Machine-building plant «ELECTROMASHSTAN» Ltd
Kharkov, Ukraine

Hall 27, Stand A163


Machine-Building Plant ElectroMashStan designs and manufactures profile-bending, cutting and rolling and special equipment for processing of light-gauge sheet metal and is leading Ukrainian manufacturer and exporter to neighboring countries and beyond.
Within 24 years, the enterprise has produced more than one thousandautomated lines and packaged units of different complexity and application that are utilized in the 22 countries.
We use materials and componentsproduced by the leading global producers.State-of-the-industry machinery equipment, high-precision metalworking machines and instruments provide high quality precision machining of parts of any complexity.
Making use of own gathered engineering experience and learning the global experience of machine industryour company permanently progresses and continues to improve constructions and manufacturing technology of equipment.
Enterprise ElectroMashStan will design manufacture reliable and state-of-the-art equipmentwith the best engineering solutionsand taking into account all your requirements related to the productivity and automation level.

Products & Services

° Coil metal slitting lines (into strips)
° Coil metal cross-cutting lines (into sheets)
° Automated lines for forming shaped metal decking of different configurations and purposes (wall decks, roofing decks)
° Automated lines for production of metal sidings and other shaped metal facing products
° Automated line for production of structural metal shapes of types L, V, Z, C, U, etc., used for construction of light metal structures and pre-fabricated buildings
° Automated lines for production of shaped metal for mounting plasterboard plates (Knauf)
° Automated rolling lines for profile pipe
° Lines and machines for rolling roof pitch breaks, drop aprons, etc.
° Lines for rolling shaped metal for plastering, filling, armoring as well as window, facade and other special purpose shaped metal used in chemical industry, food industry, nonferrous-metals industry, and in railway transport
° Sheet bending machines, winding machines, and other equipment

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Forming technology
  • Machine elements and components

Contact Details

Dmitriy Denisov
"Machine Work "Electromashstan" Limited Company
Ukraine, Kharkiv city

Tel: +38 (057) 7595434
Fax: +38 (057) 6354451

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Machine-building plant «ELECTROMASHSTAN» Ltd

Machine-building plant «ELECTROMASHSTAN» Ltd

Machine-building plant «ELECTROMASHSTAN» Ltd

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