presses, tapping machines, clamping devices and racks. Dumeta supplies machinery to customers in Europe and beyond as well as rental and used machinery. We are looking forward to your visit at our EuroBLECH stand in Hannover. If you cannot wait to see our products, please visit our website!


Gebr. Eberhard GmbH + Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B18

Visit us at EuroBLECH and take advantage of the opportunity get informed about our new products: ejector pins and core pins highly tempered, flat ejector pins with 4 corner radii and extra long sheet, punch ISO 8020 type A-HSS.

Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E28

It does not matter what kind of CNC-cutting technology, ECKERT offers the best solution in each of all four cutting technologies, like laser, waterjet, plasma and oxygen cutting. Due to the fact that all machines in our portfolio are the result of nearly 25 years of experience and development, we can proudly call ourselves the expert in thermal and non-thermal cutting technologies. The high lifetime of our products is guaranteed by the traditionally built-in, MADE IN GERMANY components. The high number of over 1,300 realized projects proofs it!

EJOT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C166

Fastening elements used in multi-material structures have to guarantee stability and safety, even under the highest loads. If, in addition to one-sided accessibility, the removability of the fastener is also important, the FDS® screw is the fastener of choice. The screw fastens steel sheet (up to 1.8 mm) and aluminium (up to 4 mm) without the need of a pilot hole and with exceptional quality. Another option for joining different materials and semi-finished goods, is the so-called friction welding, EJOWELD®. Composite designs, lightweight materials and ultra high-strength steels can be fixed with a friction element installation tool suitable for robots.

ELMA TECH GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A118

The welding system specialist ELMA-Tech GmbH is known for its premium resistance spot welding machines and their technologically advanced control "Virtual Machine". Without any previous settings of parameters, this welding process control allows fully automated resistance spot welding of high-strength, coated and bonded steel sheets, as well as multi-sheet joints with quality statement. In addition to current welding systems from the product range resistance and arc technology, at this year's EuroBLECH ELMA-Tech shows different welding processes. The focus is on the "MIG Brazing in AC" and the "aluminum welding in AC / DC."

Hall 13, Stand H51

Welding and cutting fumes may cause several health problems. That is why current legislation recommends ventilation which removes fume at source. This is precisely where extracting torches of ENGMAR come in: The extraction device has been integrated in the product development right from the start. That is why the resulting extraction torches are particularly slim and allow welding even in cramped circumstances. The extraction nozzle is situated behind the gas nozzle, thus avoiding extraction of the protective gas. ENGMAR presents at EuroBLECH not only its extraction torches, but also mobile extraction units, slit nozzles and extraction tables.

ESAB Welding & Cutting GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E16

ESAB is a world leader in its industry with complete solutions for virtually every welding and cutting process and application. Our systems and product combinations set new standards for performance and productivity. At EuroBLECH, ESAB will showcase the latest welding and cutting equipment including Rebel, the most incredible go anywhere, welding anything machine. It connects to 120 and 230V and features some of the most innovative technologies on the market. Learn about ESAB’s new automated cutting solutions, see live demonstrations of our latest welding equipment and consumables, and meet our technical experts to discuss your specific application requirements.

ESS Welding GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C142

ESS at EuroBLECH: At our booth, these high-performance power sources await your visit: SquareArc for welding with equal and alternating current and TransTig for your TIG application. Both feature our unique 20 kHz technology, combined with an extremely stable arc. Moreover, we will show our special processes Rapid TIG Technology (RTT). Also come and get to know the E4: our world-class multi-function MIG/MAG power inverter. Our new TIG torch for manually welding completes the ESS- equipment: the good torch in the front, the intelligent power source in the back – ESS is the partner for your complete welding system.

ESSE A. S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand E108

ESSE A. is a leading company in supplying laser consumables, selling in the domestic and foreign markets since 1990. We use the latest technology to produce our nozzles and parts for all the laser systems. ESSE A., besides being a customer-focused company and always in search of new solutions to propose, is widely appreciated by its clients as a loyal and reliable partner to work with for defining the cutting processes.

EWM AG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E82

"Experience the world of welding" with Germany's largest manufacturer of arc welding technology, EWM AG. "We are welding" is the motto of the innovative, family-run company EWM AG, reflecting its commitment to living and breathing "welding" on a daily basis – with its staff, suppliers and partners and in cooperation with its customers. When working to meet the requirements of workshops and craftsmen, medium-sized companies or large industrial groups, customer satisfaction is always EWM's top priority. The company is now inviting all interested visitors to come and gain an impressive insight into EWM and its welding activities at EuroBLECH.

EXPERT Transformatorenbau GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G58

We offer MFDC rectifier units for various resistance welding systems, such as spot welding, projection welding, flash welding, butt welding, seam welding with 6.5 to 52 kA constant current; MFDC rectifier units for aluminium welding, high frequency rectifier units for spot welding and micro welding, current sources for capacitor discharge welding, AC transformers from 5kVA to 800kVA, and three phase rectifier units.


Förster welding systems GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A168

The optimisation, rationalisation and development of welding manufacturing processes have motivated us for more than 30 years. As a forerunner for modular welding systems and industry expert in the field of high technology fixture construction, FÖRSTER welding systems GmbH has evolved into an expert with outstanding international reputation. Well-known companies which are engaged in the steel and stainless steel processing industry appreciate the highly flexible and ergonomically optimised product solutions from FÖRSTER welding systems. Free working in every three space dimensions is enabled by the fixtures, jigs and systems based on modular constructions.

FORSTNER Maschinenbau GmbH, Austria
Hall 13, Stand B50

Efficient production of blanks from coil. At EuroBLECH, Forstner is showing individual solutions for fully automatic decoiling, sheet changing, straightening, slitting and cutting to length of various kinds of sheet metal. By using a nesting software and a programmable slitter from Forstner, the production of blanks from coil is made significantly more efficient. When using the Forstner multiple decoiling line up to a total of eight different material types are available “just in time”. It is therefore possible to have the right mixture of coil width, sheet thickness and material types for optimum blank production.

FRONIUS Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F174

At the EuroBLECH, Fronius presents with the new designed MIG/MAG welding equipment platform TPS/i a new innovative product. Users benefit from working with individually customisable welding systems that can be upgraded at any time and which stand out due to their intelligence, extensive communication capabilities and a pioneering system architecture. And now the technology leader has added one more feature: the legendary CMT process for manual and robot-assisted welding as an upgrade for the TPS/i. Fronius customers can therefore enjoy a highly dynamic welding process with one of the most stable arcs in the world and minimal welding spatter.


Hall 13, Stand C125

We offer our abrasive belt polishing machine for flat surfaces with one or multiple heads, an orbital deburring machine for metal sheet, a planetary mirror polishing machine for straight and bent tubes, and a special finishing machine for tubulars with square, rectangular and round sections.

GCE Holding AB, Sweden
Hall 13, Stand E173

GCE Group will present the next step of oxy-fuel machine cutting at EUROBLECH 2016. The focus is on the best cutting quality at the highest cutting speed using a modern and automated operating process. Together with our partner, the company IHT Automation, GCE will show the fully integrated solution FIT+ three, consisting of cutting torch, internal ignition, height control and torch lift. APC (Automatic Process Control) enables fully automated cutting process, including parameter set up. Visitors will also receive information regarding the oxy-fuel cutting accessories, including gas supply systems.

GEM srl, Italy
Hall 13, Stand A49

Marta System 7+3 AX Hybrid is fully CNC controlled and electrically operated. All the axes are interpolated. The machine is fitted with an automatic nut feeder, so it is possible to carry out projection and spot welding operations on the same equipment. The 2-stations turntable, located in front of the big C-Gun, allow the machine to work, while the operator at the other side unloads the finished part and loads the single components. A programmable and interpolate rotary lathe positioner, mounted on each side of the table, increases the already high versatility of the machine.

