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Founded in 1991, GERIMA has been developing machines and production processes ever since. Since 1994, the company has focused on designing and developing beveling machines for use in the manufacture of mobile cranes, railway vehicles, containers and ships, as well as in the plant and pipeline construction sectors. GERIMA's machine tools and power tools are mainly used to create the accurate welding bevels needed when preparing welding joints. They are also used to create visible bevels and functional bevels and for edge rounding prior to the painting or coating surface.
True to its slogan „world of beveling“, GERIMA is now serving a customer base around the world. Customers value the fact that GERIMA is continuously expanding and improving its range of beveling machines, from the smaller hand-held tools to large stationary units. With its high level of in-house production, GERIMA is able to offer individual solutions for specific customer applications.

Products & Services

GERIMA presents a tailor-made machine program of mobile machines and stationary machines for varied applications in the sector of welding preparation, edge processing on plates, pipes. The program ranges from chamfering tools for assembly of CNC milling machines, manual milling machines over small-mobile-beveling-machines for bevel angle 0-80 °, chamfer width 1-20mm, radius 1-15mm over medium-sized-stationary-beveling-machines for chamfer width 1-30mm, bevel angle 5-60°, radius 2-15mm to large-stationary-beveling-machines for chamfer width 1-100mm, bevel angle 0-90°. With a vast distribution-net national/ international, GERIMA offers quality, efficiency, competence, service customer oriented out of one hand. Experience the topical program in mobile machines and stationary machines for the optimum welding preparation on plates and pipes in action at our booth. Convince yourself of quality, performance and handling of GERIMA-beveling machines. Many innovations are launched specifically to EUROBLECH 2018.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Forming technology
  • Tube/section working

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Gerima GmbH

Gerima GmbH

Gerima GmbH

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