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Nuova CMM was founded in 1974 as a company operating in the production and processing of medium and large structureworks. Over the years he has joined this activity with that of subcontractor for engineering companies operating at international level, aiming to become from the early 2000s a company operating in the industrial automation sector in the welding sector.
The capabilities of CMM embrace Total Project Management, from mechanical and electrical design, to the mechanical realization, assembly and testing for every type of welding automation from the lightest / easiest to the heaviest / most complex.
NuovaCMM manages the entire production cycle in the company, thus guaranteeing quality and time control of existing projects.
NuovaCMM offers to customers "tailor-made" solutions for their production needs (in terms of automation level) and economic (in terms of return on investment), thanks to its ten-year experience in this sector.

Products & Services

The products offered by NUOVACMM are mainly:
Lines for the production of T, H and box beams with different levels of automation in relation with the customer's needs.
Lines for the production of panels in the shipyard sector.
Column Booms for longitudinal and circular welding of medium and large sized products: tanks for liquids, wind towers, etc.
Circular welding equipment for small sized products: hydraulic cylinders, fire extinguishers, submerged pumps, LPG tanks, etc.
Longitudinal welding equipment for small/medium sized products: chimney, ferrules for food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, bodies for mufflers in the automotive sector, etc.
Multi-station systems to allow the realization of the different phases of production of a product (cutting, assembly, welding, etc.) in a single plant with reduction of the total cycle time.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Flexible sheet metal working technology
  • Joining and fastening technology

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NUOVA C.M.M. S.r.l.

NUOVA C.M.M. S.r.l.

NUOVA C.M.M. S.r.l.

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