Accademia della piegatura Srl
Buttapietra, Italy

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Accademia della Piegatura is co-exhibitor of Triveneta Impianti Srl, whose is its the training division from two years.

Accademia della Piegatura (= academy of bending, in English) has been very successful, both in the classroom thanks to courses, and on social media through videos, posts and blog. It proposes both theoretical and practical advice to anyone who is part of the bending process chain of sheet metal.

While Triveneta Impianti Srl, its co-exhibitor, is an Italian company based in Verona that from 26 years wants to promote and innovate the field of retrofitting by generating both standard and tailor made kits for press brackes and shears.

Products & Services

Accademia della Piegatura offers training courses (also customized) aimed at improving the sheet bending process and the consequent reduction of waste of time and money through an extremely practical and intuitive approach.

Accademia della Piegatura complements the reality of Triveneta Impianti Srl, which during the years has established itself in the world of retrofitting and safety in several countries by creating increasingly advanced kits to adapt to existing regulations machine tools such as press brakes and shares.
In addition, various "accessories" have also been designed to improve, even in an important way, the quality and speed of work.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working

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Emiliano Corrieri
Accademia della Piegatura Srl
Via Bovolino, 18/B
37060 - Verona, VR - Italia

Tel: +39 045 518 747
Fax: +39 045 854 56 05

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Accademia della piegatura Srl

Accademia della piegatura Srl

Accademia della piegatura Srl

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