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Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr has the capacities and the specialists who are well versed with hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders. No matter what the situation that occurs in the field of highly complex hydraulic systems and hydraulic units, we can help.

The repair of hydraulic systems is always the most economical and fastest alternative.

We shall prove to you on this website, that we are the ideal partner for exactly this topic. The service of HSRR goes far beyond the repair of some hydraulic components. We are your partner for any hydraulic emergency, and we are well familiar with the entire chain of action when it comes to hydraulic repairs.

Logistics/failure analysis/hydraulic repair/testing/installation. Because we think across divisions, the avoidance of damage by root cause analysis and optimising your hydraulic system is just one point that we would like to discuss with you: Repairing needs safety!

Products & Services

From the reconditioning of all popular axial piston pumps such as 113.40, 900CV, A2V1000, (H)A4Vso500, or the latest A20vo520,

over the reconditioning of valves, from switching valves, proportional valves or servo control, or the complete press control block,

to the reconditioning of cylinders, from locking cylinder to ram cylinders,

we are your competent partner for issues concerning your hydraulic press!

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Thomas Wolters
Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH
Zum Eisenhammer 14/16a
46049 Oberhausen

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Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH

Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH

Hydraulik-Service Rhein-Ruhr GmbH

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