Sauerlach Altkirchen, Germania

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Founded in 2003, Blech-Tec GmbH is engaged in engineering, including the BT-150, the small bending machine ideal for the electronics industry - automotive, lighting, toolmakers, etc. By using combinable sections of millimeter-stepped tooling sets on the programmable BT-150 , the production times of weeks and days reduced to only hours and minutes. The production became much more precise, tooling costs were eliminated. Initially, we used our BT-150 for our contract manufacturing, but quickly noticed the high demand in the industry.
Due to the great demand for our mini-bending machine BT-150, we quickly established ourselves as a machine manufacturer. Today we focus only on the further development, construction and sales of the BT-150, the contract manufacturing we have.
Our location in Sauerlach, district Altkirchen, is conveniently located in the south of Munich just outside the city limits.

Prodotti e Servizi

Our BT-150 mini bending machine is mainly used in automotive electronics and the lighting industry, but also in medical technology, as well as in the furniture industry. The BT-150 impresses with its repeat accuracy and its fast and fine adjustment options.
The programs and the fast process-reliable setup guarantee the later problem-free reproducibility. Changes do not require a new tool or its reworking. Expensive, time-consuming tool making for each individual part, with subsequent storage, belongs to the past. In the meantime, toolmakers from all over the world and from all sectors are developing their springs, contacts and other small bent parts on the BT-150.

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Ralf Beger
Blech-Tec GmbH
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