GLAMAtronic Schweiß- und Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A149

GLAMAtronic specializes in the CD-welding with a high current pulse and has established itself as a competent partner for different industries. Since founded in 1992, GLAMAtronic has steadily grown and today focuses on customer-oriented developments. A test department advises clients on welding inquiries and for new developments, as well as mechanical and metallographic weld examinations. In recent years, it has specialized in addition to sales of standard welding machines increasingly on special welding equipment. GLAMAtronic builds welding machines with an electric discharge to 160 kJoule and a welding force to 280 kN.

Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H194

The firm Gläsner Sandstrahl Maschinenbau GmbH is a mid-sized business for specialised machinery construction. Our firm constructs sandblasting plants from the smallest pieces of equipment for manual work and trades to large-scale plants for the industry. With our highly qualified workforce, we have worked our way up to become a market leader.

Hall 13, Stand H135

GMT Global Inc., with the trade mark "ACCUTRUST", is a professional manufacturer of standard components applied to automobile industries, such as steel bronze plated bushes, ball-lock punch retainers, ball-lock punches, DIN/ISO punches, dies, ISO guide elements, with much longer lifetime of use. Customer satisfaction means good quality. With a professional production experience of 20 years, ACCUTRUST products keep earning excellent feedback from European customers, about trustworthy quality, flexibly integrated supply and positively just-in-time service. ACCUTRUST will definitely be your reliable partner of die and mold components!

Gorenje GAIO, d.o.o., Slovenia
Hall 13, Stand A79

Gorenje GAIO, d.o.o. has been a synonym for innovative development, design, production and marketing of industrial equipment for decades. We guarantee top quality products and services which correspond to all the requirements of ISO standards. As experts in the engineering field, rich knowledge and experience and numerous partners around Europe and worldwide, we ensure the realization of your plans and ideas. Being development- and knowledge-oriented, we find the right solution for even the most demanding customers.

GORENJE ORODJARNA, d.o.o., Slovenia
Hall 13, Stand A79

For our costumers, Gorenje Orodjarna develops tools for sheet metal forming for the household appliance industry and the electrical engineering industry, progressive and transfer tools for the automotive industry, injection moulding tools for various industrial applications, tools for styrofoam packaging and tools for thermoforming products. A significant part of the company's offer comprises the design and manufacture of various measuring systems for testing the safety and functionality of various products.

Gowin Checking Fixture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand F18

Gowin Checking Fixture Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 on 4,000 square meters, now including more than 50 employees. We focus on checking fixture, jigs design and manufacturing for the automotive industry. We are committed to provide leadership training, staff training and equipment updates, all of this with the purpose to improve our staff skills. We are continuously seeking to improve our processes with the feedback from our customers so as to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive market price.

Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A59

The Grenzebach solutions for different industries combine outstanding core competence and innovative strength. Attempts to positively bond two workpieces with uniform flatness quickly push the limits of what is possible. The innovative Grenzebach friction stir welding technology requires neither filler metals nor consumables to bond different kinds of metal with non-detachable, mechanically strong welds. In the stir welding process, a rotating pin joints the materials through friction, generating the needed process heat.The introduced heat makes the materials malleable and the rotating tool stirs the material along the weld. The outcome is a rugged, lasting and high-quality metallic bond with matchless surface finish.

GSB OILLESS Imalat Sanayi ve Pazarlama Ltd. Sti, Turkey
Hall 13, Stand H149

GSB OILLESS STANDARD DIE COMPONENTS started operating in 1996 in Turkey as representative of the world’s leading companies in the standard press die components field. Since 2002 it has been Turkey’s first manufacturing company in the production of self-lubricating guiding elements and mechanical press die components according to the international standards. At the moment, GSB OILLESS STANDARD DIE COMPONENTS is the approved supplier for projects of VW, Audi, Ford, Fiat, BMW, and PSA.

Hall 13, Stand G03

Gullco International is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of equipment used for the mechanisation and automation of welding & cutting. Our world class KAT® and Moggy® carriages, KBM® bevelling machines, travel carriage and track options, orbital welding products, electrode ovens, KATBAK® ceramic weld backing, flux conditioning and control systems, including flux hopper, flux rebake and holding ovens, provide the quality and reliability you need for enhanced productivity, cost saving and quality control. Find what you need from the trusted leader in cutting and welding automation. We offer you worldwide distribution and personalised customer care. Gullco International delivers what you’re looking for.


Hankook Material Co., Ltd., South Korea
Hall 13, Stand A111

Hankook Materials is a non-ferrous manufacturer in South Korea specialized in copper alloy items.

HBS Bolzenschweiss-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E81

We are a medium-sized company based in Germany (Dachau) that is a global leader in the development and production of innovative, user-friendly nut and stud welding systems. Our products range from portable hand-held devices to CNC-controlled systems. Extensive accessories, also for robot applications, complete our offerings. In addition to the various application areas, we also offer numerous welding elements and accessories. Our roots lie in the crafts trade – with this experience, we can develop and produce devices which are both increasingly innovative as well as more user-friendly that offer our customers an added value in an outstanding manner.

Walter Heller GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E157

We are your partner in the area of resistance welding technology and automation – from the first idea to the ready machine. As a manufacturer of special machines, we develop, design and build your machine from the tool to the complete plant. Apart from special machine engineering, we are a full-range supplier in the area of resistance welding technology. We have been selling products of TECNA®, Italy since 1982. Another service we offer our customers is the overhauling of machines and repair works for all models, maintenance of your machines and trainings.

Heron Machine & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand F20

HERON MACHINE & ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is one of the biggest manufacturer of resistance welding equipment in China. We are experts in the resistance welding field and are specialized in: spot, rolling, seam with range of medium frequency DC welder, capacitor discharge welder, etc.

HGG 3D Profiling, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand B68

Our machines offer you complete freedom to execute complicated profiling in steel pipes, beams, box sections and other profiles regardless of size and specifications. You will eliminate grinding and reduce both fitting and welding time, simply because you can produce clean, exact cuts. We know this for a fact because we don't just design and build outstanding 3D profiling machines, we also use them every day. Our 3D profiling subcontracting services handle roughly 250 tons of material per week.

C. Hilzinger-Thum GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H28

Hilzinger-Thum's new disc brush T7/SLF has been specially developed to attend the needs of sheet metal processing. The brush consists of strips of slit coated abrasive and fiber. It has been engineered for uniform edge rounding and deburring of inner and outer contours of sheet metals and flat parts. The disc brush consists of a re-usable polyamide core and individually equipable abrasive-fiber-strips. The strips are available in various grain sizes, qualities and slit width. The disc brush T7/SLF is used either in manual operations, on stationary machines and on planetary head systems.

HKS-Prozesstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B134

The online monitoring of welding data detects, for example, cold welds, lacks of fusion and pores immediately, and thus avoids erroneous serial production or optimizes welding processes. We present an independent measurement technology for welding – from manual welding up to complete system monitoring – based on electrical parameters and analysis of passive thermography. A new feature of the system WeldQAS is a special robust version for use in pipeline construction, which has just passed its first test in practice. Additional optics for the ThermoProfilScanner allow the integration into the beam paths of solid state lasers, which enables new applications in laser welding.

Hongju Automotive Component Tool & Die Co.Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand F20

HONGJU Automotive Components Tool & Die Co., Ltd was established in 2005 and is located in the famous tool-making town CHANGAN with more than 110 people. HONGJU is always the best choice of tool suppliers for customers from Europe, America and Japan with mature design process, exquisite manufacturing technology and excellent management and service system. HONGJU has widely supplied our customers not only with automotive components, but also includes office equipment and household appliances die. Our main tool types are progressive tool, transfer tool and single tool; we always focus on researching drawing tools in which we have rich experience.

Hall 13, Stand E108

Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced cutting products for the use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing and automotive repair. Its product line includes plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems, in addition to CNC motion and height controls, CAM nesting software, and consumables. Hypertherm systems are trusted for performance and reliability that result in increased productivity and profitability for hundreds of thousands of businesses. The company’s reputation for cutting innovation dates back nearly 50 years to 1968, with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting.


