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Benefits at the tip - there are savings to be had!

A good, durable and strong TIG weld has to be done
right. To do this, it is important that the tungsten
electrode is ground precisely, otherwise, the
weld will not be correct. Such precision requires
experience and skill - and the best tungsten grinder.
With Inelco´s tungsten grinders, you get higher
quality welds, cash savings on your tungstens and even more work safety!
We also offer the most automated tungsten grinders on the market today - to meet the more and more automated production.

Products & Services

Neutrix - the handheld tungsten grinder
- a portable device that is easy to take with you and use anywhere TIG welding.
- Neutrix has an integrated dust filter, so toxic grinding dust is collected for the safety of the welder and safe disposal.

Ultima-Tig – guaranteed precise grinding
- Precise grinding increases the number of reignitions and thus the durability of the electrodes.
- With cold wet grinding, the grinding time can be shortened without risk of damaging the electrode.
- 100% closed grinding chamber protects against any injury
- a collecting chamber for the toxic grinding dust, so it can be safely disposed.

Ultima-Tig-Cut – ultimate precision grinding and cutting
- Cutting down to 8 mm short electrodes
- Perfect for robot and orbital welding

AutoGrind – effective repeatability
- grinding high number of electrodes more efficient
- consistent grinding result

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Joining and fastening technology
  • Factory and warehouse equipment, safety at work, environment protection

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Inelco Grinders A/S
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Inelco Grinders A/S

Inelco Grinders A/S

Inelco Grinders A/S

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