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Robotmaster software helps manufacturers to maximize their productivity by easy and efficient industrial robot programming. The company’s leading off-line programming software provides quick, easy, and powerful programming tools for welding and cutting along with support for multiple applications, saving time and money while maximizing return on investment. In 2015, Robotmaster became part of the Hypertherm family, operating as Hypertherm Robotic Software Inc. which enabled them to leverage Hypertherm’s global infrastructure to serve rapidly evolving industry requirements and challenges and make it easier for robotic programmers and integrators worldwide to achieve optimal results. Robotmaster is distributed and supported by a growing worldwide distribution network of channel partners. Intercam SA is a distributor of Robotmaster in the European and Asian markets.

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The new Robotmaster V7, a standalone, cost-effective solution for programming robots, is a revolutionary task-based robot programming platform built from scratch by Hypertherm’s Robotic Software team on a completely new architecture. It caters to process experts to make robot programming easy and intuitive, even for first-time robot users. Robotmaster V7 builds on the legendary performance of Robotmaster’s offline programming CAD/CAM software that was first introduced in 2002. Since Robotmaster V7 uses integrated CAD/CAM functionality, for the first time, the power of Robotmaster can be used by welding, cutting and other process experts without buying or learning complex CAD/CAM software. The new Robotmaster V7 software release targets automatic integrated welding and contour programming including trimming, cutting, dispensing and deburring, as well as drilling and fastening. It navigates complex part geometries and optimizes robot paths while synchronizing movements and preventing collisions between one or more robots, parts and tooling. It can be used for offline robotic programming in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, power generation/energy and welding.

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  • Separation technology
  • Tube/section working
  • Joining and fastening technology
  • Data processing (hard- and software)

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Robotmaster/Intercam SA
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Robotmaster / Intercam SA

Robotmaster / Intercam SA

Robotmaster / Intercam SA

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21st October 2018
Robotmaster V7 - Dedicated robotic CAD/CAM for Welding and Cutting
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Robotmaster / Intercam SA

Robotmaster / Intercam SA

Robotmaster / Intercam SA

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