IDEAL-Werk C. + E. Jungeblodt GmbH + Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C17

Since 1923, IDEAL has stood for innovation and progress in the production of welding machines. During this year's EuroBLECH, IDEAL presents innovations and welding engineering for sheet metal and strip processing. One of the innovations is a NC-controlled jig welding machine for spot and projection welding. Through medium-frequency technique and energy recovery, a resource-efficient and economical procedure is ensured. The world's greatest innovation of this jig welder is the flexibility and speed, as well as an integrated tool exchange. The additional product portfolio comprises butt, flash-butt, arc and laser welder for coil joining of sheet metal.

IGM Robotersysteme AG, Austria
Hall 13, Stand A36

igm Robotersysteme AG will present the following robotic System: iBS – igm bevelling System. iBS – igm Bevelling System – is a patented system for sensor guided chamfering of flat sheet metals. The cutting head is taken up by a parallelogram-type kinematic and is conceived for upper, lower and multiple bevels on sheets up to 450 mm thickness, even on holes from 80 mm diameter. The integrated Laser camera iCAM is guiding the cutting torch and continuously compensates all deviations of position and contour effected by heat deformation.

IHT Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E173

IHT Automation, one of the world's largest independent producers of sensor-based height control systems for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines, presents at EuroBLECH its new part and full automation solutions for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment. Besides CUTCARE, consisting of CNC, IHT height control system and plasma power source, this year's focus is on the automation of oxy-fuel. IHT and GCE present the new M 4000 FIT +, a height control system with integrated ignition and height sensor. If you want to see more, come and discover our APC system (Automatic Process Control), a complete height control system with gas controller.

IMEAS S.p.a., Italy
Hall 13, Stand G112

IMEAS from Italy will show the new "AX” series brand for grinding and brushing machines, especially designed to process sheets and plates up to 15mm thickness, as well as coils up to 6mm thickness. The machines are available in 1600 or 2100mm working width to process both cold and hot rolled stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. The machines can be supplied either for dry or wet processing. The main features of "AX" series are a new graphical interface and several options for easy maintenance and a flexible production.

Inelco Grinders A/S, Denmark
Hall 13, Stand H195

Tungsten electrode grinding? There is money to be saved with the Ultima-Tig grinders from Inelco Grinders. And with the new AutoGrind you can grind the electrodes automatically, ensuring a uniform quality of the electrode tips, faster grinding and the best ergonomic solution. We will show and demonstrate the grinders, and tell you more about how to save money when grinding your tungsten electrodes.

Infralytic GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H140

In addition to several new accessories, we will present our new model IOS NG2-Fast for even more quicker measurements of lubricant thickness. By close cooperation with our customers we succeeded to further improve precision, stretch the longevity of our meters far beyond 10 years and simplify the gauge usage even for complex tasks, like the application to new surfaces. A special focus was layed on the measurement of hot melts. Please see also the "big brother", our new online head for larger distance to the strip, which is marketed by our partner EMG-Automation.

INTERCOM S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand B38

Since 1981, Intercom has been a strategic partner for the toolmaker and the tool industry. Made in Italy, the company is a leading manufacturer of: standard ISO guiding elements, special parts according to drawing, punches and dies, special die plates, mechanical tapping units, electronic tapping units, and a wide range of high quality products to ensure the best performance of tools and successful productions.

isoloc Schwingungstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E165

There is no need for air springs! Air springs are frequently used for source insulation of eccentric presses but this does not have to be the case. This solution is very laborious and expensive because additional masses like steel plates have to be used in order to minimize the vibration movements (amplitudes) of the presses. You can see here that there is an easier, but just as effective solution.


Karnasch Professional Tools GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A68

The high competence of our employees and the excellent quality of our tools turn our company into a reliable and strong partner for international customers in the following areas: tool and mould construction, aviation and aerospace technology, automotive industry, ship construction industry, railway construction, construction industry, steel and bridge construction, aluminium processing (NF-metals), wood processing, plastic processing. We warrant continuous availability of our products and are able to implement special constructions for specialised customer wishes, and to always find the perfect solution for the respective applications, for example drilling, milling, sawing, grinding and sinking.

Hall 13, Stand B214

Meko Metal supplies the main automotive, agriculture, construction, electric/electronic, energy, furniture and metal forming industries with professional experience in open and closed special profiles. According to the customers' requests, Meko Metal applies bending, punching, cutting and welding operations to the profiles for semi-finished or finished products. Meko Metal designs and produces all necessary dies and tools by itself. At the end of 2011, Meko Metal was cooperating with Kayseri Metal Center. Since January 2016, Kayseri Metal Center, including its activities and investments, has been operating under the trademark of Meko Metal, located in a 75,000 qm area with a total production capacity of 150,000 tons.

Kemppi Oy, Finland
Hall 13, Stand F126

Kemppi launches three novelties at EuroBLECH. For industrial welding systems, Kemppi reveals a multifunctional welding solution that uplifts welding performance and quality through a focused and efficient arc, an upgradeable power source, and a practical wireless user interface that features full integration with welding management tools, including welding procedure specifications WPSs. For the health and comfort of welders, Kemppi introduces the new welding face shield and FreshAir respirator family with the highest TH3 level of protection, premium adjustability and superb visibility. In the ready-to-weld portables, Kemppi upgrades freedom of working for industrial maintenance with a convenient, ready-to-weld MMA cell pack.

Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B98

Just in time for EuroBLECH 2016, Kjellberg Finsterwalde presents new products and technologies for plasma cutting. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the excellent quality and high cutting speeds for themselves during live demonstrations at our booth. Different technologies will be deployed, such as Contour Cut for cutting small holes and fine contours or cutting with air as plasma gas. Kjellberg’s exhibition will be completed by the fibrelaser XFocus.

Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweißtechnik und Verschleißschutzsysteme GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B98

With its practical welding demonstration, Kjellberg Finsterwalde shows the application range of the InFocus technology. It achieves process-stable and reproducible results in fully or partly automated production processes. Various steels and non-ferrous metals can be welded or soldered in a broad range. InFocus produces high-quality joints, fulfilling the most demanding industry standards.

Koike Europe b.v., Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand E126

At the show, Koike exhibits the new plasma bevel type “SmartBevel” and the new Inkjeton "live" on the DELTATEX Plasma Cutting Machine. At the same time, Koike is cutting “live” with the flexible and low-cost CNC cutting solution, the PNC-12 Extreme. Koike is presenting a new welding carriage range, from programmable semi-automated carriages up to 2D or 3D rail guided semi-automated welding solutions. For complex portable bevel cuts, the IK12Max3 is Koike’s high end solution, available with different torch configurations for different bevel types.

Heinrich Kreeb GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E04

Heinrich Kreeb GmbH has over 80 years of experience in offering extensive, customised surface finishing solutions. We produce a wide range of tools that offer a great variety of surface finishing treatments. Our tools can be used for deburring, cleaning, grinding, satin finishing and polishing. Kreeb offers you the surface finishing tools you desire for products of every size and shape.

KULLEN-KOTI GmbH Technische Bürsten, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B125

Technical brushes designed for the perfect fit: Kullen-Koti has been providing innovative solutions to customers and partners all over the world for more than 100 years. Kullen-Koti offers exactly the right brush to address customer-specific industrial applications in every sector, through to individual, one-off solutions. Kullen-Koti makes selecting and implementing better solutions faster, simpler and more reliable – backed by sound expertise and one of the world’s biggest product ranges. Brush technology from Kullen-Koti – for greater productivity, reliability and economic efficiency across wide-ranging processes, with highly efficient application solutions which are fit for the future.

Kunshan Dersun Precision Mould Co. Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand H134

Kunshan Dersun Precision Mould Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, covering an area of 8,860 square meters. The company is equipped with a WAIDA optical profile grinder from Japan, AGIE wire cut machine from Switzerland, a Moore Jig grinder from the USA etc. We are specialized in the design and manufacture of precision progressive stamping die and machinery parts, automation equipment parts and automotive stamping die.

Kunshan Shinfung Tooling Co; Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand H68

The dies we make are for producing automobile parts, such as safe belt series, brake pedal products, spring seats and all kinds of inner bracket structure parts. Shinfung provides the integrated services from design, machining, assembly, try-out, improvement till approved part at reasonable prices and with efficient timing, as well as superb quality. The exporting business occupies 70%, the major export markets are in Europe, South America and Japan.

