EuroBLECH 2020

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

27 – 30 Ottobre 2020 | Hannover, Germania

Haflex Maschinenbau GmbH

Trier, Germania

Padiglione 17, Stand C58

Profilo Aziendale

Haflex is a leading German manufacturer of Duct Winding Machines for manufacturing semi-flexible and rigid duct and acoustic silencers. For heating, ventilation, air conditioning.

HAFLEX machines are in worldwide use, are renowned for high quality of the manufactured ducts , speed and ease of production, and logevity of the machines.

Prodotti e Servizi

Duct Winding Machines for the production of different types, for the heating, air conditioning and ventilation market, diameter range 50 - 650 mm:
- Flexible ducts made of aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel
- Aluminum stretchduct
- Flexible acoustic silencers
- Flexible chimney liners from stainless steel
- Flex pipes with smooth inside wall (steel and aluminum)
- Rigid spiral ducts

EuroBLECH Categorie Prodotti

  • Lamiera e prodotti semifiniti e finiti (ferrosi/non-ferrosi)
  • Tecnologia di formatura


Horst Hahn
Haflex Maschinenbau GmbH
Am Alten Flugplatz 5
D-54294 Trier

Tel: +49 (0) 89 7004795
Fax: +49 (0) 89 70939909

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Haflex Maschinenbau GmbH

Haflex Maschinenbau GmbH