Pioneers in lightweight and component design

You can view all the entries in this category below. The online voting has ended; the winners were announced on 24th October at the official Awards Ceremony at EuroBLECH 2018.

Q-Fin F200 XL

Q-Fin Quality Finishing, Netherlands

‘’Think small, go big’’. With this vision we developed the F200 XL from Q-Fin Quality Finishing. The F200 XL is specially designed for the deburring, grinding and edge rounding of very small sheet metal parts, starting from 15 x 15 mm. With the recent restyling of the machine, it is a real eye-catcher to everyday modern factory, the black and white design (based in an Iphone) stands out with the build in LED system that indicates the state of the machine: blue when it is operational, red when it is on hold and white when the door is opened for service.
The dimensions of the machine make it fit in areas where most machines wouldn’t, measuring only 1850 L x 670 W x 2150 H mm. The F200 XL is not only small, but mobile as well, weighing only 1090 kg.


Schuler AG, Germany

Schuler high-speed presses are used by several well-known car manufacturers and suppliers producing electric motors. However, the geometry of electric motor laminations are becoming increasingly complex to improve energy efficiency, together with thinner laminations and consequently lower eddy current losses. Simultaneously, electric motors grow in diameter for higher performance.

This requires equally complex and therefore longer progressive dies with more forming stations. Thus, the presses need a larger die space to clamp the longer progressive dies.

Schuler has reacted with its new e-mobility press: The SMARTLINE EV 3.8 features a press bed which has been extended from 3.30 to over 3.70 meters, while the uprights are separated by 3.80 meters. A special control checks the depth of die penetration at each stroke and can correct it in fractions of a second. This ensures part accuracy right from the start of production, while reducing die wear by up to 30 percent.

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