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Nest&Cut: World's 1st Cloud-Based Nesting App Start Optimizing & Saving

Alma, France

Alma, the publisher of CAD/CAM and cutting optimization software, is launching Nest&Cut, a web-based application for automatic nesting.

The Nest&Cut web application enables any company involved in the cutting of flat materials, from anywhere in the world, to easily access the best automatic nesting algorithms for reducing raw material costs, without investing in a costly solution.

In a few clicks, a user sends DXF geometric formats, prepares the data (quantities of parts, material formats), and then launches automatic nesting in the cloud. A few seconds later, Nest&Cut delivers the optimized nesting layouts in DXF format ready to be cut.

Why Nest&Cut?
100% cloud-based 2D nesting software with best nesting efficiency, fully automatic & easy to use. The application is useful for different industries. Has advanced nesting features: automatic geometric cleaning, re-nest existing layouts. Low entry cost & quick ROI for the customer. Complete data security and reliability.

Product Video:

Bystronic MES: The navigation system for sheet metal processing

Bystronic, Switzerland

People who want to reach their destination in the shortest time rely on a satnav system. The software knows the shortest route. It tells drivers precisely when they will arrive at their destination. A navigation system maintains an overview, avoids detours, and immediately responds to changing conditions, such as unforeseen traffic jams.

What if there were also such a satnav system for sheet metal processing companies? An intelligent software that helps users manufacture products with precisely defined costs and deadlines. An assistant that finds the ideal path on which sheet metal products are guided through complex manufacturing situations.

With the BystronicMES, Bystronic is realizing this vision. The software is consistently geared to the requirements of sheet metal processing. It creates digital transparency along the entire value chain of sheet metal products. All the steps from the incoming order right through to the shipping of the finished product are digitally recorded.

E°SIM CUT, the 3D/VR simulator for CNC cutting machines

Eckelmann AG, Germany

E°SIM CUT by Eckelmann is a novel 3D/VR simulator for cutting machines for hardware-in-the-loop tests of the entire automation solution, e.g. the CNC controller and integrated image processing systems. All cutting technologies are simulated realistically as in a computer game.

E°SIM CUT provides a virtual environment for modern cutting machines and allows to experience and learn about their operation. The training period for a new machine becomes full-fledged “edutainment". The operator can watch his interactions, allowing to fully understand and intuitively study all functions of the machine without having to work at a real machine. The simulations support the independent studies. And, E°SIM CUT also saves expensive machine hours for training. E°SIM CUT provides great benefits for development, training, and impressive sales presentations. The "digital twin" promotes the playful handling of new technologies and accompanies mechanical engineering companies on their path to digital transformation.

Application video:

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Esprit IRIS

Esprit Automation, United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what your Esprit Plasma machine is doing day in day out: how much did your operators utilise the machine or the life of your consumables over last 7 / 14 /or 30 days. Ever wondered if your machine is in good health.

Imagine being able to see live from anywhere in the world what your machine is up-to, imagine being able to control your operations more effectively.

Imagine your customer is waiting for a delivery with a tight timeline and you cannot afford the machine to break down.

This is where IRIS (Intelligent Real-time Monitoring System) comes to life.

Welding 4.0 - Networking from office to workpiece

EWM AG, Germany

With their innovative Welding 4.0 welding management system, ewm Xnet brings the added value of Industry 4.0 to welding production. The modular construction of the software connects planning, controlling and production. ewm Xnet is thus increasing efficiency and making welding businesses future-proof: through productivity gains, cost reductions and quality assurance. The new highlight of ewm Xnet is the component management:

Manage digital components, create welding sequence plans and assign WPS – the completely new-developed component management system makes welding businesses more efficient, from planning to production. Existing component drawings are imported from the CAD system to an office PC or created in ewm Xnet and provided with all relevant information. This data is then transmitted electronically via LAN or WiFi to the welding machine, where all parameters are instantly available. Production can go ahead immediately without the need to read in plans and set up the welding machine – previously a time-consuming process.

FEINmonitoring - Wie ein digitaler Services nachweislich den Output steigert

Feintool International Holding AG, Switzerland

Der Output von Blechbearbeitungs-Maschinen wird von vielen Störgrössen beeinträchtigt:
- Funktions-Störungen
- organisatorische Schwächen in den Abläufen
- Kleine Stops durch Prozess-Störungen

Mit FEINmonitoring können Betreiber ihren Output erwiesenermassen steigern, in diese Verluste detailliert erhoben, ausgewertet und eliminiert werden.

Die Lösung ist branchenweit mit grossem Abstand führend durch die Kombination aus Sensorik, Übertragungs-Technik, Experten-Analyse und Geschäftsmodell.
Begeisterte Kunden wurden von den Effekten im eigenen Betrieb sehr positiv überrascht und haben die Testphasen in bezahlte Verträge verlängert.
Auf der EuroBlech wird mit Ihnen ein exklusiver Roundtable stattfinden.

