Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd.
Sagamihara City, Japan

Hall 27, Stand L136


Enomoto is a one of the Screw Press builders and only one in Japan. Founded on 1915 and making most kind of Screw type forging machine. Export activiti is much. CFRTP high speed forming machine and Helical gear with crowning making machine recent released.

Products & Services

Servomotor driven Screw Press for forging.
CFRTP High speed forming Screw Press.
Helical gear with crowning forming machine.

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  • Forming technology

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Mr. Yoshio Enomoto
Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd.
1-1-5 Machiya Midori-Ku Sagamihara City 252-0101 Japan

Tel: +81427822842
Fax: +81427824461

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Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd.

Enomoto Machine Co., Ltd.

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