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ROLAND Electronic GmbH is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of highly specialized factory automation products. The company is located in Keltern in the neighbourhood of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, one of Germany´s strongest commercial centres with excellent infrastructure, highly skilled workforce and high-tech oriented universities.
Since 1965 ROLAND provides metal detection solutions based on magnetic technologies and focuses on niche markets with high technical demands.

Development, manufacturing and distribution of factory automation.
Our core competencies are: Magnetic Flux, Eddy Current and Induction.
With these technologies, we build sensors for very special detection tasks.
We apply latest laser technology where the advantages of optical technology are required.
Product ranges:

Double Sheet Detection,
Sheet Thickness Gauging
Weld Seam Detection,
Non-Destructive Testing

Products & Services

The LTM Thickness Gauging System series from the Roland Electronic GmbH company is used for non-contacting measurement of various moving materials with very high accuracy.
The combination of state-of-the-art laser and system technology in conjunction with a measuring software specially developed for this requirement allows the acquisition, evaluation, visualization and archiving of thickness and cross-sectional values measured for your special application.
These systems have been specially developed for the usage in the metal processing industry, where they are used in rolling mills, longitudinal and transverse cutting lines, in press lines, the can industry, metal sheet processing and many other applications.
Our LTM series extends the well-known and successful product lines of Double Sheet Detection systems, Weld Seam Detection and Non-Destructive Testing systems.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Handling technology
  • Process control and quality assurance

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