Hall 13, Stand A125

Kursunel MOULD manufactures products like tinplate metal progressive moulds and tinplate parts by source material construction. KURSUNEL MOULD became the manufacturer of TOGGLE CLAMP, KUKAMET's subordinate trademark, by using its experience and knowledge and supplying leaders of the industry, like MERCEDES-BENZ TURK INC. and TUMOSAN SAF HOLLAND GMBH.


Lapmaster Wolters GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A58

High-precision deburring and edge rounding with the Peter Wolters BD 300-L! The enhanced proven technology of the linear deburring machine BD 300-L provides processing solutions for a variety of materials and work pieces in the high-precision deburring and defined edge rounding markets. The BD 300-L can be equipped from one to a maximum of four units. The machines are based on a two- or four-station layout. Each Burr-Ex® working station is equipped with a planetary head with two separate controllable drives. Every unit is equipped with five 150 mm diameter deburring tools. The tooling is manufactured to the customer's part specifications.

Hall 13, Stand E43

LEAS is a leading group in electro resistance welding technology and industrial automation manufacturing automatic welding lines with cutting edge turn-key solution in the field of household appliances, automotive industry, heating (HVAC), power transformers. Production range includes machine, transformers and welding controls for spot welding, projection welding and seam welding production lines for steel plate radiators, heat exchanger boiler and expansion vessels kitchen ovens stainless steel sinks sealed compressors logistics.

Dongguan Lelin Tilledtek Metal Technology Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H105

Dongguan Lelin Tilledtek Metal Technology CO., Ltd, established in August 2006, operates on a 3,300 square meters workshop. There are 70 people in the company. Our business scope includes precision die tooling and precision metal stamping die tooling fabrication and metal stamping manufacturing to OA, automotive and electronics (terminals) industries.

Linco Precision Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Hall 13, Stand H61

LINCO is a leading manufacturer for plastic and stamping mold components. Founded in 1975 in Taiwan, its former name was YCT and it was renamed to LINCO in 2011. LINCO is ISO9001 certified. With our strong capability and a skilled team, we can thoroughly fulfill our clients' demands from all over the world.

Lincoln Electric Deutschland ZNL d. Lincoln Smitweld BV, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G213

What started with welding many decades ago has evolved into a range of applications and solutions that apply to virtually every segment of the manufacturing process, including cutting. That’s why Lincoln Electric invests in the largest application engineering, automation and R&D support centers in the industry. Highly experienced technologists and engineers are available to not only troubleshoot customer problems in the field – anywhere in the world – but also to develop new solutions based on whatever customer challenges we encounter. This industry-leading technical support team has one focus: Providing you with the best cutting solutions for your special needs.

Linde AG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E142

The perfect fusion: Integration meets innovation. Linde connects its innovative gas technologies for cutting and welding with comprehensive services and reliable logistics. The result is the perfect fusion, where integration meets innovation. Visit us at EuroBLECH in Hanover and experience first-hand how our expertise and new technologies can support your business. Linde – ideas become solutions.

LOESER GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C43

Loeser GmbH is a major producer of premium quality grinding, polishing and deburring machinery. Headquartered in Speyer, Germany, LOESER has been in operation since 1934, producing machines and complete systems for over 75 years. LOESER has persistently continued to further develop and refine existing fundamental technologies. LOESER prides itself in innovation using the latest technology in machine controls and mechanical components. LOESER’s product line has been recently expanded with new type of planetary brush head deburring machines typ FB 384 for part up to 500 mm width.

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F157 • Hall 13, Stand F158

With the motto 'smart welding', Lorch is bringing its application centre directly to the trade fair stand at this year's EuroBLECH fair in Hannover. Visitors can experience the latest welding technology solutions from Lorch live at the 160 m2 stand, just like at the Auenwald and Bottrop locations in Germany. The focus is smart industrial solutions from the hand welding and automation areas.

Hall 13, Stand G34

Lord® Structural Adhesives presents its wide selection of construction adhesives and complete solutions, developed for the high requirements of our customer’s applications. We support our clients with our enormous experience, over many years, in various markets, to find the optimal solution for your fastening technology. Easy handling, process safety, low costs and high reliability are the parameters, which we use to specify, together with our customers, the best solution for their next project and next business. Lord® presents new products, for avoiding „read through“ issues, as well as the next generation of MMA adhesives with high shear strength and T-Peel.

Lucky Harvest Co., Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand E02

At EuroBLECH 2016, Lucky Harvest will present its R&D ability and manufacturing capacity regarding automotive tooling and automotive parts. On the one hand, Lucky will use the related data and poster to show the details of various kinds of tooling, such as the typical casting tooling and steel tooling to reveal its R&D ability. On the other hand, Lucky will also show several automotive parts at the exhibition, especially the iron casting and precise metal parts in order to present its manufacturing capacity. To sum up, Lucky is looking forward to represent its automotive expertise to the public within the course of EuroBLECH.

LUKAS-ERZETT Vereinigte Schleif- und Fräswerkzeugfabriken GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B166

The company offers a maximum removal rate with consistently aggressive grinding performance and long service life: "Purple Grain Single" and "Purple Grain Multi" – these are the ceramic-grain all-rounders for your heavy-duty applications. The two new, exceedingly forceful grinding discs combine the advantages of three conventional tools: the aggressiveness of a fibre disc, the uniform wear of a rough-grinding disc and the durability of a high-quality flapwheel. Purple grain tools remain consistently aggressive in the centre of the disc, right down to the last grain, and achieve a high quality finish with their cool grinding action, without blue discoloration.


Hall 13, Stand F44

Magmaweld products are known in more than 70 countries and are being used by welders of several industrial segments. Our company was founded in 1957 in Istanbul as an Oerlikon Licensee for manufacturing stick electrodes. Over time, we have reached the level of developing and manufacturing the complete range of welding products.

Marketing Representative Canhe Technology Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H148

Canhe Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009 and has been specializing in the design, manufacturing and technology development of metal stamping dies for automotive parts since its establishment. The company is located in Shajing Town, Shenzhen, with a plant area of 4,000 square meters. We have 100 employees, including 20 designers and over 60 experienced professional technicians. We use UG, AutoCAD, Catia, PRO/E, solidworks, Dyanform and autoform software for design and simulation according to the customer's requirements. Our core business philosophy: “Customer first, high quality, short lead time, competitive price, excellent service.”

MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F107

With the new LiteARC 180, Merkle has brought out a new maschine for MMA/electrode welding. The unit is of course developed and produced by Merkle and so it is, like all their machines, "Made in Germany". The new, portable MMA/electrode welding inverter LiteARC 180 at a handy format stands out with its excellent welding characteristics. The continous adjustment of the welding current up to 170 A (MMA/electrode) and up to 180 A (TIG) outperforms many other models. Professional connection sockets, an automatic cooling regulation as well as the easy handling are making the LiteARC 180 unique.

Messer Cutting Systems GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C98

Messer will be presenting three combined processes on its “universal” MultiTherm® machine: laser cutting, plasma cutting and inkjet marking can be combined within one plan. This way, internal contours could, for example, be cut with precision using the fibre laser and external contours quickly and economically with plasma. Markings, identifications etc. are added by inkjet with no adverse effect on the material. This simplifies individual part cataloguing, giving advantages for later tracing. With the Messer service concept, machine customers can customise their requirements in individual service level agreements. All service modules are available individually or differently combined in the “360° All-In” service package.

Messer Group GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C98

Messer, the industrial gases specialist, exhibits at EuroBLECH 2016 with gases for welding and cutting applications. Messer provides information on the benefits of ternary shielding gas mixtures that save work, time and money: choosing the right shielding gas, flow rate and the ideal parameter combinations are key to minimising welding time, finishing work and thus costs. Messer demonstrates the diverse range of applications for its products and will be talking about the savings potential of using ternary gas mixtures. Initial consultations take place directly at the stand. Beyond that, the industrial gases manufacturer offers detailed on-site consultations for your needs.

