Advanced data analytics for better decisions in sheet metal processing

9th August 2018

Advanced data analytics for better decisions in sheet metal processing

An innovative software for advanced business analytics is introduced by Lantek at the 25th EuroBLECH in Hanover: Lantek Analytics. It is one of three innovations, by which the IT expert enters the technology of cloud-based software for sheet metal processing.

If you know the subject of your analysis, you get better results. This is the simple principle Lantek, a worldwide leader for sheet metal software, followed and developed “Lantek Analytics“ with the modules “Manufacturing Analytics“ and “Customer Analytics“.

“Milestone“ is what Christoph Lenhard calls it, sales director at Lantek for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Lantek Analytics uses information from the Lantek database of the respective company. We know the production data and their structure, because they are obtained with our tools. That’s why we know best how they have to be interpreted,” he explains the benefits. “By means of this software we can answer in a very concise manner questions for the strategic decisions of the senior management or for the improvement of production.“

Common analytics tools of consulting companies are highly expensive custom-made products. Lantek Analytics on the contrary is a finished product and tailored to the demand of sheet metal processors – but at the same time individually usable since each company can define its own key performance indicators for the analysis.

The tool operates cloud-based. This means the workflow in the company is not affected by the extensive calculation operations. The tool extracts the data for business analytics and produces a separate representation of the data on an external platform, updates it within seconds and analyses it in real time. In manufacturing analysis it is possible to answer questions for “bottlenecks” in production, reject quantity and scrap dispersion or production patterns if for example the senior management is indecisive whether to increase capacity or outsource parts of the production. Customer analysis can generate a list of “top ten customers” according to their sales contribution, find out their geographic distribution and also make time-filtered statements for each customer.

Further benefits of the cloud are: Access to data any time and from everywhere, at the same time the user doesn´t have to install software or provide hardware and technical staff – and can still be sure that it’s always up-to-date. This is what Lantek takes care of, as well as the compliance with data protection laws and the fulfillment of the requirements for data protection.

Visit Lantek at EuroBLECH and experience “Lantek Analytics“, as well as the two other cloud-based innovations “Lantek MetalShop” for online ordering of metal parts and “Lantek iQuoting“ for the advanced control of business processes.

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