In Stichpunkten funktioniert die Lösung folgendermassen:
- Sensoren erheben den Status der Maschine
- die Daten werden kontinuierlich auf eine Plattform übertragen
- Fachexperten werden dies auf Auffälligkeiten aus
- Erkenntnisse werden dem Betreiber in regelmässigen Videokonferenzen vorgestellt
- Massnahmen zur Verbesserung werden abgeleitet
- Fortschritte gegenüber der letzten Auswertung werden kontrolliert

Beyond4.0 by GHI

GHI Smart Furnaces, Spain

GHI goes a step further on connectivity and data visualisation, by providing its customers answers concerning their daily tasks and future decisions. GHI, immerse in its digital transformation, creates Beyond4.0 Services, aimed to support customers during the lifecycle of GHI installations which are mainly industrial furnaces.

With the purpose of offering preventive and predictive maintenance, making recommendations for improvement and getting the best performance of the installations, GHI takes advantage of its experience and knowledge in industry and processes to offer Beyond4.0 Services based on real data and supported by GHI experts, allowing customers to obtain economic benefits with fast return.
GHI provides equipment smartisation by installing advanced data acquisition devices and deploying data warehouses. GHI defines together with customers the KPIs to be monitored and predicted, then data analytics is performed. Once GHI obtains new knowledge based on data, results are evaluated by senior GHI engineers and required actions are carried out.

WÄRME 4.0 - The Digital Hall Heating System

Kübler GmbH, Germany

The digital age is changing the industry, even the heating processes of hall buildings. The innovation leader for energy-saving hall heating systems, KÜBLER, initiates this path with a new heating strategy: WÄRME 4.0, the digital hall heating system from KÜBLER. This innovation can digitize the heat supply. Connect heating systems with production processes. Interlink energy flows in halls and offices across locations. And it integrates state-of-the-art control technologies such as the innovative energy management system WärmeManagement, which bundles data streams, provides comprehensive analysis tools and ensures transparency and documentation throughout the entire heating process. Thus, WÄRME 4.0 covers new savings potentials. It is the basis for energy savings up to 70 %. Provides the basis for ISO 50001 certification and makes an important contribution to achieving the european climate protection goals. With HEAT 4.0, the efficiency targets of 2050 can already be achieved today.

openHandwerk - digitalizes craft businesses in the cloud!

openHandwerk GmbH, Germany

openHandwerk is an innovative SaaS solution that combines capabilities to support all operational tasks in craft businesses in a single platform.

Above all, openHandwerk is designed to optimize and digitize operations in craft businesses in order to reduce personnel costs and free up resources.

With a high degree of configurability, openHandwerk allows companies to map and optimize their individual work processes, thereby facilitating recurring, administrative office and administrative activities such as the maintenance of quotations and follow-up, the creation of orders, order confirmation, employee termination to the completion and their digital workbook as well as reminders to offers, orders and appointments.

In addition, openHandwerk provides information on the order history, deposit of order data up to the recording of working hours and target / actual comparisons as well as performance measurements.

Compared to other software solutions for the trades, openHandwerk has focused 100% on the operational processes.

Visio maintenance by Head Up Display

Prima Power, Italy

In order to make our service interventions smarter and more efficient, we developed a new visual maintenance system based on the use of HUD (Head Up Display) technology.
Thanks to these technological advanced glasses, indicators and measurement that support maintenance tasks are projected to the Head Up Dispay.
The customers can record instruction videos as they carry out the maintenance tasks; the videos are stored and shared for further training use.
A dedicated dashboard adapts into the machine status and users’ location. For example, displayed information alters when the machine status turns active/alarms, or when users move from one machine to another.
Our maintenance experts can support on-site service personnels via Skype. In addition to speech and video, maintenance tasks are supported also by the drawing tool (for example, arrows can be used to point to certain components).

Hot Stamping 4.0

Schuler AG, Germany

Press hardening or hot stamping depends on different factors: temperature, cooling time, press force, among others. These parameters have a direct influence on part quality, which is why they should be seamlessly documented and tracked and traced exactly. That’s what the IIoT process monitoring system offers.

Video and thermal imaging cameras provide a real-time overview of blank feed, transfer and parts exit sections, while the system continuously records and documents process data. Information is collected by numerous sensors in the press, die, furnace and cooling units. The system can combine and synchronize huge quantities of data.

Thus, operators track and trace every part accurately – whether blanks were heated enough, kept in the press long enough, or were cooled in the proper amount of time. The software runs on-site in the line control and everywhere on any Windows computer. Schuler plans to incrementally expand the system to include predictive maintenance.

Smart Factory, intelligent logistics: Indoor localization solution digitalizes material flows

TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG, Germany

As lot sizes shrink, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of orders as they progress through the production unit. At the same time, sheet metal processing customers want to know the current status of their order, just like they do when they order things online. These new requirements demand new logistics solutions which make manufacturing processes more transparent.

At EuroBLECH 2018, TRUMPF will present Track&Trace, its indoor localization system based on Ultra Wide Band technology (UWB). With it, satellites determine the unambiguous position of markers in real time. The markers could, for example, be attached to part stacks or be fastened to charge carriers. This will put an end to expensive searches because orders, parts and tools can be found with ease. Express orders can also benefit from this: They can be localized with precision within the production hall, enabling a clever prioritization of work steps.

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