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Published 6 times per year, Welding World is the official journal of the Association of
Welding Distribution (AWD).
The Association of Welding Distribution (AWD) was created to support and promote the high
professional standards of its members in dealing with customers, suppliers, and competitors.
Over the years, the AWD has developed into the true voice of the welding industry.
Members undertake to represent products and services fairly and honestly so that no-one may be
deceived as to the nature, quality and fitness of the products for their purpose. Through its influence in
the marketplace, AWD members are encouraged to promote safe working methods and in particular,
safety in the promotion of welding products for customer applications.
With over 45,000 readers, Welding World has served, as the industry’s most trusted source for
information relevant to the every-day welder. Welding World provides information the welders
need to do their jobs better.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

New in 2018! – Editorial Trend
Technical, how-to articles provide educational material, troubleshooting techniques, and tips on
welding processes and equipment that welders need and care about.
Case studies and company profiles shed light on a problem faced by welding shops and how the
technology they integrated helped solve that problem.
When welders need a go-to resource for anything on welding, they rely on Welding World because
it’s seen as the most trusted resource about welding.

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TRMG "Welding World"

TRMG "Welding World"


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11. Oktober 2018
Welding World Euroblech Issue
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26. Juni 2018
Welding World Magazine June Issue
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22. Februar 2018
Welding World Magazine Media pack
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22. Februar 2018
WWM Jan 2018
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Mo Rami

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TRMG "Welding World"

TRMG "Welding World"