EuroBLECH 2021

26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

9 – 12 March 2021 | Hanover, Germany

A.B. Esse SpA

Villanova, Italy

Hall 12, Stand B35


A.B.Esse is a 25 years established company, worldwide laser cutting machine consumables and laser cutting machine spare parts dealer. We have our own internal production for nozzles and other components, like ceramic parts, and we have a wide catalogue that includes also bellows, optics, filters, granting to our customers the best quality and competitive prices, supplying also excellent and valuable technical support. We also deal with all laser application, including cutting, welding and cladding. We are Precitec Service Partner for Italy since early 2000 years and we also deal with non-contact measure applications. We also patented an application to perform the tube tube surface quality inspection, called TDiM (Tube Defect in-line Monitor).

Products & Services

A.B.Esse is offering a wide product range in the industrial laser field, dealing with both CO2 and Fiber laser products, for cutting, welding and cladding:

- nozzles
- ceramic and insulator parts
- optics (lenses, mirrors and protective windows)
- bellows
- filters
- oils
- laser and optics maintenance and cleaning products
- and much more

We can support also OEM and Integrators with information and products like welding and cutting heads, welding monitor systems, non-contact inspection and measure technology. We have more than 25 years of experience in the industrial laser field and we can support customers also on a technical level as well.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Separation technology
  • Process control and quality assurance

Contact Details

Daniele di Nuzzo
A.B.Esse SpA
via Larga 36, 40138 Bologna (ITALY)

Tel: +39051515508
Fax: +390514202473

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