EuroBLECH 2020

26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

27 – 30 October 2020 | Hanover, Germany

Alma GmbH

Blaubeuren, Germany

Hall 11, Stand G101


A major player on the world market for CAD/CAM software for cutting, sheet metal and robotics.

Over 40 years Alma has built up a reputation as the leading specialist in automatic nesting of complex shapes for cutting. Alma is a leading developer of CAD/CAM software for sheet metal working, cutting and robotics. Alma is constantly growing, is present in 8 countries and is represented in many other countries via its distribution network.

From Shanghai to Porto Alegre, Alma’s software is today widely marketed worldwideand recognized for its optimization capacity and innovative functionalities. Within 40 years, Alma has become a major CAD/CAM software house, present in many countries.

Our main areas of expertise:

- Optimization of industrial, algorithmic processes
- Nesting and CAM applied to cutting
- Sheet metal CAD/CAM
- Robotics (trajectory computation, obstacle avoidance)
- Development of web applications, SaaS and Cloud environments.

Products & Services

-Almacam for Industry 4.0
-Almacam Cut, CAD/CAM software for 2D cutting
The nesting software to program your 2D cutting machines with maximum responsiveness.
- Almacam Punch, a CAD/CAM punching Software
An extremely effective CAD/CAM software for on-demand production of numerous parts requiring punching-nibbling.
The nesting software to program your combined laser/punching or plasma/drilling machines with maximum automation and flexibility.
-Almacam Routing, a CAD/CAM software for routing of soft materials
The nesting software for routing and 2.5 axis machining of aluminum sheets and wood panels.
- Almacam Bend, CAD/CAM software for sheet metal bending
A complete CAD/CAM solution dedicated to the bending process.
- Almacam Tube, a CAD/CAM software for cutting tubes and profiles
Almacam Space Cut, a CAD/CAM software for cutting 3D parts
-Almacam Weld, CAD/CAM software for robotized Welding
Almacam add-ons, almaCube, a 3D nesting software for volume cutting, Nest&Cut, a new automatic nesting web application, Powernest

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Flexible sheet metal working technology
  • Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working

Contact Details

Herr Robert Galler
Alma GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 8
89143 Blaubeuren

Tel: +49 7344 91790

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