MicroStep Europa GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E98

Networked processes, intelligent production, high flexibility – MicroStep has always developed its cutting solutions to these requirements. At EuroBLECH 2016, MicroStep, one of the world leaders of automated plasma cutting, presents the following innovations: The MG plasma cutting machine is a pioneer in multifunction and automation – combining technologies for 3D-processing on sheets, tubes, profiles and bottoms. With the laser cutting system MSF FiberLas, the principle of multifunctional ability achieves a new evolutionary level: bevelling, drilling, tapping and countersinking on sheets, pipes and profiles including automated material handling is now standard. Our partner Kjellberg presents the compact MasterCut Eco, a high-quality plasma and oxyfuel system.

MIG WELD GmbH International, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F82

We present our welding consumables for aluminum, copper and stainless steels on spools and in drums. A complete range of products for wire transport from the pay-off pack to the wire feed unit consisting of drum trolley, spreader bar, wire liners of conventional construction, and the low-friction Rolliner is also presented. The Toughliner used for steel wires is supplemented by two additional products with high flexibility and additionally improved tensile strength. The milling rings and double-sided milling rings replace grinding by milling and improve efficiency, occupational safety and quality of the weld preparation for repairs and other jobs.

MIG-O-MAT Mikrofügetechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H166

As a manufacturer and specialist in the field of plasma welding, MIG-O-MAT shows at this year's EuroBLECH their solutions for longitudinal seam welding of plates, containers and pipes. As a manufacturer of plasma welding systems, the goal was to build a machine around this process. For the development of this machine, the company focused primarily on the specific requirements of the plasma process, and a simple and intuitive operation for the user. At EuroBLECH, the welding of stainless steel sheets in the range of 3-10 mm will be demonstrated.

Hall 13, Stand F151

Mollificio Bordignon offers die springs according to international standards, super powerful die springs and high performance springs made to customer order. Our BLACK series are our strongest springs ever. Those springs handle exceptionally high loads, greater than those loads available from gas springs, polyurethane springs and disc springs of the same size.


Hall 13, Stand B126

Essemec S.r.l. Unipersonale, certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, is a qualified and reliable partner in designing and manufacturing compound, progressive and transfer dies for the shearing and forming of metal sheet for the major industry sectors: automotive, household appliance, air conditioning and many others. The Newstark brand manufactures standardized die components such as roll bending, conveyor belts, self-threading punches, demagnetizers, brackets and pneumatic ejectors. Its strength is to be able to offer innovative solutions which are unique in the market: cams with nitrogen cylinder extraction system to increase application possibilities, low voltage electrical ejectors and supports for storage and transport of the dies.

Ningbo Hifly Tool Technology Co; Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand H68

For the stamping tools, our expertise lies in two fields: automobile parts and home appliance parts. Automobile parts include tail pipes, body parts, chassis, door window regulators, door hinges, interior trim pieces for doors, engine radiator shields, oil cooler parts, seats, anti-collision beams, doors and windows and retroreflectors. Home appliance parts include air conditioning, cookers, range hoods, TV sets, refrigerators and parts. We can design and build tools from 1.5 to 4 meters long with the following lead times: 1.5 meters – 50 days, 2.5 meters – 70 days and 4 meters – 90 days.

Novacel GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F214

For more than 50 years, Novacel has accompanied customers operating in various industrial segments and has been providing appropriate solutions for the perfect protection of surfaces throughout the production process, handling, storage and transport. One important market segment for protective film of Novacel is the metal industry with its various different applications. Novacel offers a wide range of products for laser cutting: The new generation of laser films adapted for use of the fiber laser technology, as 4228REF has successfully entered the market. Various solutions for transforming operations like bending, stamping or deep-drawing are available: You made it perfect, we keep it that way!

NUOVA C.M.M. S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand G22

Nuova CMM s.r.l. has focused on welding automation since 1974, ranging from standard equipment, such as table positioners, roller beds, columns and booms, longitudinal seamers and circular positioners to fully automatic lines for the production of ferrules, T/H beams, cylindrical/toroidal LPG tanks etc. At this edition of EuroBLECH, we are proud to present our new, fully automatic TBL for light/medium T beams and the new longitudinal seamer SWC 1.0 for outer and inner welding. Both of them are interfaced with Android technology for easy post-sales support and production control by the user. This is our first step towards Factory 4.0.


OBO Befestigungselemente GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G168

Weld studs are very diverse – but this is what is required. Our range extends from threaded bolts of every type through to blade terminals of all types of material and in every dimension. As a manufacturer of branded goods we offer you a gapless weld stud range with over 2,000 articles, in-house development and fabrication, continuous product maintenance and further development, customer-specific special dimensions on request and special fastening elements, e.g. blade terminals. Your task is our mission. In co-operation with you, our technical advisors will find an economic solution for your particular fastening assignment.

OMSG - Officine Meccaniche San Giorgio SpA, Italy
Hall 13, Stand G57

At EuroBLECH 2016, OMSG will expose a roller conveyor shot blasting machine type LAUCO 150 NP. This shot blasting machine is available for the surface treatments of: sheets, profiles, pipes, frames, and so on. LAUCO machines are the most popular shot blasting machines manufactured by OMSG. The company produces around 25-30 roller conveyor machines per year. All the LAUCO machines are equipped with patented OMSG’s wheels and brushing and blowing devices.

OMCR S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand H38

Almost 40 years ago, OMCR started its activities on precision machining, and since the origin “the satisfaction of the customers” is at the center of its attention. Throughout the years, OMCR has specialized in the production of standard die components for the automotive sector, becoming step by step a point of reference for all of the most important die builders. The quality is the leading thread of all OMCR activities: competence, engineering, flexible production systems, careful organization and responsibility. Our greatest strength is the passion that we put at the disposal of our customers. OMCR, a partner that makes you competitive.

Hall 13, Stand C111

Atiker Welding is a leading Turkish welding and soldering technology manufacturer located in Konya, Turkey, specialized in the following production lines: welding machines, MIG torch and spare parts, TIG torch and spare parts, plasma torch and spare parts, holder group, socket group, cable group, mask group, heater group, water pump, wire feeder motors, hose group, electrode group, and wire series.

optrel AG, Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand G171

optrel is the global technology leader for innovative welding glare protection. Starting with the invention of the automatic welding helmet more than 30 years ago, optrel stands for the continuous development of welders' safety and maximum comfort. optrel stands for innovation: our motivation is to improve what exists, and to create progress with the latest technologies. With our products and services we provide customer satisfaction. In recent months, we presented one world record after another – and there is no end in sight! Visit us at our booth and 'experience the difference'.

Hall 13, Stand B174

From the small, portable hand welding machine for hobby and repairing issues to the powerful inverter-welding machine for industrial applications and robot usage, OTC DAIHEN offers the complete product portfolio. Furthermore, OTC DAIHEN has robots which are used in the fields of handling and welding and fulfil wide requirements in terms of range, working load etc. The welding robots are equipped with the necessary welding technique from one source. At EuroBLECH2016, the product range in the fields of arc welding technique will be extended once again with innovative developments like the SynchroFeed system and the AC/MIG process for example.


P.E.I.- POINT S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand G141

P.E.I.-POINT, an Italian manufacturer of resistance welders, fulfils the requirements of the manufacturers of steel sheet assemblies, mainly in the automotive and domestic appliance industries as well as car body repair works. Medium-frequency technology, applied to the whole range of welders, assures maximum performances for quality control and energy saving. The new spot and projection welders PFA series in combination with a CNC controlled two-axis table allow to increase production rate. Through simple guided programming, the friendly user interface with 7” touch screen ensures PFA welders to be competitive both for high volumes and small lots.

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B08

Welding. Simply Welding. This is what Panasonic Robot & Welding will show at EuroBLECH 2016! Simply laser welding with the LAPRISS system which provides all-from-one laser welding solutions, including process support. Simply TIG-Welding with the TAWERS TIG technology, which realizes high-speed welding due to high deposition by wire heating effect. Simply aluminum welding with the TAWERS Active Wire Feed Process Aluminum technology, which offers the possibility to weld thick and thin aluminum together using heat input control technology. Simply TAWERS, which fusions robot, controller, welding power source and servo wire feeder to one unit. Simply Welding. Simply Panasonic Robot & Welding.

