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GMT GLOBAL INC. was established in 1995. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio services and a strong commitment to sustainability. GMT started its voyage with the manufacture of the precision die, precision die sets and mold components. Within a decade, GMT widened its business and started investing in the manufacture of the linear motion elements and made the global recognition.

With the beginning of 2017, GMT initiated to promote pick and place series for industrial automation technology needs. Beginning with Electric and the pneumatic gripper as the first Product-Line of a continuously increasing portfolio of automation products. With its business in Automation components, GMT strives to the creation of new vision with its products.

The prospect of "Intelligent Ambition, Convenient Automation- Constructing a smart automation territory, to visualize and create a vision of utmost convenience in automation industries".

Products & Services

At GMT, we harness the power of people working at GMT and the emerging technologies to help the clients be successful. GMT gives the world a wide variety of linear motion elements, Positioning Stage Elements, Actuators, Optical components and Automation components.

GMT also helps in the fields of biomedical genetic engineering, precision optical engineering, MEMS manufacturing and other fields with the manufacturing of positioning stage elements. GMT is also elevating its market value with the venture of Linear Motion Elements. There is a continuous elevation in the quality, productivity and services at GMT.

Not only does GMT sustains its partners in the automation, Life-science, phonics and conventional industry but also in the Environmental Technology and Mobile Phone industry. These have always been a clear and long-term target guiding our development direction.

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