An experienced euroTECH team with a new addition

21st August 2018

An experienced euroTECH team with a new addition

EuroTECH will be showcasing new vacuum lifting devices at this year’s EuroBLECH. Besides a number of trusted serial devices, visitors will get to view and try the new eT-Hover-univac-line and a new eT-Hover-modesty.

The new eT-Hover-univac-line vacuum lifting device derives its name from its linear arrangement of suction plates. It is equipped with four BSP 400 RL suction cups and transports flat, vacuum-tight panels made from sheet metal, glass, wood or plastic horizontally as well as vertically. In vertical mode, it can lift panels with a weight of up to 360 kilogrammes; in horizontal mode, up to 500 kilogrammes. The manual turning function can turn loads continuously in either direction. The lifting device can be pivoted by up to 90 degrees. A wireless remote control unit allows the user to adjust all main functions. With its two-circle system, the eT-Hover-univac-line is designed for use on construction sites. This makes it a suitable addition to the univac series.

As a further exhibit, visitors also get to discover a lifting device from the eT-Hover-loop series. Lifting devices from the eT-Hover-loop series are used for turning flat loads weighing up to 500 kilogrammes. The exhibit on show at EuroBLECH can easily turn loads by up to 180 degrees. This not only saves the strength of at least two employees who would otherwise be needed for turning, but also protects their backs. Using a linear actuator, the device turns flat, vacuum-tight panels made of sheet metal, glass, wood or plastic with dimensions between 3.5 x 2.0 metres and 14.0 x 2.0 metres.

The third lifting device on display is part of the eT-Hover-modesty series. These lifting devices are used for lifting vacuum-tight, flat loads such as sheet metal, glass panes and plastic or wooden boards weighing up to 150 kilogrammes. They have a simple design and are used as cost-saving alternatives to similar, more extensively equipped devices. Despite its simple design, it fulfils all required functions. The device can be turned and pivoted manually or, optionally, turned pneumatically. This makes it the perfect tool for loading and removing items from warehouses or processing machines.

Several safety and alarm systems ensure the necessary level of safety to prevent faults and risks in all Eurotech lifting device as prescribed by DIN EN 13 155.

In addition to the above highlights from its eT-Hover series, Eurotech will be presenting its range of vacuum components. Interested visitors get to learn about the large portfolio of suction cups, including everything from suction plates to flat suction cups and bellow suction cups.

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