PengFei Metal & Mold (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H148

Pengfei Group was founded in 1997 and is specialized in precision tooling and die design, development, production and sales of metal mold and stamping parts, import and export of technologies with the national level of a new high-tech enterprise. Pengfei Group has always focused on high-end molds, manufacturing and precision sheet metal development since its establishment, parts of which are widely used in auto parts, OA automation and other industries.

PERKUTE Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C76

The PERKUTE Maschinenbau GmbH with headquarters in Germany produces fully automatic single and multi-chamber cleaning systems spraying water-based for all areas of application. Wherever a first, intermediate or final cleaning is needed. The product range includes the “Top loader series”, the “Front loader series”, the conveying washing machines and the basket washer. With special equipment, it is possible to insert the Clean-o-mat RC out of the “Toploader series” also to biological paint stripping in spraying. Hereby, PERKUTE offers an attractive alternative to conventional solvent- or sand-blasting. PERKUTE is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial cleaning of components.

Peter Prinzing GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C49

NEW - Rounding machine for cones: Supported by a SPS control, sheet metal cuttings get rounded to a cone with one semiautomatic cycle. Up to a length of 500mm, sheet thickness of 2mm and a possible angle of 120°.

Hall 13, Stand A163

Come along and see how Promotech’s machines and solutions can meet your particular needs in scope of punching, beveling, welding and cutting. Learn more about portable hydraulic punchers equipped with unique overhead support. Lay the foundation for high quality welds through accurate beveling with no heat affected zones or distortion by means of portable or stationary plate and pipe bevelers. Explore our wide range of trackless or rail welding and cutting tractors for a number of applications, thanks to a variety of accessories including rigid, flexible or ring tracks, pendulum or linear oscillators and vacuum system. We will discuss your requirements for gantry welding systems with you.

PRONIC S.A, France
Hall 13, Stand G52

PRONIC has been manufacturing tapping solutions for more than 27 years now, becoming a world leader in In-Die tapping solutions. Based on this experience, PRONIC has diversified its competencies in the In-Die insertion systems: bushings, shafts, patches, etc. Several systems already run successfully in South and Western Europe. Our team and network of distributors in 40 countries will assist and support you in all your projects, from the start of the design to the startup of the equipment. Come to visit us, In-Die tapping and In-Die insertion solutions are presented. For In-Die solutions think PRONIC.

Punch Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H68

With advanced technologies and equipment as well as excellent management, Punch Industry strictly controls every step of the production process: technics, filtration, process, inspection, logistics. Currently, Punch Industry is capable of providing 147 categories including more than 20,000 kinds of products with high precision, stable quality and good interchangeability.


Hall 13, Stand F218

Riv-Elit® is a full range of blind fastening solutions suitable for sheet metal or composite materials. At the show, Riv-Elit® will present its speed technology (rivets diameters 1.6 to 6.4 mm and full automated setting units), lockbolts and structural blind rivets for safe assemblies and heavy-duty industries, breakstem rivets and blind rivets nuts. The speed technology is a unique automated feeding system leading to reduced setting time and operator fatigue, and to increased productivity.

RIVIT S.r.l., Italy
Hall 13, Stand H33

Rivit S.r.l. is an Italian leading company for the production and distribution of quick fastening systems for sheet metal assembling and relevant tools. Rivit came to develop a wide range of products for fasteners for the industry (blind rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, welding studs, pin and collars, latches, cage nuts, screws) and related tools for their installation. Each range of fastener includes relevant tools for their application. There are tools for rivets and rivet nuts, stud-welding tools, presses and hand tools for fastener fixings, applicable for a wide variety of uses.

Robotek Ltd., Turkey
Hall 13, Stand A158

Robotek manufactures one or two component polyurethane and silicone dispensing systems. The robotic dispensing system is a sealing, bonding and potting/encapsulation solution for wide range of industries. The standard configuration includes a low pressure dosing and dispensing unit, cartesian or 6 DOF robot, a dispensing table and a temperature conditioning unit. There are a wide range of options and automation solutions available to configure the ideal solution for your applications. Whether an individual dispensing machine or up to fully automated robot cells or turn-key integrated production lines, our solutions are carefully configured to match your specific needs.

Robotek GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A158

Robotek offers the most advanced production line concept in a compact design for gluing and gasketing of V-filters. The line has been developed in an approach to create dark factories within Industry 4.0. It consists of a high precision dosing and dispensing machine, conveyors and two 6DOF robots, moving on a common linear track to perform handling, gluing and gasketing tasks. The production line guarantees significantly reduced manufacturing defects and higher quality with less raw material consumption. Other key advantages are mixed and small batch production availability that comes from the flexible and chaotic production approach of the concept.

Robotmaster / Intercam SA, Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand H73

Robotmaster software will unveil a suite of specialized tools at EuroBLECH 2016 for robot programmers to optimize their cutting and welding processes radically – saving time and money. Users can quickly create optimized paths for plasma, water-jet and laser cutting with ultimate control of their robot for error-free programs. Simple to complex welds can easily be programmed using automatic seam programming. Automated strategies for programming weld paths (weld angle calculation, stitching, multi-passes and touch sensing) in addition to full manual control provide an ideal combination of quick programming and ultimate flexibility.

Hall 13, Stand E41

RODOMACH is a system integrator for the automotive and non-automotive industry where we deliver special machines, complete (robot) installations and process automation with focus on welding technology (i.e. arc welding, resistance welding and laser welding). Developing, assembling up to commissioning at customers' premises of robust (robotic) systems and reliable processes with highest quality and performance are our standard project demands! Provide our customers with innovative and reliable systems with world-class quality. That's why our slogan is "Innovative Expert in Welding Solutions".

Rohrman Schweisstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H13

The specialist for welding torches and welding equipment. We offer TIG torches for different jobs, e.g. micro TIG torches for welding in confined areas and high performance TIG-torches, as well as any different spare parts, e.g. long gas nozzles, mini gas lenses etc. Contact your welding distributor or take a look at our website.

Hall 13, Stand F141

Meccanica Ronzani is an Italian company with over thirty years of experience in producing industrial machines for sheet metal working. The machines are completely designed and built in Italy. The company offers a wide range of quality products for sheet metal working, such as: vessel heads, shells, cone grinding systems, planishing grinding machines for seam welds, dimple jacket tig plasma resistance machines, marbling machines – applying protection film, buffing and mirror n°8 polishing machines. visit us at our stand at EuroBLECH.


Hall 13, Stand H07

SASAHARA, a highly-skilled Japanese tool and die specialist with 50 years experience in automotive industry, has strong capability for transfering 2000t-3000t for body structural parts with (ultra) high tensile strength steel over 600MPa up to 1200MPa. The SASAHARA network spreads across Asia – with a design office located in Korea and tool shops located in China and Indonesia – to satisfy global needs with Japanese quality.

Schmeck Verbindungstechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G27

The company manufactures welding studs specified by DIN EN ISO 13918, matching accessories like stud holders and welding screws from M4 to M12 specified by DIN 34817 and various automotive standards. Every connecting element is controlled by an extensive quality management. Therefore, customer needs can be fulfilled and the highest standards of quality are met. The company supplies connecting components that can be variable in material, dimension, head geometry and drive configuration for a wide range of different technologies and applications. All standard surface coatings can be freely selected. They find the solution for every requirement.

Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C49

Known for high quality longitudinal seam welding machines, we will premiere the new model, LINEARWELD EXTL 3100, equipped with high-performance TIG welding equipment. We will also be exhibiting ROTAWELD D100, a compact circumferential TIG seam welding system aimed at precision metal component manufacturers. Equipped with multiple programmable servo axes, including torch positioning, Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and component rotation, complex, fully automated welding tasks are possible. Last but not least, we will be performing live demonstrations of our recently introduced CORNERWELD NimbleSafe 100 system, which is the newest addition to our versatile range of corner welding machines.

