4ISP s.r.o.
Uvaly, Czech Republic

Hall 16, Stand G91


4ISP is Laser and CNC machinery distributor
2018 we have open Eurazio center, the biggest laser and CNC machinery showroom and sales place
2010 - 4ISP s.r.o. was founded
2011 - 2012 - Collaboration between 4ISP s.r.o. and FIT GmbH
2013 - 2014 - Company changes its course to be the top seller of Laser and CNC machinery in central Europe
2015 - Our own machines and customizations
2016 - Entering German, Austrian, Polish and Baltic market
2017 - Exclusive HSG distributor for Germany
2018 - Investment in 2 new branches and showrooms in Germany / Munich and Mönchengladbach

Products & Services

Fiber cutting lasers
Marking lasers
Co2 lasers
Milling machines and routers
Press brakes
Laser welding
Grinding and polishing
Accessories, spare parts, consumables

Visit Eurazio center the biggest CNC laser machine showroom in Europe. We offer fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, milling machines. No matter if you mill, engrave or cut your materials, we can provide you with the right machine.

Our salesmen will help you pick the best and the most efficient machine for the materials that you process. One of the biggest benefits of visiting our showroom is the possibility of testing your own materials on our CNC and laser machines.

Along with technical solutions, our salesmen will also provide you with cost analysis and help you pick a machine from the right price range, suitable for your needs.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Separation technology
  • Flexible sheet metal working technology
  • Tube/section working
  • Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures

Contact Details

Dagmar Smrčinová
4ISP s.r.o.
4ISP s.r.o.
Purkyňova 1805

Tel: +420774833700

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4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

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12th July 2018
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Contact Details

Katerina Goroskov
4ISP s.r.o.
Purkyňova 1805
250 82 Úvaly


4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

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Sales representative

Location: Germany
4ISP s.r.o. • Hall 16, Stand G91

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Posted: 12th July 2018

4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

4ISP s.r.o.

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