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EFD Induction is a network of individual companies that are majority- or wholly-owned by a holding company—EFD Induction Group. Located in Skien, Norway, EFD Induction Group provides centralized resources for all EFD Induction companies. These resources include sales and marketing, branding and financial control support. EFD Induction Group also helps coordinate international activities, and works with individual companies to implement our corporate strategy.

Products & Services

Induction heating equipment, systems and services for industrial applications

EFD Induction has to-date installed thousands of heating solutions for a vast range of industrial applications – bringing the benefits of induction technology to many of the world’s leading manufacturing and service companies.

EFD Induction equipment is used to make anything from crankshafts to spaceships. It is mostly employed for the following applications:
• hardening
• brazing
• welding
• annealing
• seam normalizing
• pre-heating
• post-heating
• bonding
• straightening
• forging
• melting
• plasma production

EFD Induction offers a complete range of equipment:
• Sinac - an extensive range of universal heat generators; suitable for numerous heating applications
• Weldac - a range of high-output solid-state welders
• Minac - a selection of compact and versatile mobile generators (including the Minac Twin versions)
• HeatLine - a range of vertical and horizontal systems for forging as well

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Tube/section working
  • Surface technology

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Frau Lehmann
EFD Induction GmbH
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79106 Freiburg

Tel: 0761 8851 208

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EFD Induction GmbH

EFD Induction GmbH

EFD Induction GmbH

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