SGO CO., Ltd., South Korea
Hall 13, Stand H37

SGO presents at EuroBLECH: self-lubricating bearing (bushing and wear plates), oilless bearings for press die and mould, injection molding machine, automotive press molds and plastic molds. Develon: steel-backed sintered metal bearing with excellent wear-resistance for heavy load and low or mid velocity under harsh environment of shock and vibration. We have patents for Develon in Germany and Italy. We are a manufacturer and export products directly to the customers in Europe and Japan.

Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co. Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand A133

Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a HUGONG company which has more than 56 years of history. It is the first cutting equipment company and one of the biggest cutting equipment producers in China. The first CNC gantry cutting system and portable cutting machines of China were originally designed by this company. Besides those products, Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co., Ltd is also dedicated in the development and manufacturing of robotic welding/cutting system and automatic welding system.

Hall 13, Stand E141

We, the company SIDEROS ENGINEERING, founded in 1981, have been a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of downdraft tables and filter units for more than 30 years. Moreover, we have 3-axis welding positioners, double column positioners, automatic plate and profile storage towers, deburring units and presses in our product range. We have been in the market for a long time, well-known for high quality products, excellent service and attention to customers. Our tasks are continuously adapted to the growing commitments to technological development and to the wishes of our customers.

SINOtec SicherheitsSysteme GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G28

SINOtec, the specialist for safe and innovative technology, demonstrates live the new communication platform, an information tool about our products and brands. An important goal is to make daily work easier and provide online access to documents and pictures of the products. Commercial customers can use custom-fit functions, such as customized data sheets with individual contact data and logo. Of course, our products can be ordered directly at the website. Everybody is cordially invited to see live the “new” information website. The tried and tested sales program such as welding and protective curtains and strip curtains is on exhibit.

Hall 13, Stand F90

Soitaab, a worldwide leader in manufacturing CNC cutting machines, will present its product range of the Lineatech, Plasmatech and Watertech families. Besides the CNC cutting machines, Soitaab produces band saw machines for heavy duty application in the field of aerospace, forging and special steel service centers. All the machines are 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.

SONAX GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G199

SONAX will be introducing interesting innovations and trends from its „Industry & Manual Trades“ programme. This includes the tried and tested multifunctional oil SX90 PLUS with the Easy Spray double sprayer system, which ensures an optimum application. The SONAX SX90 PLUS loosens rusted or jammed bolts, screws or switches and protects against renewed corrosion at the same time. Among the innovations for 2016 is the powerful SONAXProfessional Ice power rust dissolver. When applied on metal, it produces a kind of „shock freezing“ on the treated parts. This enables an even more effective loosening of jammed connections.

Heinz Soyer Bolzenschweißtechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F08

Stud welding with low energy consumption – the 1-phase SOYER BMK-8i welding inverter, weighing just 9.5 kg, does not need high-voltage current and allows steel and stainless steel studs up to M8 to be welded with a welding current of only 300A. Developed particularly for mobile use, the BMK-8i allows smooth welding in all positions. The award-winning PH-9 SRM+G weld gun with integrated ground contact is the ideal complement to this stud welder as it allows welding without the use of additional ground clamps.

Spaleck Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand C199

Spaleck Oberflächentechnik on this year's EuroBLECH. Convince yourself of competency and Know-how tapped from more than 80 years of experience. Spaleck offers everything you need for surface finishing, machines and systems, process media such as grinding media and compounds, transport and separation technology and recycling systems for processing liquids.

SPIRO International S.A., Switzerland
Hall 13, Stand B200

Our business principle is to support the improvement of indoor air quality by providing machines and solutions used to produce economical and environmentally-friendly air duct systems. Spiro International SA proudly introduces the most advanced spiral duct Tubeformer of the industry as well as presenting a unique modular rectangular ductline concept. Visit our booth to see our sheet metal machinery in action!

Stako B.V., Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand G81

Stako is a Dutch machine manufacturer, headquartered close to the German border. For over 30 years, Stako has build standard and “custom-made” CNC-controlled cutting machines (oxy-fuel, plasma, water jet and fiberlaser) for the metal manufacturing industries around the world. Tools for bevel cutting and automation possibilities will be presented at this year's EuroBLECH. Visitors have the opportunity to find out all about individual possibilities and ask for personal advice. We offer our customer solutions, support and assistance in technical innovations as well as maintenance and optimisation of the production process, which correspond to the latest state of technological development.

Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH Connectors, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A142

At EuroBLECH, two compact fully automatic tool changing systems, the MPS130 and MPS260, will be celebrating their premiere. With the two changers for the medium payload range, Stäubli Connectors rounds off its existing series at the lower end. The two new series are not only intended for applications in the automotive industry, but offer the advantages of the automatic gripper and tool changer in all other sectors. With the automatic tool changer, the applications of robots can be significantly expanded and their efficiency and productivity improved.

SWANTEC Software and Engineering ApS, Denmark
Hall 13, Stand G11

SWANTEC supplies professional welding simulation software for resistance welding and mechanical joining and provides technical consulting services to welding industries worldwide. Our innovative solution software SORPAS has been widely recognized and applied by industry leaders all over the world.

Swift-Cut Automation, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand H106

The Swift-Cut Pro Series – a collection of three CNC plasma cutting tables, cutting-edge in design. With easy to use software, the Swift-Cut Pro series promises high speed precision, cutting at a low cost investment. Easy to use, simple to learn and to operate with exceptional aftercare and support, the Swift-Cut Pro Series is the answer to affordable in-house metal cutting.


TECNA S.p.a., Italy
Hall 13, Stand B43

TECNA, located in Castel San Pietro Terme near Bologna, Italy, is synonymous with resistance welding and has been designing and producing resistance spot welders for 42 years, since 1972. During these years, it has become a well-known company specialized in a wide productive range of products, including resistance welding machines for industrial use with single-phase and three-phase inverter, three-phase D.C. and capacitors discharge technologies. Moreover, TECNA manufactures a line of products which can be considered “accessories” to the resistance welding machines, such as adaptive and digital welding control units, test and measurement instruments and balancers.

TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F34

The core competence of TEKA GmbH is the development and manufacturing of suction and filtering systems for fumes and dust. Whether it comes to welding, lasers, soldering, grinding, cutting or any conceivable type of metalworking — TEKA provides a solution for everything. Inhalation of particles poses immense health risks. The IFA-certified systems protect humans and the environment effectively. In most cases, the cleaned air can be redirected to the working area again. That is why they can save on heating costs, since the fresh air does not have to be supplied from outside. This way the acquisition costs amortize quickly.

Hall 13, Stand F20

Termmei is one of the leading manufacturers for MIG, TIG, plasma torches, spare parts and robotic torches, and exports to over 50 countries around the world. We are one of the best-equipped plants in China in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and are processing dozens of technical patents. Customers will be convinced by our professional service and high quality products.

Hall 13, Stand D33

Our next generation of high precision plasma cutters works the way you do – intelligently. Ultra-Cut XT systems give you the flexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superior quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. Ultra-Cut-XT systems are available in 100-400 Amp outputs for cutting plates up to 50 mm thick. And because of its expansion capabilities, you never have to worry about choosing the right system.

TITGEMEYER (UK) LTD, United Kingdom
Hall 13, Stand E67

Titgemeyer UK Ltd will be exhibiting our DeltaBolt high performance lockbolt system, a superior pin and collar fastening system designed and developed using 3D FEM modelling, in a unique design but for universal applications using industry standard tools: the ideal solution for all applications requiring safe and secure fastening that exceeds expectations. The system is ideal for safety in terms of critical and vibration resistant applications which require a greater factor of safety. DeltaBolt provides you with a fastening solution which is unequalled.

Hall 13, Stand E133

Nowadays, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is one of the world market leaders in the field of metal joining systems without supplementary materials and without thermal influences. A leading part is also taken in the fields of pneumo-hydraulic and electric drive techniques, and the construction of presses and tongs for the economical production of sheet metal parts. While in Germany and in 17 subsidiaries in various parts of the world, the marketing and the technical consultation is in charge of our own staff, this task is realized in another 20 countries by representatives on location.


vapic GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B111

vapic Megavac – a new season is beginning in the vapic parts cleaning center with the arrival of the vapic Megavac parts cleaning system. From now on we can offer degreasing service in Euro boxes for an unbeatable price of 30 Euro per batch. This is made possible by the leading energy efficient vapic cleaning technology in combination with a fully automatic logistics system. Forget about capacity bottlenecks or the capital need for your own cleaning machine – simply leave the cleaning up to us. vapic makes it possible!

