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“CEMSA” has acquired a long and deep experience in Resistance Welding Technology, being established, under this name, in 1969 after more than other 15 years manufacturing electromechanical equipment as “Cemsa-Italwares”.
Since the 50’s the Company has oriented its main core businesses on Resistance Welders, as well as on special machines for Assembly operations.
Always very attentive to the technology evolution, in ‘77 Cemsa began designing and manufacturing resistance welding special Robots and CNC machines.
Nowadays the Company with its team of professionals, as qualified technical engineers and skilled workers, is able to cope with the most sophisticated applications in Resistance Welding, Electrical Upsetting and Assembly Automation.
A Group of exclusive subcontractors is continuously selected to work under Cemsa’s supervision and monitoring to guarantee the highest standards and performances as required by Cemsa’s specifications and International requirements.

Products & Services

CEMSA is synonymous of “Applied Technology” and the machines offered to the market place are relevant to :
- Spot and projection welders
- Seam, and flash/butt welders
- Special CN Robot, like Roboroof, Robobench, Roboside, Robocomb, Roboseam as well as combined systems with multiple axis
- Flexible production cells for Welding/Assembly and Factory Automation.
- Electrical-Upsetting

Main markets served are:
- Automotive components
- Household appliances
- Mesh, wire goods, grating and tubes products in general
- Electromechanical, electrical, electronic and tlc
- Metallic furniture and shelves
- Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)
- Lift, elevator, building structures
- Railways and aerospace

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products (ferrous/non-ferrous)
  • Joining and fastening technology

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Mr. Luca Alpago
CEMSA International Srl
Via Piemonte 25
20093 - Cologno Monzese (MI)

Tel: +39022531744
Fax: +39022533307

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CEMSA International S.r.L.

CEMSA International S.r.L.

CEMSA International S.r.L.

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