EuroBLECH 2021

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

9 – 12 marzo 2021 | Hannover, Germania


Dresden, Germania

Padiglione 26, Stand M01

Profilo Aziendale

ELEKTRO-SCHWEISSTECHNIK-DRESDEN has excellent know-how in the development of modern resistance welding and automation. Our production includes automated plants, welding machines, tools and devices, which are individually matched to our customers' requirements.
We offer more than a product: Our team of motivated, highly qualified skilled personnel accompanies you from the initial concept to production trough to delivery, and even after successful handover of the plant continue to offer comprehensive support.

Prodotti e Servizi

- Special welding machines and systems
- Automation
- Spot and projection welding machines:
with alternating current, 3-phasen direct current and
- Transformer and cable cutters
- Portable spot welding tongs, spotters, poke welding machines
- Wire butt welders
- Gantry/multiple spot welding machines
- Microwelding systems
- Resistance seam welding
- Welding tools
- Feed systems
- Robot grippers
- Control units and measuring equipment
- High-performance cooling equipment
- Balancers
- Electrodes, electrode capo, welding cables etc.

EuroBLECH Categorie Prodotti

  • Tecnologia della giunzione e del fissaggio


Frau Arlt
Elektr-Schweißtechnik-Dresden GmbH
Tübinger Str. 7
D- 01189 Dresden

Tel: +49 (0)351 885150
Fax: +49 ()351 885155

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