Alfred Konrad Veith GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G44

We present our possibilities in the specialised divisions of tool making, pressroom and forming technology, and exhibit punches DIN/ISO, round and profile (we present our production variants for special tools in sample tools according to drawing), piercing and guiding bushes DIN/ISO, guiding elements for stamping die, nitrogen cylinders, die springs for punching and forming technology, Eladur-polyurethane springs, absorber elements, washer and special application, tools specially for automotive and supplier industries (ball-lock retainer, marking and embossing die, extrusion dies for production of rivets and batteries, stamping parts, flush-cutting tools for material thickness up to 7 mm). We also deliver cam-units of all major sizes.

Von Ardenne GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H128

VON ARDENNE is a leading manufacturer of metal strip coating systems. These systems are flexible production tools for thin-film coating. They are equipped with VON ARDENNE components for pre-treatment, magnetron sputtering and electron beam evaporation. We have gained a considerable expertise from delivering numerous metal strip coaters during the last 25 years. Thanks to this know-how, we are able to offer customized solutions based on standardized components. With our equipment, highly reflective, highly absorbing and decorative coatings can be created. Furthermore, contact layers or layers to improve corrosion protection can be deposited for a wide range of applications.

VTT Verschleißteiltechnik GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand H18

Along with surface finishing of stainless steel plates, VTT specialises in procedures to equip plates with finest raised or inlaying engravings. Through various processes, complex shapes and forms with only a few µm line width and depth and diverse lense patterns can be created. Hence, a wide range of applications can be covered. Depending on the task, various steel grades can be selected. To allow functionality even under toughest operating conditions, various coatings can be applied. The surface of each plate therefore perfectly matches the individual dedicated usage. The precision and repeat accuracy are our highest priority.


Dongguan Wangbo Stamping Tool & Die Co., Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand F20

HongKong Xinrui Precision Hardware Mould Co., Ltd has two subordinate companies, Dongguan Wangbo Stamping Tool & Die Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Hongbo Hardware Products Co., Ltd,. Our brief introduction: The company was established in 2006 and is located in Qingxi Twon Dongguan City China. It designs and builds steel and casting dies for the automotive, appliance and electronic industry. We offer large and small quantity production of stamping parts for these sectors. We have 30 sets of mechanical presses with a range from 60T to 800T, we offer 1 set of 400T and 1 set of 800T press with automatic coil feeder, and 1 set of 1600T.

WEICON GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand G125

Crystal clear bondings: Speed-Flex Crystal. Weicon is adding a new, extremely fast adhesive and sealant to its range – the crystal clear curing Speed-Flex Crystal. Due to its strong adhesive force it replaces conventional fasteners, such as screws, bolts or rivets. Speed-Flex is pasty and stable and therefore suitable for problem-free bonding even on vertical surfaces both in-house and outside. The new adhesive and sealant is overpaintable ("wet-in-wet"), non-aging, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and free of silicones, isocyanates, halogens and solvents. Because of the crystal clear curing, it is particularly suitable for transparent joints where the bonding seam should not be visible.

Weldbrush Pty Ltd., Australia
Hall 13, Stand H167

We will be showing all four models of our WeldCleaning machines, from our 40A WB350 to our 71A WB700. We will be demonstrating, with pre-prepared samples, the cleaning of weld marks, polishing and marking on stainless steel, and also cleaning of aluminium welds. Visitors are invited to also bring us weld samples from their own workshops.

Welding Company NV/SA, Belgium
Hall 13, Stand G33

We have designed the firefly welding machine with the end user in mind, a range of innovative features combined to give you a smarter orbital welding machine: It has many features, like a compact and robust design, sector control, automatic torch height adjustment, inverter compatibility, hard wire and flux core capability, root pass capability, and a simple band clamping system. Discover the Firefly Welding system at our stand.

WeldPlus UG, Germany
Hall 13, Stand E82

WeldPlus – THE expert in the area of ​​simulation-based welder training. WeldPlus is a company based in Müschenbach. We have been deeply involved with the theme of simulation-based modernization of welder training. WeldPlus is closely linked to all relevant stakeholders in the training and further education sector to develop optimum solutions in the education and training of welders. As a partner of industry, educational institutions, schools and universities, we are working together to optimize the education and training of welders, to assist the instructor, to reduce costs, and to modernize educational methodology with great pedagogical value.

WMA Schmidt & Bittner GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand B67

Innovation in micro technique: The micro welding head and the micro welding generator were developed by WMA Schmidt & Bittner GmbH, for spot welding issues with thin sheet metal. In the picture, two half shells of stainless steel are getting spot welded with a micro welding head (robot push spot welder) and with a WMP08 power source with 10kHz technology. The modules are used in micro welding cells and can be extended with additional tools, for example with a robot spot welding gun or a robot seam welding head.

Th. Wortelboer BV, Netherlands
Hall 13, Stand B68

Th. Wortelboer is a Dutch manufacturer of stationary pipe end preparation machines mainly for the oil and gas industry, among others. These heavy duty bevel machines are also used in several other industries where piping systems are made. Investing in a PBM machine is investing in quality and time. A well-prepared bevel decreases the chance of failure during welding, as well as saving welding time and increasing the quality of the weld. We have existed 70 years already and have also developed all kinds of special machines and equipment, besides the sale of standard machines.


Xander Automotive Stamping & Tooling Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand F18

Xander Automotive Stamping & Tooling Limited, founded in 1998, is specialized in the developing and manufacturing of metal stamping die located in Dongguan, China. The parts are mainly for automotive, home appliance and office products. Our main customers are distributed in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. To meet our customers’ different requirements, we imported high precision equipment for machining and use Auto CAD, UG, Catia, Pro-E, Visi, Autoform and Dynaform as design and simulation software. We can build the die in progressive, transfer and tandem with a high quality, according to our customers' standards and requirements.

Xingyongxu Metal & Mould (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, China
Hall 13, Stand H148

We are a manufacturer of metal mould and automotive parts. With a CNC machining center, wire cutting machine, grinder, press etc., we have a full set of machines for metal die manufacture. We are able to produce a large amount and varied metal die. We have a lot of experience in progressive die, drawing die, single die, auto transfer die and iron casting die manufacture. Especially in 200T – 800T metal moulds, we have a unique advantage. We have been exporting our moulds to Japan, Europe and the United States. The max. size of plates we can process is 4 x 2.5 m, the thickness of material is 0.15 ~ 8 mm.


YASKAWA Europe GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand F58

MOTOMAN VS100: Spot Welding with the VS-series. The 7-axis MOTOMAN VS100 robot provides unique, slim design which optimizes automotive spot welding applications. It is the industry’s first 7-axis spot welding-robot which offers a highly flexible range of motion. This robot can be placed in close proximity to work pieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density layouts, eliminating multiple stations and resulting in shorter production lines and smaller spot welding work cells. Its seven degrees of freedom provide the ability to reorient manipulator axes without changing the gun position in space. The multi-jointed arm can fold down into a very low profile.

Yong Da Precision Mould (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd., China
Hall 13, Stand F18

YONG DA PRECISION MOULD is specialized in making tooling for auto parts and home appliances.


ZINSER GmbH, Germany
Hall 13, Stand A126

ZINSER multifunction system 4125: With this modern drilling and cutting system you can easily cover several different work steps, for example oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, drilling, processing of cylindrical and multi-edged pipes and beveling. This includes drilling holes up to a diameter of 40 mm with a maximum sheet metal thickness of 150 mm. Oxy-fuel cutting with automatic torch positioning is possible up to a material thickness of 300 mm. Even bevel cuts can be done precisely and very easily. By means of a CNC database (with compensation data) the machine covers V, A, and top-Y style cuts at first go.

EuroBLECH Show Preview

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