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PROMOTECH is an innovation driven ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of professional power tools, welding automation equipment and industrial systems.
We offer comprehensive range of mag drills and hydraulic punchers for hole making processes, pipe and plate bevellers to lay the foundation for high quality welds through accurate beveling with no heat affected zones or distortion of the work pieces as well as family of portable welding and cutting tractors to increase production and reduce welding costs.
PROMOTECH provides also custom-made solutions incl. MIG/MAG & SAW welding, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, pipe shape cutting, tailored for structural steel fabricators, heavy machinery manufacturers, shipyards and other metal machining companies.

Products & Services

Main product lines:
 mag drills, pneumatic drills, rail drills and hydraulic punchers
 weld preparation/portable and stationary bevellers for plates and pipes
 welding and cutting tractors
 welding and cutting automation equipment

PROMOTECH’s products:
 offer solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity
 are designed and engineered for long term use in tough industrial conditions
 meet the requirements of the most demanding clients and markets worldwide
 proved to be extremely reliable with a variety of practical applications in most difficult climatic environments
 are made in Poland according to the highest quality standards
 include top quality components
 are thoroughly tested for quality approval
 target highly specialized niche markets

All our machines are reliable and functional thanks to heavy duty and rigid design, purpose-made motors and industry proven electronics.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures
  • Joining and fastening technology

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