EuroBLECH 2021

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

9 – 12 marzo 2021 | Hannover, Germania

DELTATHERM Hirmer GmbH - Industrial cooling and heating

Much, Germania

Padiglione 13, Stand D257

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DELTATHERM® : Industrial cooling and heating systems

Since 1971, DELTATHERM® has been developing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration, cooling and temperature control systems for a wide variety of applications and industries.

We produce approx. 10,000 chillers, temperature control units, heaters as well as cooling units and cooling components per year. From construction to painting. Everything from a single source. Made in Germany.

We design and manufacture for your applications and industries:
Laser technology. Filtration. Welding & Cutting. Turning and Milling. Plastic. Chemistry and Food Industry. Etc.

Tailor-made constructions for your individual production process:
The modular concept with a wide range of options and extensive accessories leaves virtually nothing to be desired.
DELTATHERM® reacts flexibly to your specific application.
Almost all applications are feasible: both in the low and high power range. The configuration options cover the components: refrigeration, media and electric.

Prodotti e Servizi

More than 200 cooling systems: standard systems and special constructions - from single device to series
Cooling units, systems and components with outputs of
500 Watt to 18 Megawatt, temperature and heating-cooling Systems:

- Cooling capacity from 0,2 kW to 15.000 kW
- Ambient temperature from -35 °C to + 58 °C
- Fluid temperature from -150 °C to +350 °C

Compact cooling units of the LT and RKV series:
These very compact and efficient industrial coolers have a very small and space-saving footprint. Easy to integrate in the production layout.

All components required for the fully automatic cooling process are contained in the industrial coolers. In Air-cooled design for frost-free indoor Installation, incl. water pump - ready for operation. CE- conform.

Our product ranges:
Industrial Coolers
Immersion Chillers
Build in Chillers
Rack Chillers 19"
Temperature Control Systems
Heating and Cooling Systems
Special Maschines
Cooling Towers
Air Coolers

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Industrial heating and cooling
Gewerbegebiet Bövingen 122
53804 Much, Germany

Tel: +49 2245 6107 0
Fax: +49 2245 6107 0

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DELTATHERM Hirmer GmbH - Industrial cooling and heating

DELTATHERM Hirmer GmbH - Industrial cooling and heating