Parmigiani Macchine di Daniele Parmigiani & C. sas
Cremona, Italy

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PARMIGIANI — The Italian Forming Company. Since 1927.

Parmigiani Macchine was founded in 1927 in Cremona, Northern Italy, and over the years it has become a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality, sturdy machines with cutting-edge CNC controls for metal forming.

Our product range includes hydraulic 3- and 4-roll plate rolls, pipe & section bending machines, straightening machines, dishing presses and flanging machines for dished heads as welle as special plate rolls for the naval and aircraft industry.

PARMIGIANI machines combine time-proven designs with the most advanced technology available in order to deliver unique solutions for demanding customers all over the world.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System

Products & Services

Fully hydraulic plate rolls:
- 4-roll advanced plate rolls VBH
- 3-roll double-pinch plate rolls TBH
- 3-roll variable axis plate rolls PCO

Manufacturing lines for dished heads:
- Dishing presses with automatic manipulator DPO-MAP
- Flanging machines for heads with / without center hole FM-hy

Universal pipe and section bending machines PLANET

Plate and parts straightening machines SLH

Special plate rolls for the shipbuilding and aircraft industry HDC

The widest range of NC and CNC controls on the market, developed from our experts in metal forming.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Forming technology
  • Tube/section working

Contact Details

Via Sesto, 44
26100 Cremona

Tel: +39 0372 21639

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Parmigiani Macchine di Daniele Parmigiani & C. sas

Parmigiani Macchine di Daniele Parmigiani & C. sas

Parmigiani Macchine di Daniele Parmigiani & C. sas

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