Cougartron (BM Group International ApS)
Herlev, Denmark

Hall 13, Stand G90


Cougartron is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of world-class stainless steel surface treatment and passivation solutions.

We have 2 main categories:

Weld cleaning is done to increase the corrosion resistance of stainless steel metal surfaces after TIG and MIG welding.

An easy and convenient way to mark / etch stainless steel

Products & Services

In the stainless steel weld cleaning range we have the follow machines:

InoxFury - our most powerful machine for heavy duty production and it can clean dark MIG welds with ease.

ProPlus - our most popular all round machine that can clean TIG and MIG welds as well as mark metal parts

Plus - this is our lower power machine for TIG cleaning and marking

InoxMuscle - our lightweight cleaning and polishing machine for TIG welds

InoxPower - our cleaning and marking machine for TIG welds
MK12 - the etching / marking only machine for users with no cleaning or polishing requirements.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Surface technology
  • Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working

Contact Details

Harry Edwards
Marielundvej 48D
2730 Herlev

Tel: +45 43 20 19 00

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Cougartron (BM Group International ApS)

Cougartron (BM Group International ApS)

Cougartron (BM Group International ApS)

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