Descent into data depth with Fleet Management System by Bachmann

17th May 2018

Descent into data depth with Fleet Management System by Bachmann

Fleet Management System (FMS), a new software that increases data resolution in the vertical plane – without great additional expense. Bachmann Electronic’s new FMS software takes already available data from the depths of the machine’s sensor and actuator systems and refines it into globally usable knowledge. This enables (but is not limited to) condition-based maintenance at global level that transcends plant and owner boundaries.

Bachmann’s software comprises five steps with which it is possible to optimise the usage of the vertical information flow:

1st capture data with existing sensors whereby it is only necessary to selectively retrofit a few new measuring points.
2nd consolidate data and gain an overview. The data gathered is aggregated to usable information packages and stored until needed. The user can then use the data with the aid of ready-made function modules.
3rd use data locally. The FMS is connected to the local visualisation or the MES.
4th manage data globally, protect trade secrets. What is new is primarily the distributed data management of the software. This is made possible by the new principle of the private cloud based on atvise technology, which combines the advantages of the globally available cloud for data storage and data exchange with the possibility of assigning usage rights to specific target groups through a web portal.
5th evaluate data, generate added value. With the help of flexible, scalable user interfaces the results of a data evaluation are transferable. In other words, they can be easily exported and distributed.

“Our future-oriented software is being used in the first projects that we present at EuroBLECH. On the basis of existing standards, mechanical engineering is moving in the direction of digital transition with full force”, says Marc Frochte, key account manager at Bachmann.

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