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Padiglione 11, Stand E61

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WiCAM is the leading provider in the technology of CAD / CAM software for the sheet metal industry.

Since its foundation in 1986, WICAM had the vision to drive new technologies and implementing them with new ideas and concepts with industrial innovation. The goal is to completely automate solutions that are based on the needs and requirements of the industry. In this case, the communication with our customers is the top priority. And based on the standard PN priducts, WiCAM also povide tailored solutions to fit the exact customer needs and on going technical support.

WiCAM has seen continued expansion and is now a global leader. Our software PN4000 is now available in 10 languages and is used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Prodotti e Servizi

The comprehensive solution for cutting (laser, autogen / plasma, waterjet) punching and combined processing. Powerful modules enables a solution which is fitted to your needs.

The tool for detailed planing, order control, implementation and observation of the production respectively the production dates.

PNBend creates the unwinds of 3D-models and generates complete bending programs from them.

The product PNCleanUp facilitate and accelerate the clearance and picking for consignments after cutting. The parts can either be cleared immediately or be palletised into an automised storage first and then requested by the order picker.


With the PNWebApp-WiCAM Web Application you can access certain functionalities of PN4000 and execute them in your internet browser.
You can, for example, convert geometry from one format into another without using expensive and complex software.

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  • Elaborazione dati (hardware/software)
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Guido Herz
WiCAM GmbH Technische Software
Reetzstraße 46c
D-76327 Pfinztal-Söllingen

Tel: +49 7240 9259 0

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WiCAM GmbH - Technische Software

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WiCAM GmbH - Technische Software • Padiglione 11, Stand E61

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WiCAM GmbH - Technische Software

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