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Founded in 1965 by Hans Zeman his structural steel company grew to a group of more than 20 enterprises all over Europe.
1980 an important step has been made by founding “Zeman Bauelemente”, which manufactures advanced machinery for the structural steel industry. As steel fabricator Zeman has the unique possibility to make use of more than 50 years experience in steel fabrication to develop most innovative machinery of highest qualitative value.
A fully automatic steel beam assembly and welding line and the automatic corrugated web beam production line are just two examples of extraordinary engineering skills.

Products & Services

Steel Beam Assembler (SBA). To add parts (splice & base plates, joints and stiffeners...) to steel girders manually – is no longer necessary. Computer-controlled robots execute the CAD engineering drawings – with no errors and in a fraction of time.
SIN Beam Line - ZEMAN was the first to achieve a fully automatic production of “Corrugated web beams”. This offers extremely weight saving solutions (up to 60%) especially for steel supporting frameworks with larger spans.
Design and construction of all imaginable kinds of Roll-forming machines complete our portfolio.
And “Turn-key fabrication facilities" is an all-inclusive package to kick off a very efficient, fully automated fabrication of light and medium weight steel constructions.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Handling technology
  • Joining and fastening technology

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Benjamin Kovacec
Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
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Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsges. m.b.H.

Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsges. m.b.H.

Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsges. m.b.H.

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