EuroBLECH 2021

26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

9 – 12 March 2021 | Hanover, Germany

Böckelt GmbH

Wenden, Germany

Hall 11, Stand C48



Driven by its own requirements for flexible storage systems and heavy-duty racking, innovative rack systems for storage of sheet metal plates, as well as entire metal sheet packages and for storage of long goods were developed, from which ultimately logistics solutions were derived for a wide variety of applications.

Through the many years of experience in the firm's own production operations, as well as the varied insight and knowledge gained from customer processes, Böckelt GmbH has been able to focus precisely on very practical solutions that promise a high degree of reliability and short amortization times. Using contemporary technologies the BÖCKELT TOWER® with a, degree of automation that is exclusively economically viable, has developed into a platform for intelligent storage and logistics solutions.

Worldwide installations and many testimonials speak for the BÖCKELT TOWER®.

Products & Services

The Böckelt Tower – the intelligent storage and logistics system
SMART storage solutions for sheet metal plates and stacks, long goods material and other applications that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes!
Böckelt's robust rack systems are set apart not only by a combination of massive storage capacity and fast access times but also by cutting-edge RFID technology and innovative software components that provide for an efficient flow of material!
The Böckelt Tower manages your inventories, coordinates your intralogistics by managing jobs and providing a pick-by-light function, keeps tooling and non-productive times at your processing machines at a minimum, and boosts your productivity.
Böckelt's concept is rounded out by the multi-user software, which can be used on both mobile and stationary devices, by integrated weighing systems and by flexible user interfaces.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Handling technology
  • Factory and warehouse equipment, safety at work, environmental protection

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