Radkersburger Metal Forming GmbH
Bad Radkersburg, Austria

Padiglione 27, Stand M161

Profilo Aziendale

The company’s core skills include metal forming techniques such as metal spinning, deep-drawing and hydro-mechanical deep-drawing, as well as additional operations such as turning, milling, welding, grinding and polishing, through to complete structural component assembly.
A range of production processes are carried out in interlinked installations. rm possesses a high level of expertise in the synergetic application of deep-drawing, metal spinning and hydro-mechanical deep-drawing. As a result, we are an ideal supplier of finished and semi-finished goods produced by sheet metal forming.

Prodotti e Servizi

rm is a supplier to the automotive industry specialising in air spring components. Other Business Areas for example: power engineering, plastics machine industry, plant engineering and constructions, telecommunications engineering, the automotive industry, ventilation technology, the food sector and medical engineering.
- Research and developement
- design an toolmaking
- metal spinning
- depp-drawing
- hydro-mechanical deep-drawing
- automated deep-drawing
- welding
- surface Treatment
- machining

Sample products:
Centrifuge housings for medical engineering
Design components for hi-fi systems
Machines for the food industry
Lighting fixtures
Seamless containers
Brake cylinders
Ventilator housings
Feeding hoppers
High-precision conical structural components
Parabolic antennae
Tungsten crucibles

EuroBLECH Categorie Prodotti

  • Lamiera e prodotti semifiniti e finiti (ferrosi/non-ferrosi)
  • Tecnologia di formatura


Mag. (Fh) Christina Merlini
Radkersburger Metal Forming GmbH
Austria Südost Gewerbepark A2

Tel: 004334762274 0
Fax: 004334762274 22

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Radkersburger Metal Forming GmbH

Radkersburger Metal Forming GmbH

Radkersburger Metal Forming GmbH

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