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Protect your Laser optics!

Since we are a long-standing competence in special glass, we know how to convince with our optical components for laser welding and cutting applications.
Our customers have appreciated our Expertise when it comes to quartz glass in ist various forms (tubes, rods, flat optics, Special parts and more) for decades. It is our aim to understand our customer’s applications in order to offer the best solution.


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Precision that will move you!

Sheet metal working is an important market to us because this is where we address our anti-reflective-coated (AR) laser protection windows, which protect high quality optics from material splashes during the welding or cutting process. Today, especially during the production of body parts, more than
100.000 of GVB’s protection glasses already are in use annualy. This shows that our quality fulfills high standards even in
case of mass production. Besides, due to our knowledge in the field of special glass and influence on the raw material we gain
an excellent cost-benefit-ratio.
In 2014 we have planned to launch coated ZnSe protection discs and mirrors. Although the CO2-laser has a few years under
its belt, we attach a great importance to it because a lot of processing companies still count on this technology.


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GVB GmbH - Solutions in Glass
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GVB GmbH Solutions in Glass

GVB GmbH Solutions in Glass

GVB GmbH Solutions in Glass

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