igm “Strongly Compact” at EuroBLECH 2018

20th July 2018

igm “Strongly Compact” at EuroBLECH 2018

„Strongly compact“ - That is the guiding theme of igm Robotersysteme AG’s presentation at EuroBLECH 2018. Robot systems for heavy duty welding applications focussing on a minimum of foot print, but always on a maximum of flexibility, that is the target.

The displayed machine offers a complete solution for work pieces up to 3,000 kg, covering just 30m² of ground. Nevertheless, the parts remain accessible all around and can be welded without removing and reloading. This is achieved by means of the L-shaped manipulator with its hollow shaft in the face plate: the robot can immerse into the work piece from the back side and reach inner seams, e.g. of excavator car bodies.

A rotating column with cross and vertical slide enlarges the working range of the robot considerably. Following the theme “strongly compact”, the vertical slide is of telescopic design: large stroke combined with reduced building length. The displayed unit saves 1,000 mm in height. An important aspect, if the work shop height is limited

As a key element of the RCE robot control system, the teach pendant K6 enables access to all the functions of the control. The lightweight teach pendant includes a 8.4” touch screen, an USB plug on the back is provided for memory sticks. The heavy-duty joystick is mounted directly on to the teach pendant K6 and allows to move the robot in a quick and simple way.
The control cabinet PC is using Windows 10 embedded and Linux embedded. The transfer of safety process data between relevant devices is realized by the communication layer Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE)

The integrated Laser camera iCAM guides the torch exactly in the welding groove compensating online the position and contour deviations caused by tolerances and heat distortion. The shown model features in a depth of view of 50 mm at an average resolution of 0.07 mm.

Using a SQL data base, the i4i software package provides a wide range of visualizing and reporting tools of the welding robot‘s status. It can easily be interfaced to the machine via an open PLC and allow simple integration of various remote and portable terminals. The integrated user management controls the rights of the persons in charge in different levels. i4i is tailored during setting into operation of the robot system. The available standard functions remain unchanged. The complete visualisation can be run on PC, mobile phone or tablet in the same network.

For more information visit www.igm.at

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