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ElastiSense provide sensor solutions for sheet metal forming tools and processes. Our solutions enable:
• Inline quality control
• Predictive maintenance
• Optimization of process speed
• Characterization of machine tools dynamics in different operational conditions

Our solutions allow 1 – 16 sensors at different locations on a tool. This enables you to:
• Detect slugs
• Detect double-sheet
• Quantify snap-throughs’ amplitude and their location
• Quantify lack of parallelism of the tools caused by wear, unoptimized speed, etc.
• Estimate deterioration of force balance causing bends and twists.

Unlike others, our solution is based on a unique displacement sensor technology capable of measuring full displacement cycles of the tools with high resolutions (<0.2µm) and high speed (10 000 samples per second).

Products & Services

Displacement sensors EDS series:
• Measurement range: 20, 50, 100, 200mm
• Resolution: 0.2 – 2µm
• Measurement rate: Up to 10 000 samples/sensor/second
• Input: 24V
• Output: 4-20mA or digital values (RS485 network).
• Contact us for more technical data.

Portable Test Kits PTK series:
• Number of supported sensors: 1 – 2 of EDS
• Fully plug & play with software
• Ideal for tools chracterisation and diagnostics

Turnkey Systems CS series:
• Number of supported sensors: 1 – 16 EDS series
• Supported 3rd party sensors: All sensors outputting analogue voltage or current
• Software: Software is designed specifically for sheet metal forming processes
• Systems outputs:
o Sensors real-time data
o Sensors historical data
o Alarm/Stop signal to press’s controller
o Other output options are available as add-on
• Ideal for quality control, predictive maintenance, speed optimization, and wear detection:

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Process control and quality assurance
  • Data processing (hard- and software)

Contact Details

Jørgen Pedersen
ElastiSense ApS
Bjerndrup Bygade 23
DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark

Tel: +45 2239 0019

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ElastiSense ApS

ElastiSense ApS

ElastiSense ApS

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