Fronius at EuroBLECH 2018: Digital Focus for Customized Solutions

20th July 2018

Fronius at EuroBLECH 2018: Digital Focus for Customized Solutions

EuroBLECH 2018 is all about being “On the pulse of digitalization”. To stick with the theme, Fronius Perfect Welding will be putting digital solutions in the lime light in Hanover. The data management system WeldCube assists with the collection and analysis of welding data. Fronius will also present the TPS/i, a system platform that is perfectly suited for the demands of modern production processes. Another focal point is Fronius’ new device series for manual welding. Welding carriages and orbital systems from Fronius Welding Automation as well as a range for resistance spot welding complete the exhibition portfolio.

Modern welding systems collect various information such as current, voltage, wire speed, and welding speed. With the help of a data management system, users can use this information to optimize processes. The Fronius WeldCube software processes the most important welding data and then provides it in a clear overview. A WeldCube installation can connect up to 50 power sources. This network enables the documentation of data at a component level across multiple devices. Furthermore, users can, in combination with the TPS/i welding platform, create and edit tasks for all power sources connected to the WeldCube. The user can configure his analyses individually and retrieve them by computer or on-the-go via tablet or smartphone. This way the WeldCube supports a modern production and helps optimize processes and reduce costs.

The TPS/i system platform not only creates the basis for a network: It also has a high performance processor and a high speed bus so therefore offers increased arc control and higher precision welding processes. Thanks to the function packages, the welder can use several processes such as LSC (Low Spatter Control), PMC (Pulse Multi Control), as well as CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) on the same TPS/i.

With the LaserHybrid welding process, Fronius meets the challenge of faster production processes and demands for higher quality. This process combines the advantages of GMAW and laser beam welding processes. Users can now also use LaserHybrid on the TPS/i and thus profit from the modular power source technology as well as the new characteristics and processes.

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