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TTM Laser is specialized in the development of laser systems for the cutting of tubes and profiles. With diameters ranging from 12 to 815 millimeters and pipe and profile lengths up to 18 meters, the system solutions of TTM Laser offer the largest available selection for the flexible production of small and large series.

Depending on the materials that are to be processed and the desired cutting quality and level of productivity, users have the choice between CO2 laser cutting systems and fiber laser cutting systems. All cutting systems are equipped with a 3D laser cutting head.

Since 2018 TTM Laser is a member of the Bystronic Group.

Products & Services

The product range of TTM Laser includes:

M2 Series - FL 170: the machine uses fiber laser technology and is available with an optional 3D cutting head. The combination of fiber laser source and 3D cutting head make the FL 170 3D Fiber a unique machine that combines a high degree of productivity and flexibility with low power consumption and moderate maintenance costs.

M3 Series – FL 300: the FL 300 is a laser tube cutting machine with 3D cutting head that enables the three dimensional processing of tubes and profiles with a diameter between 20 and 305 mm and a maximum length of 12 500 mm.

M4 Series- FL 400 – FL 600 – FL 800: the M4 model series consists of a system for the processing of tubes and profiles for support structures with an outer diameter of up 815 mm and a maximum length of 18 meters.

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  • Tube/section working

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