Will Electrifying Vehicles Radically Alter Sheet-metal Processing?

Some rave about it, some observe it with mixed feelings, others reject it: And yet electro mobility is unstoppable. But how does the alternative to gasoline and diesel engines affect sheet-metal processing? Does this process have to be reinvented or can proven construction techniques and manufacturing processes be adapted to electric cars? A look behind the scenes.

Digitization in the Sheet Metal Working Industry

Digitization, networking, virtualization are concepts that we encounter more and more frequently, also in the business world. What do they mean in concrete terms? And what implications do they bring to the shop floor? Digitization plays a crucial role from the process level up to the factory network, as we can see in small and large companies in sheet metal working. As with many ideas around Industry 4.0, the goal is higher machine utilization, higher product quality, or quite simply a productivity boost.

Clever Lightweight Construction – A Risky Business

The requirement for “clever lightweight construction” makes life difficult for designers, developers and producers from almost every manufacturing sector. They are increasingly spoiled for choice: Do you rely on the tried and tested in materials and processes or do you dare to take risks with new materials, composites and technologies? Here we take stock of a variety of solutions.

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