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Rennerod, Germany

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Eckert company is a modern and innovative company, specialized in production of CNC cutting machines. The company was founded in 1990. Headquarter is located in Legnica, Poland and has a branch in Rennerod, Germany.

Innovation is our philosophy! Over 25 years in cutting machine industry, we created many modern and unique solutions on a global scale.

As one of the few manufacturers in the world, we offer the knowledge and experience of all four cutting technologies which are oxygen, plasma, waterjet and laser. Customers can choose between our standards and also customized solutions for individual needs as "all from one hand" solution. Our comprehensive product range, experience and high production capacity make us trust worth and reliable partner in the implementation of innovative solutions.

Products & Services

- Ruby ECO: economical solution for small and middle sized companies. Exceptional ergonomics and high class equipment from prestigious suppliers
- Jantar: high speed, precision and versatility. The most popular plasma and oxygen cutting machine
- Chrome: World premiere at EuroBLECH of the most dynamic oxygen-plasma CNC cutting machine
- Sapphire: extra robust construction and high productivity for production in perfection. One of the most awarded CNC cutting machine in it's class
- Onyx: Most modern construction and innovative technology solutions. Uniqe ergonomy of work and the atractive design
- Opal WaterJet: versatile and precise waterjet cutting machine
- Opal WaterJet Combo: Worlds fastest waterjet!
- Cutting tables for material thicknesses from 30 - 300mm
- Fume extraction solutions customized for individual needs
- Production planning software integration
- Factory 4.0 solutions for modern production

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Separation technology
  • Tube/section working

Contact Details

Eileen Kessler
Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH
Konnwiese 12
D-56477 Rennerod

Tel: +49 (0) 266 42524310
Fax: +49 (0) 266 42524311

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Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH

Eckert Cutting Technology GmbH

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