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As a competent partner for clamping systems for machine tools and forming machines BERG Spanntechnik is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Since our foundation in 1918 we have been operating in a lively field of tension between tradition and innovation. As a modern and down-to-earth family business with strong local roots we attach great importance to the personal contact to our customers. Reliability, flexibility and a focus on a consistent quality of our products are therefore of great importance.
From advice from our specialists in the factory and our local representatives to production, final assembly and permanent quality control: BERG Spanntechnik operates with state-of-the-art equipment, ultramodern electronics and highly motivated employees for customers all around the globe. For generations we have stood for the art of German engineering in proven BERG quality and are constantly reinventing ourselves.

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Precision in every position

Our high-precision clamping solutions in the fields of forming technology, tool clamping, special applications and workpiece clamping enjoy an outstanding reputation worldwide. This does apply to the high standard of our series products as well as our customer-oriented special production.
BERG Spanntechnik produces a wide variety of clamping systems for forming machines: stationary and mobile clamping systems for clamping tools, clamping systems for moving bolsters, slide locking devices and rail couplings for transfer systems.
Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology we have developed a tool clamping system 4.0 equipped with sensor technology. The integrated condition monitoring system serves the preventive maintenance and early failure detection of each tool clamp and thus contributes to the maintenance or increase of productivity. Thereby BERG Spanntechnik underpins its claim to leadership in the field of forming technology.
In addition to our products we also offer extensive services to ensure your productiveness: preventive maintenance, fast repairs, qualified technical training, support during commissioning or assistance in troubleshooting.

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Hendrik Bönisch
Berg & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik
Gildemeisterstraße 80
33689 Bielefeld

Tel: +49 (0) 5205 759240
Fax: +49 (0) 5205 759180

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BERG & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik

BERG & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik

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3rd September 2018
BERG Spanntechnik untermauert Anspruch auf Technologieführerschaft im Bereich der Umformtechnik
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3rd September 2018
BERG Spanntechnik underpins its claim to technical leadership in the field of forming technology
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Contact Details

Berg & Co. GmbH, Hendrik Bönisch (Marketing)
Gildemeisterstraße 80
33689 Bielefeld

Tel: +49 5205 759-240
Fax: +49 5205 759-180

BERG & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik

BERG & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik

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