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Gigant, founded in Bologna, quickly becomes a
leader in the hydraulic press market.

At the start of the new millennium Gigant’s
headquarters are relocated in a new and
larger factory in Calderara di Reno.

Gigant collaborates with several Universities and major industries and participates to several European and National R&D funded projects for advanced and innovative metal
sheet and composite process solutions.

Gigant acquires Promotec SrL. The acquisition extends the operating market sectors to the plasma, laser and oxy sheet metal thermal cutting industry. Gigant Industries Group is

Products & Services

Gigant designs and manufactures 2 or 4 Uprights Hydraulic Drawing Presses from 600 kN to 30000 kN for deep drawing and reverse drawing, embossing, bending, hydroforming and hot forging processes, both for steel/stainless steel production in the automotive, household white, thermo-hardening, try-out/ toolmaking and other industrial applications.

Gigant designs and manufactures standard production high-speed C-Frames Hydraulic Presses for drawing from 700 up to 2.500 kN, with deep-drawing processes able to satisfy several industrial sectors and applications as for Aluminium and Stainless-Steel parts (i.e. automotive, houseware, cookware and others).

Gigant offers coil handling systems for sheets metal and positioned at the entrance side of the press. Other feeding systems may be considered, for instance, when the square or disk is required. An integrated automatic press system allows the transfer of pieces produced from one press to the next one in the line.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Forming technology
  • Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures

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Gigant Italia Srl

Gigant Italia Srl

Gigant Italia Srl

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