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Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in developing optical equipment used for process and quality control across a number of specialty industries. With an extensive product line, Xiris provides some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers with the ability to detect, recognize, and interpret quality defects in their manufactured goods. For the welding industry, Xiris provides specialized cameras and software to see clear images of the weld arc and surrounding background for quality and process control purposes.

Products & Services

Xiris will be demonstrating its High Dynamic Range Cameras for the welding industry as well as software tools that can help welding companies automate their quality control and process monitoring with seam tracking and weld pool monitoring.
Xiris will also be demonstrating its WI post weld inspection system designed to detect various flaws that could occur during the forming and welding of a longitudinally welded tube or pipe.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Process control and quality assurance

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Ronny Lasner
Xiris Automation GmbH
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Tel: +49 (0) 210 2126 3835

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Xiris Automation Inc

Xiris Automation Inc

Xiris Automation Inc

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