Safe disposal: KEMPER receives patent for contamination-free dust discharge

17th May 2018

Safe disposal: KEMPER receives patent for contamination-free dust discharge

More safety for the disposal of hazardous materials during welding: KEMPER GmbH now holds a patent on its contamination-free dust discharge. The manufacturer of extraction systems and filter systems thus closes the hazardous material chain from its creation to its disposal and ensures increased occupational safety for employees in metalworking companies. The special technology is used in the mobile extraction unit MaxiFil Clean and other products.

"With our contamination-free dust discharge, we are consistently thinking further about occupational safety along the hazardous materials chain," underlines Björn Kemper, Managing Director of KEMPER. "The possibility of clean disposal of welding fume collections further increases occupational safety in metalworking companies."

After extraction and filtering, KEMPER also designs the subsequent disposal with a high level of responsibility for employee health. Depending on their properties, conventional extraction systems are able to effectively capture welding fumes and remove even alveolar (respirable) particles to a high level. During disposal, however, welders are often exposed to the hazardous substances again during emptying of the dust collectors.

"Welders are on the safe side with our development. At no time during the extraction process do they come into contact with the ultra-fine particles," explains Kemper. This is because disposal in KEMPER extraction units is already contamination-free. The patented technology is a solution for cleanable filters.

The unit automatically transports the cleaned dust particles into an autonomously integrable disposable cartridge. During the disposal of welding fumes, this dust collector is closed so that no hazardous particles can escape. Companies can then simply dispose of the cartridge containing the welding fume particles accordingly.

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