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Since 1905 Boldrini machines are synonymous with excellence, high performance, reliability and durability in the field of metal forming technology, where Boldrini is the world's market leader. The vast majority of dished ends produced around the globe today are formed with Boldrini equipment. The guaranteed tight tolerances meet all worldwide standard specifications and all machines exceed safety norms. With over 10,000 machines supplied, there is no country in the world without a Boldrini. Boldrini designs high productivity equipment for the pressure vessel, power generation, petrochemical, navy, aerospace, nuclear, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and shipyard industries. Boldrini equipment exceeds twice the maximum production capacity of any other manufacturer, and combined with it's simple operation procedure, makes it the world's number one preferred choice. Boldrini components are only superior quality Western European made, accompanied with a unique technical design proven over a century, guarantees maximum performances. Boldrini is Italian pride since 1905.

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The world's first successful automatic CNC playback control flanging machine. Based on motion controls, the system allows the operator to record unlimited programs, step by step, on a standard SD card. Move aside and watch the machine automatically flange the next heads without manual supervision.
Boldrini is the Dished End machine manufacturer of choice by all major head producers around the globe. Boldrini is the world’s first to successfully engineer an automated system for unmanned head flanging, coupled with the CNC PAO dishing line playback system, provides companies with the opportunity of dishing and flanging with a single operator! This state of the art Boldrini combination ensures the highest quality and accuracy of the end product suitable for all tank and pressure vessel components, accompanied with the innovative technology of our trademark Hydraulic Extended Diagnostic.

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