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ELMA-Tech GmbH is a German manufacturer of welding machines in the fields of resistance and arc technology and a specialist in thermal coating technologies. All welding power sources or high-performance power sources for thermal spraying processes are controlled by ELMA-Tech's proprietary and world-leading process control "Virtual Machine (VM)".

The virtual machine can be regarded as the essential technological heart of ELMA-Tech's welding and coating technology. As a welding process control, it solves the management of complex joining processes with maximum reproducibility with the least possible programming effort. As a process control for thermal spraying (e.g., arc wire spraying), it realizes fully flexible setting of spray parameters for optimized adhesion and extremely fine sprayed structure.

Without any prior adjustment of parameters such as sheet thicknesses and types of material, this process control allows fully automatic resistance spot welding of components with quality statement on the welding result.

Products & Services

The performance profile of ELMA-Tech includes the conception and production of:

• High-tech welding power sources for welding and coating technology (spot welders, arc welders, electric arc wire spraying, plasma coatings).
• Heavy duty power sources for heavy duty, stationary applications (eg. for submerged arc welding).
• Fully automatic, manual and robot-controlled spot welding guns in X-, C- and innovative V-arrangement, developed and designed for the production lines of automotive plants.
• The portfolio is supplemented by accessories such as vehicle repair guns, spotter and various other system components.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Joining and fastening technology
  • Process control and quality assurance

Contact Details

Herr Erhard Krahm
ELMA-Tech GmbH
Wisseraue 1
D - 51597 Morsbach

Tel: +49 (0) 2294 9990 21
Fax: +49 (0) 2294 9990 55

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ELMA-Tech GmbH

ELMA-Tech GmbH

ELMA-Tech GmbH

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ELMA-Tech GmbH • Hall 13, Stand A118

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Posted: 16th October 2018

ELMA-Tech GmbH

ELMA-Tech GmbH

ELMA-Tech GmbH

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