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Since 1934 I.M.V. Presse has been operating on the national and international market of sheet metal forming-
We are specialised in developing a wide range of technical solutions which , associated in different combinations, make it possible for the user to choose the rpess that best suits their needs.
Different production , frequency and flexibility needs of the press are achieved throughdifferent kinematic chains with front or transversal shafts with the introduction of gearbox, levers and other technological solutions.
The choice of the right rated energy is relation to the production frequency is crucial piece of information to be taken into account when configuring the press.
Based on the requested energy, the type of lever mechanism, the press dimensions and automation, IMV offers different transmission combinations.

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Our press range production is between 100 to 2500 ton.
For all Lever series models, the original slowdown curves feature differences generated by the different construction concepts and by the type of work to which they are dedicated for the most part. After having chosen the Lever model ,during the design phase of the press its characteristics can be personalised .
Our systems are :
LEVER 1 : modified knuckle joint for trimming thin metal pieces and sheet metal
LEVER 2 : traditional link drive for medium high drawing
LEVER 3; traditional knuckle oint for coining with the possibility to carry out double hits
LEVER 4: modified knuckle joint ofr high reisstance, thck metal pieces, complex trimming and medium drawn
The organisation of IMV is such as to make possible an after sales service capable of supporting the customer. in different way.

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I.M.V. Presse srl

I.M.V. Presse srl

I.M.V. Presse srl

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