Ortic AB
Borlänge, Schweden

Halle 27, Stand A125


Ortic deals with advanced roll forming including both traditional methods but especially 3D roll formning.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

3D roll forming Machines
Traditional roll forming Machines
Tool design
FEA Simulation of the roll forming process for traditional forming as well as 3D forming
Possiblity to make 3D roll forming prototypes in our own 3D roll forming machine
Service of roll forming Machines
Rewamp of old Control systems using our AdvantRoll system for all types of roll forming machines, including pre- and post operations

EuroBLECH Produktkategorien

  • Umformtechnologie
  • Flexible Blechbearbeitungstechnologie


Johan Eriksson
Ortic AB
Rågåkersgatan 5
781 74 Borlänge

Tel: +46 70 5686014

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Ortic AB

Ortic AB

Ortic AB