CISAM IMPIANTI Press Feeding Equipment
Monza, Italia

Padiglione 27, Stand J161

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CISAM IMPIANTI leader in engineering and construction of feeding lines for presses, able to guarantee a high return and full capacity utilization of your press

Passion, determination and spirit for innovations make of CISAM impianti a continuous growing company able to affirm innovative solutions and managing to foresee the emergent requests of the markets. This enabled Cisam impianti to achieve a prevailing position in the world of sheet metal working automation and becoming a synonym of high quality and technological progress.

Prodotti e Servizi

Press feeding lines compact or long loop version
Lines for high-resistance material
Lines for high thickness
Lines for fine blanking
Lines for magnetic thin strip
Zig-zag feesing lines
Blanking lines
Oscillating cutting dies
Transfers and destackers
Coils Tig welding equipment
Coils Laser welding equipment
Narrow strip winding lines
Narrow strip edge-profiling and winding lines
Cut-to-length lines

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Nicole Mager
CISAM IMPIANTI - Press Feeding Equipment
Via Pompei, 4
20900 MONZA (MB)

Tel: 0392842487
Fax: 0392842496

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CISAM IMPIANTI Press Feeding Equipment

CISAM IMPIANTI Press Feeding Equipment

CISAM IMPIANTI Press Feeding Equipment

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