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The BROZIAT Group with locations in Northern Germany, Southern Germany, Switzerland, France and partner companies in Russia, Korea, India, Poland, Turkey, Spain, England and Italy, has been working with used TRUMPF machines since 1983 and has been an official cooperation partner of TRUMPF since 1993.

During this time, the BROZIAT Group has sold more than 4,500 TRUMPF machines. At present, approximately 85 employees of the Broziat Group overhaul and sell around 150 TRUMPF machines each year.

The companies of the BROZIAT Group are regularly accredited by TRUMPF.

Our technicians have many years of experience and are given specific training for current machines at TRUMPF.

On this basis, the BROZIAT Group has conquered an excellent position in the market and is the first address when it comes to the purchase of a reconditioned used TRUMPF machine.

Products & Services

Purchase, overhaul, sale, service, relocate
of the following TRUMPF products:

TRUMPF 2D laser cutting machines

TRUMPF pipe cutting machines

TRUMPF punching machines

TRUMPF punching laser machines

TRUMPF bending machines

TRUMPF 3D laser cutting machines

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Flexible sheet metal working technology
  • Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working

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Alexander Broziat
Oskar BROZIAT GmbH Maschinen + Service
Vorwerker Str. 62a-64

Tel: +49 451 40 40 19
Fax: +49 451 40 73 93

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Oskar Broziat GmbH Maschinen + Service

Oskar Broziat GmbH Maschinen + Service

Oskar Broziat GmbH Maschinen + Service

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